[Official] What are you playing?

  • Playing FF7 Remake and it's not bad at all.

    As a passionate hater of turn-based games and not a keen lover of RPGs this one uses both of those without getting annoying or boring so far. Some cutscenes or dialogues are funny(not in a good way) but I guess that's usual for Japanese RPGs? And I'm curious about story. My only concern now is, if I finish this one I will have to wait for the sequel for 2-3 years and from what I've heard, game's original story is far from finishing even with second game.

    And in a perfect world all turn-based RPGs would give the choice to play the game as this one: Real time action+tactical decisions mix.

  • Fired up the Ratchet trilogy on my Vita. I finished the three on the Ps2 but feel it's about time I finally did these again and make use of picking up some trophies this time.

    I also started Enclave on the original Xbox, a game that's been sat there for about 14 years unplayed. It's OK so far with exception of the camera controls which as far as I can tell can't be changed from inverted.

  • @sheria Oh man Enclave! I used to loooove that game, it was so visually impressive back in the day, and had some fun gameplay. I think it's from Starbreeze right?

  • @axel said in [Official] What are you playing?:

    @sheria Oh man Enclave! I used to loooove that game, it was so visually impressive back in the day, and had some fun gameplay. I think it's from Starbreeze right?

    It is indeed.

  • @sheria said in [Official] What are you playing?:

    Fired up the Ratchet trilogy on my Vita.

    I want to play these too. I have the collection on PS3, but never tried it out. How does it run on Vita?

  • @demonpirate said in [Official] What are you playing?:

    @sheria said in [Official] What are you playing?:

    Fired up the Ratchet trilogy on my Vita.

    I want to play these too. I have the collection on PS3, but never tried it out. How does it run on Vita?

    It runs just fine for me. While I can't compare it to the PS3 ports, I found it to be a decent, straight up port of the Ps2 games, just now in one, nice portable package.
    The games are admittedly rather tight on check points however, especially the first game, and the platforming is a tad fineky at time as well.
    Because of this, I can understand people opting for the PS3 version over the Vita, it would mostly be down to the analogue control and general precision though. That said, I just love having these huge, amazing trilogys/series on the go. (I've got Jak too)

  • To be honest I still think the PS2 versions are still the best versions for both Ratchet and Jak. The HD remasters have so many weird glitches not found in the original versions.

  • Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown is pretty sick, all things considered. I wish it had way better production values and such (the worst thing about this game is the low quality of the audio/sound files), but it is what it is. I never played any VF game before, so I enjoyed getting to know this game's differences compared to other fighter games. Aoi's my pick for now. I'll probably stick to offline gameplay for now since I barely understand what's going on, I definitely need to read/watch some guides and such before jumping to ranked.

  • Terminator Resistance: Enhanced Edition
    I've decided to return and play the PS5-upgraded version of Terminator: Resistance and despite some technical and visual enhancements, it's still one ugly game. I appreciate that Resistance has some Fallout inspiration and dang those explosions are cool-the game quickly gets tiresome because of the running around completing objectives, shooting bots as you wait for their health bars to deplete-and a finnicky crafting and upgrade system. I don't know who thought levelling up a plasma rifle by inserting chips into slots was a good idea-but they certainly made it cumbersome and confusing at least initially. The best thing about Resistance so far is at least it feels like a solid if unspectacular shooter-a game you can play and keeps you busy without much to think about. If nothing else Terminator Resistance allowed me to bare witness to one of the ugliest and horribly-voiced videogame children I've ever seen.

  • New Pokemon Snap

    Ok I don't know what's going on, I'm enjoying this game WAY more than I expected! I'm already over 20 hours in and haven't even finished it yet, I'm obsessed, there's so much to discover and it's just so relaxing and jolly, exactly the thing I need right now.

    My girlfriend is playing it too so we enjoy watching each other play and spotting things we missed before, then going back to try it out in our own playthrough.

    It has made me fall in love with Pokemon all over again, to the point where I might even buy Sword just to scratch the itch.

