[Official] What are you playing?

  • Started Metro Exodus. I don't know why I expected this to be super high budget (I guess because it looks so damn good), but it's certainly not. It feels just like the previous Metro games, and maybe that's for the best. The opening showcased the charm of the game so well, from the janky feel of the controls, awkwardly voice acted dialogues and brilliant visuals that supports the authentic apocalypse atmosphere. Excited to see where this goes.

  • @bam541 I think the opening hours are particularly clumsy and then it gets better. But it's all about the atmosphere imo.

  • Got a bit farther in Metro Exodus and I have to say that I'm really not enjoying the open world gameplay. Exploration feels like a hassle, and I feel like the controls and mechanics are just not good enough for the kind of gameplay that is optimal in an open world like this. The best gameplay parts I had so far were in the clastrophobic indoor areas where it's more about careful and deliberate observation of your surroundings. In the open world, it feels like I'm constantly being pushed to places that I couldn't care less for. This game might be another bail for me, which makes me quite sad.

  • Started Metal Gear Solid 2. It's kinda nice that I started this not long after the 20th anniversary. Anyway, I'm struggling quite a bit with the controls, but other than that, it's been wonderful. Playing this right after MGS 1 just makes the generational jump even clearer.

  • Halo Infinite Multiplayer
    Only played 3 rounds because I have work tomorrow and I have a feeling I probably would have stayed up all night playing.

  • I feel pretty underwhelmed by both Halo Infinite MP and BF 2042 MP (10 hour trial).

    Both games run and look like shit on a GTX 1080, but even so, they are clearly unfinished games. A lot of jank and just overall lack of polish. In Halo you can't even pick a game mode queue and there are menu glitches. I get kills confirmed a solid half second after they are already dead. Grenades don't throw where they should. My sprint input is delayed. My grapple hook cancels for no good reason and my character throws a grenade instead. In BF 2042, I try to equip gear and the game just won't allow it. Or I spawned in Portal mode as one Class with equipment from two completely different classes. My gun ADS keeps going away for no apparent reason. Sprint just cancels for no reason. Both are just unfinished and under-polished games.

    Halo Infinite is kinda... meh. My friends and I gave it an honest hour and a bit and we just migrated back to Halo 3. Over 50% of the 10 available maps are symmetrical which is really boring. We played a lot of CTF and it was painfully slow paced. We were up 2 caps and just farmed kills for the fun of it, but even some good ol toxic gaming wasn't very fun when you have to spend a minute sprinting across map to rejoin the action. I got a few Slayer rounds in and, again, just not feeling it. The vehicles don't really have that fun physics where they react to grenades or bumps in the same way as older games. The Gravity Hammer has NO impact whatsoever and nobody goes flying anywhere. The game overall just lacks punch and the maps are really boring.

    They also commit a few cardinal sins:

    • No teamkilling is bullshit. I wanna be able to betray my teammates.
    • When a player quits, it doesn't go to 4v3, it autofills with a new player.

    To the first point—it's fucking Halo! Team killing is a part of the game. If some 117 scrub is gonna take my Sniper, I'm gonna Betray him. Cannot believe they got rid of Betrayals.

    Second point—Again, it's fucking Halo! You need to look your opponent in the eye before and after the match. Pre-lobby shit talk to post-game GG's or amplified shit talk. When you allow new people to join, the intensity is ruined. Plus I keep getting AFK's replaced with more AFK's so it isn't working.

    TBH, my first hour of Splitgate was more fun.

  • I've been a bit silly since I got my PS5 as I have started on 3 new games: Demons Souls, Deathloop and Tormented Souls. In addition to that I actually upgraded my Death Stranding to the PS5 version and started that again as well -.-"
    Loving all of them mind, I just wish I'd stuck to one at a time. I think I'll knuckle down and complete Tormented Souls first.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Watched Huber's playthrough of The Order 1886 back at GT and it made me want to replay it. You know what, I think appreciate this game more now. The gunplay is more fun than I remember, especially with the more special weapons like the Arc Gun, although the encounter designs are pretty basic. The unique setting is still as cool as ever, and the graphical fidelity holds up quite well. The characters are quite likeable too, found myself smiling everytime Lafayette is on screen. I'm still bummed about the Lycan encounters being so unengaging, but it is what it is, no chance for a sequel that can improve on it now. I think I'm gonna try getting the plat for this, just because.

  • @sheria Don't skip out on Astro's Playroom.

  • @neocweeny said in [Official] What are you playing?:

    @sheria Don't skip out on Astro's Playroom.

    I tested it briefly but isn't it just a little tech demo?
    I've got the VR game which I really enjoyed.

  • @sheria It's a not a big game and you could see it as a tech demo for the DualSense but the fanservice towards the Playstation legacy is really amazing, even if you are not a big a Playstation fan.

    Plus it's a fun game.

  • @neocweeny said in [Official] What are you playing?:

    @sheria It's a not a big game and you could see it as a tech demo for the DualSense but the fanservice towards the Playstation legacy is really amazing, even if you are not a big a Playstation fan.

    Plus it's a fun game.

    I'll give it another go then ^. ^

  • @sheria It's honestly so much more than a tech demo. Extremely polished, tight, and beautiful platformer. Very few games come close to the pure joy that I got from playing Astro, smiling from ear to ear through it all. Mario vibes.

  • Jumped in Battlefield 2042, played for 5 straight hours on PS5 and I'm really loving it! It's not as buggy as I expected after reading reviews and watching Huber's gameplay, so that's good. Had no trouble matchmaking and haven't got kicked/crashed out of a server. There's definitely a lot that can/need to be improved with patches, so I hope DICE can get to it, because the game itself is superb. Runs like a dream on the PS5, aside from relatively minor visual glitches. If it keeps this momentum up then it will definitely be the best time I had in a BF game since BF3.

  • Still playing FH5, such a joy.

    Tried to play San Andreas for a while but I'll wait for a future update.

    Played 10 hours or so of Skyrim and uninstalled it because I don't want to spend endless hours replaying it. It's a trap!