[Official] What are you playing?

  • I was playing Cris Tales but already hard quit and uninstalled. I was hoping I was going to enjoy this as it was a 20hish jrpg, grind free from the reviews I've seen.

    Honestly I was enjoying it, it has some interesting and nuanced mechanics involving time manipulation. But the damn game doesn't have autosave and froze on me twice in the 60 minutes or so I played it, making me repeat whole sections and it doesn't let you save everywhere. I wasn't sold on the art style either.

    So I might get back to it if they make it more stable and improve saving but for now I'm going to skip it.

  • Splitgate Beta-PS4/5
    This is something I didn't know I needed, like it's scratching a itch I didn't know i had.

    That said I do hope it gets some resolution patch when on PS5, swear it's at something like 720p

  • Just played a chunk of Last Stop and it's really entertaining story-driven adventure. It's quite comforting noticing all the slang and subtleties of Britishness because I too am British and Last Stop is unashamed and brilliantly British.

  • Tried two demos on Steam from the Dreamhack event thingy. First one is Lord Winklebottom Investigates, a point-and-click adventure where you play as a posh giraffe detective, accompanied by a rugged hippopotamus doctor, set in the 1920s. Naturally, the game feels a bit silly, but it never overdoes it. Production values are on the lower side, particularly with the VO, but it kinda add to the charm of it. The art style looks nice. I'll probably check out the full game after there's a bunch of walkthroughs being made of the game, I always need one when playing games like this.

    Second one is A Musical Story. This showed up in last month's Day of the Devs. It's a story-focused rhythm game where you progress by playing small sections of a song (like 8 seconds), steadily revealing story tidbits as you go. The gameplay is simple and elegant: you let the section play till the end to understand where the prompts are in relation to the music, then you play out the section when it loops around, and if successful, you continue to the next section. I have to say that I was very immersed in this. Both the visual art and music are wonderful. I can't wait to play the full game.

  • @jdincinerator said in [Official] What are you playing?:

    Been blitzing through F1 2021 and I have already earned 54% of the trophies earned. I really like this year's lineup of car liveries-the Alpine and Aston Martin ones are amazing. As for the gameplay I feel the handling is more taut than it has been in recent entries, managing to provide greater feedback but now you have to be mindful of overriding the curbs. I haven't dabbled in the new Braking Point story mode yet, but so far it's a pretty awesome game-though the absence of classic cars sucks and I don't know why we have to wait for the Imola, Portimao and Jeddah race tracks-when in the past new tracks were included at launch.

    I just bought F1 2021 last night. I bought 2020 and barely played it, so this investment feels extremely dirty, but I felt like digging into MyTeam again and maybe playing online a bit. The PS5 graphics are ever so slightly better and the whole thing feels ever so slightly smoother on next-gen which is nice but it's not a big upgrade package (see what I did there?).

    Other than 2020, I hadn't played F1 since the 2018 demo for 2 seconds, then EA Sports F1 1999 before then. I still can't really figure out the physics for the life of me. I'm not good at sim racers but the way the cars have weight and slide in GT Sport feels so much more natural to me than the stiff turning in F1.

    For example:

    • Breaks HARD in a straight line
    • Turn in off throttle (turning feels really stiff, hard to get the nose around)
    • Try to gently accelerate, spin car

    I guess on gamepad, any sort of unstable car movement while accelerating is just a recipe for disaster but I struggle so hard to get the nose to turn in so most of my movements are far from perfect.

    I have work to do...

    Will Buxton animation is 10/10

  • @dipset have you tried the story mode stuff? I'm kinda into the idea of something like that in a racing game, so I'm curious about this one.

  • @bam541

    I haven't touched the storymode yet but this is what @JDINCINERATOR said about it:

    I've completed the Braking Point story mode in F1 2021 and I have to say it's ok but needs fine-tuning. Without spoiling anything the story doesn't feel wholly entwined into the gameplay as it should. Your stake as the player feels completely arbitrary as well. EA published games have a tendency to bung cutscenes into proceedings to interfere with the gameplay and the same holds true here. There is a nice whiff of character development that I appreciated and there were certain aspects I felt enriched the story a little bit beyond what I was expecting-but generally it's still a lukewarm offering.