    I never even played the original so this isn't a nostalgia trip.

    It's definitely not a game for everyone but somehow, it's for me :)

  • Bought Chivalry II on PS4. It's quite janky, with less-than-intuitive UI and ocassional frame drops, but the matches are chaotic af and I love it so far. I'm also surprised by the depth of the combat system, it manages to make use of somewhat simplistic controls to great effect. Most of the time it's too chaotic to even consider using optimally, but hey, I'm sure an epic 1v1 will happen one day.

  • @bam541
    You can decapitate someone then toss thier head at someone else in that? Or was that just trailer stuff?

  • @dmcmaster I haven't tried it yet but I did see a button prompt to pick up a head a couple times. It's just too BM for me, lol

  • I've sunk a few good hours into Rift Apart and it's sensational, such a fantastic showpiece for what the PS5 is capable of-very cinematically all-consuming, visually splendid and it's a wonderfully fun game to boot.

  • Finally got around to Carto. This game is so adorable! I'm really enjoying it. I didn't expect it to have neat characters and world lore. The puzzles are quite fun so far, the first few levels progressively showcase how challenging the map tile-switching mechanic can be. It's not a long game apparently, so I think I just need 1-2 more short sessions.

    On the other hand, I'm really considering to drop my playthrough of Haven. The gameplay is not really fun, and there's a couple of rough edges that starts to really grind my gears. I do love the intimate romance of the main couple, but it's hard to keep up with the rough gameplay.

  • Seeing the BOTW sequel at E3 made me want to give BOTW another shot... so I did. Been playing it a lot in the past few days and I think it's safe to say that the game finally clicked with me. I have always appreciated the various design decisions in the game, but I guess it took a bit longer for me to actually find ways to enjoy them while still sticking to my own playstyle. Now I'm way more focused on the main quests since the story/lore is my favorite aspect of the game so far, even if the content is so light.

  • Currently been binging away the hours on Days Gone and I have really conflicting thoughts about it. I really like some the landscapes and views of the Pacific Northwest, the general story, especially the flashback segments with Deacon and his departed Sarah-are endearing and are a great reprieve from the dreariness of the post-apocalyptic aura that surrounds the rest of the game. The weapons both melee and ranged are satisfying and visceral which matches up well with the bleakness and misery of the surroundings, and the biker aesthetic is pretty damn cool. Unfortunately Days Gone has a cast of really dull characters-Deacon in particular is just an uninteresting bore and nothing but a man who carries out chores-he doesn't have much conviction in his words or his manner. Then there's the open-world aspects that feel spliced together from other superior games, the constant need to tend to your bike by giving it fuel and repairs-the former isn't even necessary during some main missions so why it's forced upon us elsewhere doesn't make sense-and there's a pervading feeling that the game should've been released in 2014 instead of 2019. I am currently 28 hours in and I still embrace Days Gone's best aspects but it's clear why it's received such a divisive reception.

  • Just started Persona 5 Royal. I've owned the vanilla P5 for a while now but only ever played an hour, but became disheartened in continuing when Royal was announced shortly after I had purchased it, and I don't really like playing "inferior" versions of games.
    Few hours in and enjoying it. Persona 4 Golden had a more inviting intro imo, but it's picking up pretty quick.

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  • Bought the Bioshock remasters because I want to give Bioshock 1 another shot. I tried the PS3 version that came with Infinite when it came out, and I was just not having it. I'm three levels in rn, and I'm definitely enjoying it more than back then. The atmosphere of Rapture is pretty great, and the level design is solid. I really enjoy exploring every nook and cranny of these levels. The combat can feel a bit too loose and messy, but it's still fun. I'm feeling mixed about how much of the story is centered around audio logs, it's just a different time in game design I guess. Also, there are way too many hacking opportunities. I wish they didn't make it so useful since I feel like I have to do them, but also I'm not having much fun doing it. There are a few more small gripes I have with the game, but it's still a net positive experience.