[Official] What are you playing?

  • Thimbleweed Park (finally)

    Yeah, they really don't make enough of these anymore. I've only played a bit but yeah, adventure game bliss.

  • I'm playing Crimson Skies for the first time. I could never get why some people praise it so much but once I've played it I got it.

    Meanwhile Psychonauts 2 dropped and omg, so far it's superb.

  • No More Heroes 3

  • Started Doom 3. I'm simply blown away by this game. The levels have amazing atmosphere and the gunplay is quite solid. I can't take the Doom title seriously since it's so different than the other ones, but if we're gonna go with that, it's already my favorite Doom game, lol.

  • Just finished Psychonauts 2.
    This is damn near perfect in my book, credits just finished, I'm crying like a baby for getting a sequel to Psychonauts and seeing my name pop up in it.

    I'm gonna need some time to gather my thoughts

  • This post is deleted!

  • @dmcmaster I'm playing it now, it's such an incredible game.

    Are you included in that thing with all the brains? What was your cause of death?

  • @phbz
    I think that was a higher tier because I don't remember getting a email about that.

    That said I'll double check when I get home, was streaming when it dawned on me that the hall of brains was the fig backers and didn't want to broadcast my real name to everyone.

  • Playing a lot of no more heroes 3 . It has way more of that addictive quality than the previous games. Farming for money is also way less bothersome.

  • I've returned to playing Driver: San Francisco just in time for its 10th anniversary and maybe it wasn't such a good idea because it forces me to realise how damn good it was and still very much is and that the crop of games we get these days have nary a shred of the ballsy and strange ideas it had. It's easily the best Driver game but sadly also the most overlooked. Another game I've been playing that's also 10 years old in September and is relatively overlooked is Resistance 3. My Resistance 3 disc on PS3 wouldn't play so I had to experience the game through streaming on PS NOW, but it still entertained in its distinct way and I love the sound of bullets ripping from the Bullseye weapon. I was quite taken aback by some of the technical prowess on display too like crumbling structures that look too good to be on a PS3.

  • More NMH3. I got the rest of the Death Glove Techniques while doing a boss battle.

    Suda does that thing where he does a bait and switch boss fight. Twice, and one right after the other. Black Knight (#8) gets killed by some dude from the future (who is most likely Travis's kid or grand kid). Vanishing Point (#7) gets killed by returning character from 2, Kimmy Howell. Now called Kimmy Love and a pop diva. Her boss battle I find definitely better here, than the 2nd game. Feels more polished and fun to fight her. Shame he had to die, but I guess they wanted to close loose end. I am sure there's going to be a couple of more bait and switch bosses before near the end of the game.

    As far the entire line up of Grasshopper games where melee combat is the focus, I still give the slight edge to Killer Is Dead. NMH3 does make up it for with more variety and activities you can do of course.

    My favorite enemy type are the dudes with the biker helmets and twin katanas. They remind me so much of the Dreamrunners minus the teleport spamming. I love Dark Stepping those guys!

    Now tn to fight Rank #6.

  • @Phbz has convinced me to start playing Psychonauts 2 and I can confirm that it's really awesome. I'm not that far in at the moment but it's just a lovely animated adventure that I think touches on subject matter that a Pixar production would and weaves it into a funny and magnificently quirky adventure. It's quite moreish too because I struggle to put the controller down.

  • Looks like Life is Strange: True Colours wasn't worthy of being a toaster strudel after all-it's really really cool. Admittedly it doesn't do a lot to address my hangups but I really like the setting, the characters are cool and protagonist Alex Chen is so likeable and endearing. I think True Colours has spoken to me in a way no other Life is Strange game has. I've completed two chapters currently and I'm really liking it.

  • Alex Chen is fucking perfect. I love her! She's simply... so human. So real. All the uncertainties, little smiles, pauses, tones in her voice... <3

    Played eight hours straight just now, the first three chapters.

    alt text

  • I was planning not to play LiS but I guess I have to eventually after all.

