[Official] What are you playing?

  • I've sunk a few good hours into Rift Apart and it's sensational, such a fantastic showpiece for what the PS5 is capable of-very cinematically all-consuming, visually splendid and it's a wonderfully fun game to boot.

  • Finally got around to Carto. This game is so adorable! I'm really enjoying it. I didn't expect it to have neat characters and world lore. The puzzles are quite fun so far, the first few levels progressively showcase how challenging the map tile-switching mechanic can be. It's not a long game apparently, so I think I just need 1-2 more short sessions.

    On the other hand, I'm really considering to drop my playthrough of Haven. The gameplay is not really fun, and there's a couple of rough edges that starts to really grind my gears. I do love the intimate romance of the main couple, but it's hard to keep up with the rough gameplay.

  • Seeing the BOTW sequel at E3 made me want to give BOTW another shot... so I did. Been playing it a lot in the past few days and I think it's safe to say that the game finally clicked with me. I have always appreciated the various design decisions in the game, but I guess it took a bit longer for me to actually find ways to enjoy them while still sticking to my own playstyle. Now I'm way more focused on the main quests since the story/lore is my favorite aspect of the game so far, even if the content is so light.

  • Currently been binging away the hours on Days Gone and I have really conflicting thoughts about it. I really like some the landscapes and views of the Pacific Northwest, the general story, especially the flashback segments with Deacon and his departed Sarah-are endearing and are a great reprieve from the dreariness of the post-apocalyptic aura that surrounds the rest of the game. The weapons both melee and ranged are satisfying and visceral which matches up well with the bleakness and misery of the surroundings, and the biker aesthetic is pretty damn cool. Unfortunately Days Gone has a cast of really dull characters-Deacon in particular is just an uninteresting bore and nothing but a man who carries out chores-he doesn't have much conviction in his words or his manner. Then there's the open-world aspects that feel spliced together from other superior games, the constant need to tend to your bike by giving it fuel and repairs-the former isn't even necessary during some main missions so why it's forced upon us elsewhere doesn't make sense-and there's a pervading feeling that the game should've been released in 2014 instead of 2019. I am currently 28 hours in and I still embrace Days Gone's best aspects but it's clear why it's received such a divisive reception.

  • Banned

    Just started Persona 5 Royal. I've owned the vanilla P5 for a while now but only ever played an hour, but became disheartened in continuing when Royal was announced shortly after I had purchased it, and I don't really like playing "inferior" versions of games.
    Few hours in and enjoying it. Persona 4 Golden had a more inviting intro imo, but it's picking up pretty quick.

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  • Bought the Bioshock remasters because I want to give Bioshock 1 another shot. I tried the PS3 version that came with Infinite when it came out, and I was just not having it. I'm three levels in rn, and I'm definitely enjoying it more than back then. The atmosphere of Rapture is pretty great, and the level design is solid. I really enjoy exploring every nook and cranny of these levels. The combat can feel a bit too loose and messy, but it's still fun. I'm feeling mixed about how much of the story is centered around audio logs, it's just a different time in game design I guess. Also, there are way too many hacking opportunities. I wish they didn't make it so useful since I feel like I have to do them, but also I'm not having much fun doing it. There are a few more small gripes I have with the game, but it's still a net positive experience.

  • @bam541 Bioshock 2 actually plays a lot better I prefer the story & level design. Miner vas den is amazing aswell

  • @paulmci27 I'm really curious about 2, hopefully I can get to that one sooner rather than later.

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  • @paulmci27 said in [Official] What are you playing?:

    Miner vas den is amazing aswell

    That DLC is better than the main game lol

  • Played a bit of Lair. I was interested in trying this out because a fantasy dragon air combat game sounds cool af, and I heard the devs added analog controls in an update. Got through the first 4 levels, and I have to say that I'm enjoying it so far. Like, there's some really cool stuff here. The orchestral soundtrack overall is pretty fucking awesome, and it really helps make the battles feel so epic. There's some really cool environments too, and the dated graphics adds charm to its presentation, even with how alarming the framerate can be at times. The story and world setting is also pretty interesting. The gameplay, when it works, can be satisfying, but many times it feels like the controls are fighting against you, even with the analog controls. I really, really want to like this game, so I'm willing to fight through it.

