[Official] What are you playing?

  • The Battlefield 2042 open beta has opened for everyone, and it is so good! As you would expect it is quite buggy, but they never really detract from the fun. The guns feel great, the gunplay is solid, and the battlefield has never been more chaotic. The sense of scale as you look around and see how many small skirmishes happens around you is awesome. The map design is also great, they picked the right map to showcase this game. I also got to use the tank for a bit, it's as great as I wanted it to be. Hopefully the stars align for this game when it launches, I can see this being a really strong comeback for the series.

  • Tried to play Avengers... Oh lord I did my best, what an incredible mediocre game. From writing to gameplay, it's such a sufferable experience. Jebus!

  • Peggle

    After 6 months of waiting (per EA Customer service support staff) I still can't link my EA and Xbox accounts. So I made a burner EA account and that provided even more technical hiccups between Xbox App for Windows and EA Desktop (Beta) app. After it's all said and done, I finally got to download the old mobile masterpiece Peggle!

    It's about as great as I remember it when I was killing time on my phone in high school. The game is basically a block breaker meets pachinko or plinko or whatever you call those games where you drop a ball down a board will obstacles. It's fun, addicting, casual, and honestly underappreciated. For nostalgia sake, I'm going to keep playing this in my downtime, but I recommend it to anyone who has Game Pass or EA Play. Not sure if it's still playable on modern phones, but the port to PC is fine.

  • Just found out that The Good Life is like 9.99 US bucks so I impulse bought it. Never played a Swery game before, excited to jump in!

    P.S. looks like the price is only on my region, at least after seeing the price from US and Australia folks. Anyway, 1.5 hours in and I'm loving it!

  • Gran Turismo Sport. The last GT I played was 3 on PS2 when it came out. I couldn't tell you why I stopped because I am loving this game. I suck but I don't care. I rarely scream or throw things when I need to retry and actually have the patience to get better. I feel like this game is making me a better person. I can't wait to go online and hide around blind corners to fuck with people's days.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern

    I absolutely love GT Sport. The Driving School is somewhere between the licenses from prior games and a YouTube track guide but I found it very useful for going from a complete scrub to a scrub who can complete laps.

    The Sport mode is amazing and still active. I am S - Sportsmanship and D - Driver. I have 0 race wins and 3 podiums. I'm not good but I've come soooooo close to winning a few times. I feel like I'm better than the other D-tiers and normally lose to a B-tier that matches in my lobby.

    Regardless, the proper pairing of skill levels makes the Sport mode so exciting.

    My main complaint is how long it takes to restart a corner. When I'm training and botch a corner, I just want to rewind and take it again. I don't want to do a whole new lap or go into the menu and reset. I'm hoping PS5 will make this snappier but I also think it might be a creative choice to make you practice laps more so than corners.

  • @dipset Yeah I like all the mission stuff. It's all I have been doing so far. The rally events have been a serious pain though. Every time I beat one, I'm just waiting for the trophy to pop to say I've completed all rally events in Mission Challenge. Aside from that the Driving School and Mission Challenges have been awesome. Like I said, very little gamer rage...though minor update there: one of the previously mentioned rally events summoned more than a few f-bombs last night. I also don't actually play games online but if I did, I feel the sweary words would be flowing like wine.

  • I'm still going with FFVII Remake and as a very casual type RPG enjoyer I still find enough entertainment in it to continue. But man those jests and mimics are way over the top most of the time. Characters can't say any sentence without showing at least 3-4 movements and face gestures. Ahahahaha

  • Tried out AC Unity, and I'm starting to think that the only AC games I tolerate are going to be this, Black Flag, and Syndicate... I'm sure there's a name you can give to this trilogy of games, given their place in the franchise. It's still the classic AC formula, but with the Animus being far less intrusive and not ruining my immersion every couple minutes. And now, the game is far off from being the broken mess that it is reported to be at launch. Hopefully the game keeps up this momentum the whole way through, and if it does, maybe I'll move on to finish Black Flag or try out Syndicate.

  • Serious heads-up. If anyone is into a mix of Mother, Stranger Things and very light hints of classic 90s point n click adventures, give a try to Echo Generation, it's on Game Pass and it's a sub 20 hours game. So far I'm enjoying it.

  • Dear Lord, the Guardians of the Galaxy game feels like it's everything I hoped for. I simply have a smile on my face all the time! So much entertaining banter between the group constantly. And the '80s music! This is... perfect. :D

  • @sentinel-beach
    Just spent 6 hours with it and I'm in the same camp. Also there's something about it thats scratching the itch Mass Effect Andromeda should have scratched.

  • @dmcmaster said in [Official] What are you playing?:

    Also there's something about it thats scratching the itch Mass Effect Andromeda should have scratched.

    Like story-wise? This piqued my interest, lol

  • I've no love for the MCU and Avengers was shit. Guardians is a really cool game it's AAA as fuck but really enjoyable. That's all I have to say.

  • @bam541
    Not story wise, at least currently, definitely seems like a "mole Hill turns into a mountain " type story so far, but you go do a story mission interacting with your crew along the way then chilling out on your ship. Also i love that finding artifacts opens up new conversations with your crew on the ship.

    Also for anyone that cares The MCU costumes are unlocked pretty early (except Star-Lords, unless I missed it) with Rockets being found in like 45 minutes.

  • Just finished Guardians last night and damn was that good and slightly longer then I was expecting. The game does have a point where it feels like it last a planet longer then it should but considering who you fight on it I'll allow it.

    Also if there's a sequel Knowhere needs to be some place you can explore between missions.

  • Started Metal Gear Solid. I really suck at this game so far but I'm absolutely loving it. Still blows my mind that the PS1 could have something like this.

  • A couple levels in, and I'm already torn about Doom Eternal. The gameplay is easily the best in the series. The difficulty on Ultra-Violence is very fun, with punishing but fair enemies. The platforming sections and mobility abilities adds extra flavor to the brutal gunplay, which helps keep things from being too same-y. On the other hand, the game's "Hell-Metal" art style and music feels very boring for me. The soundtrack can be so repetitive at times, I had to lower the music volume so I can actually focus on my gameplay. The level design is pretty great so far, but the levels themselves are just too long. I'm already getting tired like 10-20 minutes before the level ends. At least they actually did a good job in terms of variety of the environments. This might be yet another early exit for me, I guess I just can't like this series, lol.

  • Started Metro Exodus. I don't know why I expected this to be super high budget (I guess because it looks so damn good), but it's certainly not. It feels just like the previous Metro games, and maybe that's for the best. The opening showcased the charm of the game so well, from the janky feel of the controls, awkwardly voice acted dialogues and brilliant visuals that supports the authentic apocalypse atmosphere. Excited to see where this goes.

  • @bam541 I think the opening hours are particularly clumsy and then it gets better. But it's all about the atmosphere imo.