[Official] What are you playing?

  • I'm playing Tales of Arise. It's one of two Tales games I've played for at least 10+ hours, and I'm loving it so far.

  • Got halfway into Uncharted 4 in the Legacy of Thieves collection. I have to say that the 60 FPS coupled with the minor graphics improvements is much more pleasant than I expected. Like, it just feels so smooth and beautiful, it's very much feels like a great crossgen title. All ND games have to be 60 FPS now, there's just no going back after this lol. I was not planning to playing both U4 and LL in their entirety but now I feel like I have to, just as a treat for myself.

  • @bam541
    Same started up my Uncharted 4 save the other night just to experience it a bit, then played up to just before the big marketplace shootout because I suddenly realized it was 5am, and I needed to be at work soon. Also I love how like stupidly fast the game loads, hit start and BAM right to it.

  • Right now I'm playing DS2 for the first time. I'm very on the fence about keep playing it or not.

    Right now I'll say, not only is by far the worst From Soft game that I've ever played but also that I've played better Souls like games. I hope I manage to get into it but so far it's such a colossal disappointment.

  • @dmcmaster yeah the load times are so good, I actually don't have to wait like a full minute everytime I want to replay an encounter. I wonder how much this affects the speedruns.

  • Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning (PS3). So far so good.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern
    If you can pick up the recent re-release, irons out some of the technical issues from the original release.

    Been playing dying light 2. Short version of thoughts: Story is kinda boring, but just running from roof to roof is fun. Hell even the "go collect X amount Y things" type quest are actually fun to do. Once you get some of your parkor skills leveled up (mostly the skills you'd think would be available from the start in a sequel)

    I have made a video where I ramble thru my thoughts a little bit. Going to try and make these a biweekly thing if time allows. Also practically no editing.
    Youtube Video

  • Tried out the 5 hour Cyberpunk 2077 trial on PS5. Night City looks real good. The cyberpunk aesthetic is still very appealing to me despite being so popular these days. I also taken a liking to the writing and dialogues so far. Other than that, seems like a good podcast game, at least for when I'm doing the side stuff or cruising around the city. Probably won't buy it soon but I'll definitely get to it someday.

  • Playing Sifu and it's a great example of how can be a good idea turn into torture.

    Awful progression system, incredibly annoying diffuculty, boring repetition 'till death and combat isn't suitable for fighting multiple enemies AT ALL!

    I would like to see this game adapt something like Arkham's combat; then even with all the annoyance I could tolerate it. Another thing could be ''real'' progression between runs or have an ability to start from the boss etc.

  • Just finished up playing Uncharted: Drake's Fortune and Persona 5 Royal and now able to focus on Pokemon Legends Arceus and Horizon: Forbidden West finally. Backlog stuff for the month of March is Paper Mario, Sin & Punishment, Outer Wilds, and Halo Reach. Thankful March in the middle is tame from what I recall!

  • @scotty

    Just beat the 2nd boss but I have to beat it again! You know why if you've played the game. Never thought I wouldn't be satisfied for beating a boss that I stuck for hours or days.

  • Just played GT7 for a bit.... I'm using that as a chance to post this
    Youtube Video

  • This may seem out of the blue, but I'm playing Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine rn. I have this itch for a while, for a linear action-adventure-platforming game along the lines of Uncharted and the old Tomb Raiders. The itch gotten especially stronger since the industry is visibly going away from these kind of games, and the recent Uncharted Legacy of Thieves collection only served as a reminder of that. After a couple hours of searching the internet, I have a couple of games I want to try out, and the first one is this. About 2 hours in and I'm already quite comfortable with how the game controls, and also the quirky level design. Having a great time so far. I do want to get to the old TR games since I barely played them, but I kinda want to try out weirder stuff first.

    On a side note, the previously mentioned itch has gotten strong enough that I feel compelled to learn game development again so I can make a game like this myself. I'll be aiming very low, of course. I don't have much free time anyways. Nothing might come out from this, but I just feel like I need to mention it.

    Also, I hope to god that the Indy game MachineGames is working on is an third person action game. I'll play it regardless but man, that would be lovely. Just announce the platforms soon so I can prepare to save up for an Xbox if needed, lol.

