[Official] What are you playing?

  • Playing Stray and it's mediocre for now. I should be more careful about my expectations towards beatiful looking indies.

  • @scotty My sentiments are similar but I do still find a handful of nice things in Stray too.

    Critics have been giving high praise to this RPG that's apparently a remake of a game that came out back in 1994. I've given the demo a spin and I dig the grid-based battle system even though I don't like grid-based battle systems. From what I can glean it's quite a pleasant and kickass little game. I like that you can play as various powerful characters with their own stories too. The full game isn't expensive either-over here in the UK it's £39.99, whatever that equates to in the US I don't know, but I think it looks like it could be very well worth the money.

  • Stuff I played recently:

    • Bomber Crew. It's about managing a crew on a bomber plane in WW2, has cutesy low poly graphics. Was fun for the first 2 hours, things got a bit too clunky and jank after that.
    • GTA IV. A replay! Playing this on PS3 currently, man the framerate must have been like 25 FPS average lol. Loving it tho, I always appreciated how different IV feels compared to every other GTA game.
    • AVICII Invector. A pretty cool rhythm game featuring the late artist's best tracks. As someone who's not too familiar with his music, I'm digging this. The gameplay is pretty interesting, not just about pushing the right button at the right time but also the right place.
    • I Am Dead. Might be my favorite Annapurna game. Absolutely adore the whimsical vibes, the writing, the voice acting here. Not finished yet tho, so things could change.

    Also played Stray but for some reason I don't really want to get back to it yet. I love the first hour of the game tho, such a fantastic opening for a game like this.

  • On PC:
    S.T.A.L.K.E.R Call of Prypiat (I'm replaying it over and over again) I'm huge fun of it!
    Warcraft III Frozen Throne (I'm a big fan of it from my childhood and I like to play it sometimes to feel nostalgic)
    Diablo II (nostalgic vibes again)
    Also I'm a fan of old Shrek and Harry Potter games
    Resident Evil Village
    Collection of Rusty Lake (all of them)
    Dad's Monster House (from the Isoland developers)
    Fran Bow (all chapters)
    Tiny Thief (logic game but really funny)
    These are really awesome!
    Portal (flash)
    Sometimes Zuma (when I'm extra bored)
    Chess (extra sometimes but I like to play with people not with bots)
    Sudoku (the only modern sudoku I found to play)

  • Two Point Campus

    A fission of hesitance washed over my mind before starting Two Point Campus. I had played Two Point hospital, and while I really enjoyed its sense of humor I found it quite intimidating, the sense of urgency not helping at all-because you're creating these hospitals to save lives, and I felt like I needed to be on my A game in order to make the best hospital with the best facilities that I could. I ended up not playing too much of it and drifting off when I thought I was going to get stuck.

    Now that I've been playing Two Point Campus since it came to Game Pass on Tuesday, and I have to say I am loving it. It's much easier, breezier and more enjoyable to play. Building campuses and managing funds is very straightforward-something that usually puts me off management-type games. Keeping track of the students' progress, hiring and firing staff and generally overseeing the development of your educational institution is just a welcoming and quirky experience. The levels always bring in new elements to keep the game from growing stale too which is awesome.

    Seriously if management games scare you off or disinterest you then I think Two Point Campus is the antidote you're looking for...no wait that's Two Point Hospital, ok it's the scholarship you've been looking for-is that better? Anyway it's very good.

  • Returnal. Late to the party on this one but I guess thats excusable when the party of people that can track down a PS5 is so exclusive. What an incredible game. When the allies gave it GOTY last year I was sortof on the outside looking in and thinking "really?" but everything about this game, from the atmosphere to the tight controls and boss designs is just on point. Currently banging my head, hard, against the 5th biome which is just beginning to feel masochistic but I just know that the right combination of random drops and a little bit of luck will come together at some point to get me through it.

  • Haha, case in point, I just had a great run and beat the biome. So good.

  • ....and in fact went on to beat the game on the same run lol.

