[Official] What are you playing?

  • Death's Door

    Other than being a little bit easy and disgusting checkpoint system; it's pretty good so far. Hopefully it will go just up from here. Game obviosuly took something from soulslike so maybe I shouldn't be surprised about checkpoints. :/

  • Started playing Balan Wonderworld and I find that although it has some problems I don't see how critics think it's one of the worst games of the year-at least at the moment. It's nowhere near as wonderful and joyful as Super Mario: Odyssey or as bonkers as Rayman: Legends but I think it has gotten a bad rap. The environments are quite lovely and colourful, the music is quite catchy and its quirks are appreciable. I don't like having to collect things to progress to the next stage rather than completing the stage and moving on straight away, but generally I'm finding Balan Wonderworld to be one of those rare games that I think is better than the critical consensus has it at.

  • Not playing anything, massive electrical storm killed my PS5 (won't power on at all). Thankfully still under warranty.

    Now to see if the company behind my surge protector is serious about that $100K warranty.

  • @dmcmaster Good luck

  • Playing HADES on gamepass. Game just feels so good to play, tight controls every death is your own fault. I'm not usually a fan of roguelikes but there's a good sense of progression. Definitely has that "one more go" addiction.

  • I was going to play Hades but made the mistake of trying The Art of Rally, which coincided with me getting some edibles too so... I'll play it right after.

  • I have been playing Spider-Man: Miles Morales for a bit... and I'm enjoying it, but there's like a few things that are bugging me. I have no complaints with the story stuff, Miles and Ganke are so likeable and I really like how the plot progresses so far. The Venom Powers are very useful and fun to use, but I think the gadgets doesn't really add much to the combat, which makes encounters feel samey kinda quickly. Thankfully there's the camouflage system which helps alleviate that by making stealth more effective and also adding the ability to disengage from combat quickly and regain stealth, but I'm still a bit disappointed with the combat. I'm also not so sure about the progression system here. It makes the side activities feel more meaningful by having specific resources only obtainable from them, but also it devalues the main missions for me because they only reward XP, and in my opinion the rewards unlocked by XP (skill points) are just not as exciting as unlocking new suits and mods. The story is like the strongest part of the game for me right now, and hopefully it can pull off more surprises to hook me in even more.

  • I've been playing Skate via Xbox One backwards compatibility and it's quite superb. Of course the game came out in 2007 and it's easy to mock at all the bad faces and hairstyles of the characters as well as its pretty dry presentation-but as a start to a franchise, Skate is just so chill and breezy. I feel the game represents exactly what skateboarding should be about-just chilling and tricking. Sure, all you're really doing is trying to gain coverage in magazines, but I think less is more as far as the career is concerned. Challenges and tutorials are plentiful yet it's the friendly community vibe that has stuck with me the most, really entrenching you in the skateboarding subculture. Of course Skate 2 and Skate 3 would do a lot more to inject personality, but as a starting point the original is still very impressive despite not being huge in terms of story or anything ambitious.

  • HADES- Can't stop playing. Just one more run.

    Yakuza Like a Dragon. 20 hours in playing super casual don't want to get burnt out. Absolutely amazing. I've been put off by the difficulty spike that I've heard is coming. Hope I don't have to grind too much and end up quitting.

    Lunar Silver Star Story Complete. I Spend a small fortune on a region free ps2 and Lunar figured I should start playing all the non eu games I've bought or I should sell them to someone who would appreciate more. I've got Xenogears, Chrono Cross and ff tactics among others I've still got to play.

  • Playing Hades too, super addictive but I can't say I'm loving it. Incredible game design and there's so much detail and variation to keep things fresh, it's really astonishing. But I'm not much of a loot driven gamer so apart from admiring the incredible game making craft being displayed here, on a personal level, I'm not totally into it. But damn this game is addictive to the point of annoyance.

    Might go for a break to play 12 Minutes and get back to it after.

  • @phbz Let us know what you think of 12 minutes it looks pretty cool but I could see myself get frustrated doing the same thing over and over again. I'm already doing that with HADES. Guess I won't know until I try it out for myself.

  • @paulmci27 It is a point n click game so I can't recommend it to anyone who doesn't like the genre. That being said, I've played for a couple of hours and so far it's superb.

    Story just keeps getting more intriguing, "puzzles" are intuitive and the game lets you try different stuff out and have fun with it (by fun I mean dark as fuck). So far I never got stuck in the traditional sense but during some loops I was kind of getting nowhere, but even then you keep trying new stuff until that Eureka moment where you finally see a path forward.

  • @phbz

    I guess I'm the most enthusiastic one about this in the forum and already downloaded it. Probably I will start by sunday.

  • I've been mainly playing the Mr X's Nightmare DLC for Streets of Rage 4. I got all the achievements for the DLC, so everything is 100% now.

    I'll probably also get back into some Samurai Showdown too. I bought the season 3 pass DLC and it's got Baiken from Guilty Gear in it.

  • I decided to buy a PS3 with several games including Skate 2, Max Payne 3, 007: Blood Stone and Driver: San Francisco. An infinitely better alternative to playing PS3 games streamed over PS NOW.

  • @jdincinerator 10/10 game selection. have fun!

  • Started playing Recompile. Cool music but the level design is messy so I think I'll just drop it.

  • Playing Twelve Minutes and it's not as fun as I expected. 😕

  • @paulmci27 said in [Official] What are you playing?:

    Yakuza Like a Dragon. 20 hours in playing super casual don't want to get burnt out. Absolutely amazing. I've been put off by the difficulty spike that I've heard is coming. Hope I don't have to grind too much and end up quitting.

    I'm about 35 hours in and pseudo-addicted.

    After the

    party-altering event of Chapter 7, I have been grinding it out with Eri / Dealer job.

    I found a Dealer job class XP boost item from the secret shop so I figured I'd put that on and grind out the Yokohama dungeon. I made it through by putting my whole party in Cyber Armor but I would've gotten mopped otherwise. Came out after fighting the Roomba @ Level 8 Dealer so it was a helpful grind.

    Not sure how the Dungeon works going forward though. Do I go back and it's a new dungeon or the exact same one? I also found a secret Casino in Chinatown which had a new Cards weapon (thank goodness) but I have absolutely no clue where to get the final upgrade materials for the Killer Cards from the Romance Workshop (i.e. Pure Diamond Orb or whatever).

    All this to say, I survived fine this far but I desperately need better weapons for half my party so I really hope the difficulty spike isn't anytime soon.

  • Psychonauts 2
    Only played around 2 hours of it so far, but in those 2 hours I was literally crying. It feels like a crazy dream that Psychonauts 2 is finally a real thing, that there's a new adventure from this funny crazy world. If not for me having to work today I probably would have stayed up all night playing it.