  • Jokes on me, I got Gran Turismo 7 way earlier than I expected (like a week earlier, sorry Indiana Jones) and it's taking over my life already. My first impressions, 5 hours in:

    • GT keeps being classy af. The music, the vibes, the writing, it's real nice. It definitely feels fresh, especially when you consider how many racing games out there try to be "zany" and "hip", like The Crew 2 or the Forza Horizon games. I wish more games try to feel like this. Also nice to see some tracks from older GT games return.
    • The GT Cafe is brilliant. Not only the vibes are relaxing as heck, but the menus provide a excellent way of easing players to the game, introducing features one by one. It's really neat to listen to Luca and the others talk about cars.
    • I love driving using the DualSense motion controls! Feels really natural and accurate. It's more fun than analog controls but it's also more stressful because it requires more effort. Both are fantastic ways to play, especially considering how great GT7 feels. The haptic feedback and the adaptive triggers feels great too.

    So far it's GOTY contender already. Excited to just play a couple races and such every so often. It's definitely going go be my go-to game when I'm not in the mood for story heavy stuff.

  • Ended up buying WWE 2K22 Deluxe Edition. Played for the first few hours tonight, there's potential for big things, I feel. Already I had fun and I haven't even properly gotten the hold of the controls that well. Unlocked Eddie Guerrero, at least! Out of all the big game modes MyGM seems the most fascinating in a way, micromanaging the shows through a season, putting together the best possible matches etc. I'll dive into that maybe tomorrow. And MyRise with a storyline for my own custom character to rise through the WWE will be another big time-consumer, I reckon. There'll be different stories for men and women, faces and heels etc.

  • Along with WWE I started playing Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors (from Zero Escape: The Nonary Games bundle). I've seen two endings so far and both of them were pretty damn tragic! The plot thickens...

  • I don't know whether I should be embarrassed or not but I decided to buy and play Cooking Mama: Cookstar on PS4. I've never played a Cooking Mama game before and I thought that due to a 50% discount I'd give it a whirl. It's quite the oddity seeing a well-established Nintendo franchise hop onto SONY's goliath console, but given its collection of dull minigames, it probably should've stayed on the Nintendo DS and rooted to the past.

    The best thing I can say about Cookstar is the presentation is accessible and welcoming and there are plenty of recipes to concoct. The act of making them is broken down into a set of minigames, each requiring controller inputs and a strict time limit for completion.

    After completing a minigame you're graded out of three stars but seeing as grabbing the rating is painfully easy, you won't find the challenge you seek when Mama is helping you in the regular mode. The only way to mess up is if you make too many mistakes or you run out of time. Please try to avoid Mama's fire-lit eyes, they could give you nightmares.

    However, when you enter Cookstar Mode Mama won't help you and that's where the true challenge is, meaning you will need to practice the recipe's stages thoroughly in Practice Mode in order to be successful in completing them on your own.

    After a dish you can take a picture with several different and quirky filters and setting locations. For example you can opt to take picture of your creation at a diner with a noir filter-you can also add stickers if you choose.

    Sorry if this seems like a review-it is not. I just wanted to go into detail about what is on offer here. Cooking Mama generally reminds me of when Kyle reviewed one of the games at GT because he lost a bet. Now all these years later I can relate with how dull and derivative the games are.

  • Still playing Elden Ring and I wish it could last forever.

  • I am playing Outer Wilds and just starting Paper Mario on the NSO. Dipped out of Horizon Forbidden West unintentionally, but I'll return to it one day soon! Might finish up OlliOlli World this week, which would be nice. That's just been my lunch break game really.

  • My country finally got PC Game Pass, so I'm trying it out for a month since it's basically as cheap as a parking ticket. Some games I have tried out so far:

    • Art of Rally. It's exactly as I expected. A minimalist racer that is fully about connecting with your vehicle and soaking the cinematic vibes. Definitely excited to play more of this.
    • Sable. From what I've played, it's like a Young Adult, less cooler version of JETT: The Far Shore. Probably won't be the game I'll be focusing on anytime soon.
    • Hades. Kinda starts slow, but after the first boss encounter, the combat quickly got addicting. Very flashy moves, good variety of powerups, and a reasonable amount of challenge. This is the game I'll be playing the most, probably.

    Also I played Ghostwire Tokyo, which is pretty fucking sick, aside from the less than ideal performance on PS5. This and Hades will be fighting for my free time for sure.