  • Last week started to replay The Simpsons: Hit & Run to try and get through a bit of my Gamecube backlog. Somehow this game is still grand to play in 2021. Definitely not a 10 or anything, but it is a joyous time and maybe my favorite licensed game in that era. Probably forgetting a game, but still. Somehow it's still grand. Also playing the Donkey Kong Country trilogy games on the SNES online since I never played those before. Heavily needing the Rewind feature, because of how bad I am. Sorry purists.

  • A while back, Kyle Bosman, a little known streamer, showed off a game called Astalon: Tears of the Earth. It's a little metroidvania featuring multiple characters that looks like it was made for the NES. I've really enjoyed it and it was only $20. Definitely recommend taking a look. Scratches that 'finding secrets and filling out the map' itch while waiting for Team Cherry to show us... something.

  • I'm in the middle of ENDER LILLIES: Quietus of the Knights and I'm also stumbling through Returnal. I think ENDER LILLIES will probably be the sleeper of the year. Highly recommend it if you're into Metroidvanias.

  • Played Assassin's Creed 2, just finished the prologue (the betrayal moment) and I'm enjoying the game itself so far, but man, this whole Animus thing is bugging me more than I expected. I can't help but feel annoyed everytime things "glitch" out and it reminds me than I'm just playing a dumb simulation thingy, and the blindingly white load screens/areas makes it even worse. I want to continue playing it but I can see myself quitting soon.

  • I'm replaying Red Dead Redemption.

    I beat the game back when it came out but must admit that I rather main lined the story only.
    Now, while I think that that's just a valid way to play the game, I just fancy going into all of the side stuff this time.

    The last stranger quest I did was hilarious. I spoke to a musician in the pub moaning about his wife and the solution to the quest had me literally hogtie her from across the road and drop her off back to him. 😂

  • SMT Digital Devil Saga. Great game. I am beginning to realize I don't fully love the SMT/Persona dungeon formula. It's taken me enough games to realize but they often seem to drag on too long. Still love this game though and there is a good chance I will move on to DDS 2 when I am done.

    Driver San Francisco. I really like this game and I feel like I am going to like it more and more the better I get at shifting in the middle of missions. This game often comes up when talking about underrated PS3 games and games on those lists I usually find are 7s at best but this might end up as one of my favourite games on the platform.

  • @sheria said in [Official] What are you playing?:

    I'm replaying Red Dead Redemption.

    I beat the game back when it came out but must admit that I rather main lined the story only.
    Now, while I think that that's just a valid way to play the game, I just fancy going into all of the side stuff this time.

    The last stranger quest I did was hilarious. I spoke to a musician in the pub moaning about his wife and the solution to the quest had me literally hogtie her from across the road and drop her off back to him. 😂

    First RDR1 was actually better game compare to RDR2 which is pure snoozefest. even shooting was better in original.

    anyways recently played Village and it's a disappointing game. RE7 was my best RE game and then they made a sequel pure action game instead of horror and badly done.

  • Been blitzing through F1 2021 and I have already earned 54% of the trophies earned. I really like this year's lineup of car liveries-the Alpine and Aston Martin ones are amazing. As for the gameplay I feel the handling is more taut than it has been in recent entries, managing to provide greater feedback but now you have to be mindful of overriding the curbs. I haven't dabbled in the new Braking Point story mode yet, but so far it's a pretty awesome game-though the absence of classic cars sucks and I don't know why we have to wait for the Imola, Portimao and Jeddah race tracks-when in the past new tracks were included at launch.