[Official] What are you playing?

  • Started Donkey Kong Country for the first time in a long time and ripped through it in a couple of days. Moved right into 2. Man those games hold up and holy hell is 2 hard.

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  • Splinter Cell Conviction

    I gave this game a few hours back on its release and slammed it however I felt now was the time for a revisit, at the very least to complete it.

    Sadly, the game is, so far, just as bad as I remember it, especially when you consider the franchise it's a part of. Linear levels, limited skills, lack of consequence to messing up, dumb AI, next to no freedom to approach and a terrible, pretentious visual style with the large words sprawled across the environment.

    I'll complete it this time but its a sharp reminder why the seventh generation took a lot of beating, especially with regards to "dumbing down" in video games.

  • I'm finally seeing Tales of Xillia through to the end but I needed to start it all again. It's definitely up there in the series and the genre also. An intriguing story thus far and an excellent combat system keeps me invested.
    Gotta love Milla's character design though <3

  • Playing Ape Escape through the PS Plus upgrade thingy. It's real jolly. Loving the vibes and such. The controls took me like 5 minutes to get used to, which surprised me. I've been playing mostly open world games for the past few months so this level based linear structure feels very cozy.

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  • Anybody remember when some maniac wrote in to the podcast to say Bloodborne was the best game for them to play at the time because they had a newborn? I do because I also had a newborn at the time and couldn't fathom the kind of person I would be if I had spent the little free time I had further torturing myself. Fast forward and now I have 2 little ones running around so that, once they are down, I am very limited in brain power that I can apply to my hobbies. I probably have 2-hour save files in over 10 games from the last year that I don't see myself returning to because even thinking about cut scenes and dialogue and instant death spells instantly puts me off it.

    Enter Lego Marvel Super Heroes. The level of forgiveness is exactly what I need from a game right now. Everything is just so brain-half-on that it's perfect for the gelatin that occupies my skull by the end of the day.

    Note: love my kids, it's just tiring trying to keep up with them.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern

    I don't have kids but even with general working and life, I much prefer a round or two of Halo on a weeknight or early morning after working out instead of settling into an Elden Ring session. Honestly not sure how I'll ever beat that game unless I take a 2 week vacation dedicated to video games.

    I always wondered how Jones pulled off all of those hours of video games with a little baby at home. Maybe some people just function better with 3 hours of sleep than others do.

  • Tried out Left Alive since it's included in the PS Plus catalog. I have to say, this game is pretty cool so far (one hour in). The presentation is probably the best part of it, the UI and visual stuff looks and feels slick. The soundtrack is pretty decent too. There's definitely some jank and clunkyness to the gameplay, but nothing offensive yet. I guess the worst part of it is the voice warning you that's there's enemies nearby, it's not annoying yet but I can see myself getting tired of it soon.

  • The Shadowrun series was remastered and came to GamePass. So far no technical issues although I've heard bad things like crashes and severe stuttering. But so far I had no issues and I'm loving it.

  • I got PS2 emulation running on my phone so I finally put the work in order to play one of my fav childhood games: Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb. Turns out my eventual love for Uncharted started out here. The deliberate pace of this game is lovely, and super refreshing. I never finished this game so at some point it will be new stuff, which is so exciting. I will be holding off my playthrough of Infernal Machine for this.

  • I'm back on Chivalry II now that it launched on Steam, had a big free update, and has crossplay between PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series. Technically, there still isn't cross-play parties which will come in an update soon, but you can organize with your friends to all hop on the same server. It's easy peasy to join one that has 4/40 and it'll populate within 10-15 mins.

    What. A. Game.

    Chiv II is so much more fun with friends. It's the kind of game where you can play it as sweaty or as casual as you'd like and nobody really gets too upset either way. It really sets you up to have these personal emergent experiences in MP that you don't get in normal games.

    Organically, my buddy somehow survived a 2v1 off to the side of the map and tea bagged the enemy. They came back for him, but I was there now. We had a 2v2 battle and we won again and tea bagged again. They come back and we're still there waiting for them. We do another 2v2 but they win this time and tea bag us. It's all friendly and fun. Eventually we lost that part of the objective and the game flowed on but it's cool to have those little moments that are off to the side, happen naturally, and are deeply personal.

    Per the new Tenosian Invasion update—it adds a whole new Team and three new maps (+night versions). Those maps have horse cavalries that spawn in which is really epic. It also adds horseback to old maps. Obviously, tons of cosmetics like usual. A few new weapons I think. On one hand, a lot of these free updates were needed to improve the game. On the other hand, it's insane how much free content they've put into this game. Such great dev support. It's so fun.

    Hard to argue with getting this on Steam for 40% off @ $26: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1824220/Chivalry_2/

    Chivalry 2: Tenosian Invasion
    Youtube Video