  • Splitgate

    Finally tried it. The Halo 3 comparisons are blown out of proportion. I'd say it definitely takes Halo series game modes verbatim (SWAT, Oddball, etc) as well as the Halo shield regen, AND the guns perform extremely similarly (and share the same names). But it feels more Halo-inspired than anything else. It's solid for what it is: a F2P arena shooter with and old school attitude while feeling modern both aesthetically and in control.

    I guess what bothers me is that it's really simple. Battle Rifle is a 3-headshot kill. Carbine is about 5 body shots. AR is about a full clip. But there isn't really much depth here. There isn't much reason to use a 3-burst BR when you can't throw a nade then finish them off with one headshot. What difference does it make when the TTK is very similar between all weapons and the only possible damage you can do is from the weapons (other than melee). Likewise, every gun feels the same. You don't lead shots with BR or have much performance difference between each gun. Even the Rocket Launcher has barely and splash or kick to it.

    It doesn't take much to kill or be killed which actually is an interesting decision. It adds a solid difference between itself and Halo or even COD with the TTK, but again, I think this simplifies the game too much. There isn't much strategic depth when rushing to get kills is the easiest way to win. You are better off just turning on someone and firing right back at them than you are to use your tools like jetpack or portals.

    One nice gameplay decision is fast weapon switching. So you can get into situations where you have 2 shots on a guy, then turn to your AR or Shotgun to finish him. It can lead to some twitchy decision making. I found Shotty Snipers mode had a solid pace because the Sniper is way less useful than the Shotgun so you can place a portal, camp, then chase someone down with a Shotgun when they cross your portal which makes for a weird dynamic cause normally Sniper is the much more useful gun.

    I feel like it's solid enough for a few hours of fun. And it is legitimately fun. But it's really really simple. This is mostly a sprint and shoot game with a low TTK and samey maps. I don't know how much it can improve without pretty massive gameplay tweaks like more weapons, different TTK and playstyle between guns, less gravity, better implementation of jetpack, and I feel like grenades would completely change the game for the better.

    It's definitely onto something by using it's inspirations for something new. I appreciate Splitgate for that. I also think it's onto something with it's fast pace. But I've played 2ish hours and feel like I've seen all I need to see already. Maps don't matter, weapons barely matter, it's hard to turn on enemies which doesn't make for dynamic fights. Weapon placement is also not implemented well into the maps so you'll never be shot at, suddenly find a shotgun, turn on him and get the kill. It ain't happening, you'll just die.

  • @sentinel-beach
    I'll admit hearing the positive reception to Colors is making me want to pick it up, especially after finding LiS 2 and BTS so......bad tbh.

  • Started Lost Judgment today. It was only six months ago when I was walking on the streets of Yokohama as Ichiban and now I'm back there as Yagami. Feels good! :)

    Not gonna lie, I'm expecting some pretty good things from this. Judgment was my #2 game of 2019, really liked the plot and the whole package, of course.

  • Went back to FFVII Remake after two months and gave it one last shot and to my surprise it didn't felt boring as much as before. So maybe I will continue for a while.

    I also have been playing Eastward for some hours, about 7-8ish and it's dissapointing how slow it is and amount of dialogues between little action. I wrote it more detailed on its own thread, you can check that out if you are curious what I'm talking about.

  • Tried out SW Jedi Fallen Order with the PS5 upgrade. It's definitely way better than the frameskippy OG PS4 experience that I'm so used to, but it also makes me realize how janky the game can truly be. Abrupt transitions, weird animations, and other oddities are much more noticable now. I'm still having fun with the game, and I'll try to finish it relatively soon, but there's definitely stuff that bugs me. Still, playing this makes me want a sequel even more. I trust Respawn to make a polished game if they have the proper resources, and as someone who wanted an Uncharted-esque Star Wars game for pretty much half of my life at this point, this is the best one I got, so I really want them to knock things out of the park.

    Also, I just finished Castlevania III. The Castlevania games remain to be my favorite kind of 2D platformers. The game held up so well, despite retro game design annoyances showing up every now and then. Sypha best character.