    For me, I think video games in general need to spend more time doing custom lighting and general plussing up for scenes that are meant to be cinematic. The problem with the sports TV broadcast stuff that every sports game is going for these days is that they all kinda come out a bit flat and janky looking because they just place the assets and models into these environments then use a camera algorithm to kinda jump around everywhere and things just feel odd.

    So knowing there is a cinematic story mode is nice where you'll probably see different lighting, dramatic angles, better blocking and movement when compared to the base game. But I want to start to see that stuff in general. When they show the Paddock, don't just have models standing around in groups kinda sorta doing something. Give me nice lighting, good shot composition and all that.

    If I had millions of dollars to blow on designing my own games, every single game would have the cinematography of TLOU Pt II haha

  • @dipset honestly I'm cool with this being as janky as you described. I feel like it having absurd production values would somehow make it more intimidating to me, lol. I just want to play it somewhat casually. Never played a F1 game before (or watched it IRL), so this is a bit exciting. I'll probably wait for a sale though.

  • @dipset I feel F1 games are being held on a leash instead of springing to vibrant all-encompassing life. Besides the interfering cinematics, I feel the entire true F1 experience is very possible. Imagine we could walk the paddock ourselves, hang out and interact with our teams and the press by our own accord. I don't want to see a sniveling annoying press woman approach me after a race and batter me with boring repetitive questions. Maybe we could play as the technical director and be able to manage the cars and accrue success from the sheer technical side of F1. What about facing the stewards about incidents on track and getting punished for them? Perhaps we're generations behind that kind of potential but it's certainly there.

    Oh and if GTA: San Andreas can do gameplay interaction of hijacking a truck-then NFS Payback certainly should-but instead it was a cutscene.

  • Been playing MSFS again, now on the SX. My big plan is to cross Africa north to south on a small plane. Gonna take some time but it's going to be fun.

  • @phbz I found my house (sort of) crashed a plane into it (unmanned drone) killed my family. I've claimed the life insurance now I flying to Vietnam to start my new life. Its fun to roleplay

  • Started Demon's Souls. Boy, this game is kicking my ass. I'm loving it though. This is the kind of Souls game that I've missed, as someone who didn't really enjoy Sekiro. The slower paced combat is just sublime, and it controls like a dream. Also, the game's a technical marvel. The visuals, sound design, DualSense rumble, it's such a joy to experience this.

    I also played a bit of The Last Guardian, ran the unpatched disc version on PS5. It runs at a super smooth 60 FPS, and it's simply beautiful. I'm gonna replay the whole thing, my only fatal complaint with the game has been pretty much eradicated.

  • I am addicted to Playunknown battlegrounds.

  • I've returned to The Medium after I started it a few months ago. I have to commend the person/people who came up with the game's name because it's a "medium" level game as far as enjoyment is concerned. It's functional and there is some allure from its themes and aesthetics, but it's so dry and unexciting like eating crackers without cheese. Crackers on their own are fine but the dairy deliciousness of a cheese really acts as a nice counter to the crispness of the cracker.

  • Death's Door

    Other than being a little bit easy and disgusting checkpoint system; it's pretty good so far. Hopefully it will go just up from here. Game obviosuly took something from soulslike so maybe I shouldn't be surprised about checkpoints. :/

  • Started playing Balan Wonderworld and I find that although it has some problems I don't see how critics think it's one of the worst games of the year-at least at the moment. It's nowhere near as wonderful and joyful as Super Mario: Odyssey or as bonkers as Rayman: Legends but I think it has gotten a bad rap. The environments are quite lovely and colourful, the music is quite catchy and its quirks are appreciable. I don't like having to collect things to progress to the next stage rather than completing the stage and moving on straight away, but generally I'm finding Balan Wonderworld to be one of those rare games that I think is better than the critical consensus has it at.

  • Not playing anything, massive electrical storm killed my PS5 (won't power on at all). Thankfully still under warranty.

    Now to see if the company behind my surge protector is serious about that $100K warranty.

  • @dmcmaster Good luck

  • Playing HADES on gamepass. Game just feels so good to play, tight controls every death is your own fault. I'm not usually a fan of roguelikes but there's a good sense of progression. Definitely has that "one more go" addiction.

  • I was going to play Hades but made the mistake of trying The Art of Rally, which coincided with me getting some edibles too so... I'll play it right after.