  • Played Saints Row for a bit. So far the game's been kinda frustrating, there's a lot to like here but there's these bugs and weird shit that adds up and drives me nuts. The shooting is more fun when I just let the lock in system take over because the aiming is so unwieldy. All the vehicles feel so stiff. The sound mixing reminds me of those Kingdom Hearts 3 trailers where they mute everything else but the dialogues. Some of the settings doesn't work because I increased the subtitles size and they're still small as heck. I don't even know where the analog sensitivity settings are. Heck, I can't even turn on the Dualsense adaptive triggers because for some reason I can't turn it on without inverting my left analog stick controls. What the fuck?

    Thank god my brother bought this for me because it's so not worth it right now, lol. I think I'll let Volition patch this game for a bit until I jump in again.

  • @bam541 Ugh looks like another one of those "release now patch later" games. Volition are a hell of a lot better than this. Guess they've bought in to this undesirable trend in modern gaming. I find this new Saints Row to be like Far Cry 6 last year and it's quite deflating.

  • I'm playing Midnight Fight Express and really surprised how boring it got even in this amount of short time. I only completed %25 of it and already thinking how much can I endure until the end.

    After this one, I will probably take a break from indie games for a looong time. They really started to annoy me. Promising trailers/not worthy game.

  • @jdincinerator

    Yeap, I agree. I felt more intimated in the previous game but this one is so far so good. I am enjoying it and curious too see which new need will happen for the campus/students/departments etc.

    I'm only in the second year, so it's still fresh but hope it won't get overwhelming.

  • Saints Row

    Other titles for this reboot could be Safe Row or Saints Row Lite. This may sound like blatant disparagement of this fresh kickin Saints Row reboot, but I can't find any way to favorably position it alongside its forebears. I do like what this new Saints Row has to offer. The missions are high-octane and rather enjoyable, even though the pacing is overdriven. I like a few of the ways these bombastic missions play out with cool songs accompanying climactic dramatic crescendos. I am also willing to applaud the game's distinctive flavor, as it really does feel like a different Saints Row, despite having gone through a bilateral orchiectomy. Just a shame Saints Row feels like a pencil sketch of Saints Row without the ink or color.

    I knew well before playing that this Saints Row had had its balls removed. The characters are bland and lack pronounced personality, much of what made Saints Row good to begin with has been retained, but hasn't been improved upon, it's visually an ugly duckling, the vehicle handling is atrocious, there's no 80s radio station; generally the feeling is this Saints Row probably watched what the Saints from the previous games did, and decided to be inspired enough to form their own crappier version of The Saints gang.

    I agree my thoughts seem to gently clean and pamper the chest before I drive a huge stake through its heart, but seriously it's an ok game and it's entertaining enough.

  • Started TLOU Part I. About 1.5-2 hours in and I'm very impressed. This pretty much shows what it would be like if Part II was a native PS5 game. I think the improved facial animations are the highlight so far. The opening is even more heart wrenching because of it, and it also adds so much personality to the enemies, seeing the way they struggle as Joel chokes them.

  • @bam541 Do you think it's worth buying The Last of Us Part I considering it's the third release of TLOU in 9 years? I was keen to get it, but when I saw the reviews, I concluded that it's likely going to be the same experience but more polished. Also do you feel Part I justified its full price tag?

  • @jdincinerator If you think graphics are very important, also love TLOU as much as I do, AND you're in the mood for a TLOU replay then it's definitely worth the price tag. For folks who never played it before I think it's worth it also. In all other circumstances I would just tell you to wait, there's no rush to play it anyways because it's so faithful. Just know that whenever you decide to pick it up it's gonna be a good time. It's a very well made remake that not only makes the original material shine brighter but also makes me appreciate the sequel more.

  • @bam541 Ok thanks for your insights. Also are you going to put a 'New Games of September' post?

  • @jdincinerator oh yeah I forgot lol thx for reminding me

  • I'm playing Ni No Kuni, and I'm comfortable to say that this is the first JRPG I'm going to finish in many years.

    Still there's some design choices in the genre I don't get like being more than 2h into the game and still feeling like I'm in the tutorials, the over explaining of everything and how it deals with combat... Seriously, what joy is there in having a fight every 30 seconds that in the end makes you go through the same animations and progression screen, it literally drives me insane. Such a buzz kill how these issues drain games of any flow. Now at 7h the pace is slightly better and the world and characters make me tolerate all the bs inherent to the genre.

    But don't get me wrong I'm really liking it.

    Hoping that later in the year when P5 comes to GP I manage to enjoy it too