[Official] What are you playing?

  • @bam541 Ugh looks like another one of those "release now patch later" games. Volition are a hell of a lot better than this. Guess they've bought in to this undesirable trend in modern gaming. I find this new Saints Row to be like Far Cry 6 last year and it's quite deflating.

  • I'm playing Midnight Fight Express and really surprised how boring it got even in this amount of short time. I only completed %25 of it and already thinking how much can I endure until the end.

    After this one, I will probably take a break from indie games for a looong time. They really started to annoy me. Promising trailers/not worthy game.

  • @jdincinerator

    Yeap, I agree. I felt more intimated in the previous game but this one is so far so good. I am enjoying it and curious too see which new need will happen for the campus/students/departments etc.

    I'm only in the second year, so it's still fresh but hope it won't get overwhelming.

  • Saints Row

    Other titles for this reboot could be Safe Row or Saints Row Lite. This may sound like blatant disparagement of this fresh kickin Saints Row reboot, but I can't find any way to favorably position it alongside its forebears. I do like what this new Saints Row has to offer. The missions are high-octane and rather enjoyable, even though the pacing is overdriven. I like a few of the ways these bombastic missions play out with cool songs accompanying climactic dramatic crescendos. I am also willing to applaud the game's distinctive flavor, as it really does feel like a different Saints Row, despite having gone through a bilateral orchiectomy. Just a shame Saints Row feels like a pencil sketch of Saints Row without the ink or color.

    I knew well before playing that this Saints Row had had its balls removed. The characters are bland and lack pronounced personality, much of what made Saints Row good to begin with has been retained, but hasn't been improved upon, it's visually an ugly duckling, the vehicle handling is atrocious, there's no 80s radio station; generally the feeling is this Saints Row probably watched what the Saints from the previous games did, and decided to be inspired enough to form their own crappier version of The Saints gang.

    I agree my thoughts seem to gently clean and pamper the chest before I drive a huge stake through its heart, but seriously it's an ok game and it's entertaining enough.

  • Started TLOU Part I. About 1.5-2 hours in and I'm very impressed. This pretty much shows what it would be like if Part II was a native PS5 game. I think the improved facial animations are the highlight so far. The opening is even more heart wrenching because of it, and it also adds so much personality to the enemies, seeing the way they struggle as Joel chokes them.

  • @bam541 Do you think it's worth buying The Last of Us Part I considering it's the third release of TLOU in 9 years? I was keen to get it, but when I saw the reviews, I concluded that it's likely going to be the same experience but more polished. Also do you feel Part I justified its full price tag?

  • @jdincinerator If you think graphics are very important, also love TLOU as much as I do, AND you're in the mood for a TLOU replay then it's definitely worth the price tag. For folks who never played it before I think it's worth it also. In all other circumstances I would just tell you to wait, there's no rush to play it anyways because it's so faithful. Just know that whenever you decide to pick it up it's gonna be a good time. It's a very well made remake that not only makes the original material shine brighter but also makes me appreciate the sequel more.

  • @bam541 Ok thanks for your insights. Also are you going to put a 'New Games of September' post?

  • @jdincinerator oh yeah I forgot lol thx for reminding me

  • I'm playing Ni No Kuni, and I'm comfortable to say that this is the first JRPG I'm going to finish in many years.

    Still there's some design choices in the genre I don't get like being more than 2h into the game and still feeling like I'm in the tutorials, the over explaining of everything and how it deals with combat... Seriously, what joy is there in having a fight every 30 seconds that in the end makes you go through the same animations and progression screen, it literally drives me insane. Such a buzz kill how these issues drain games of any flow. Now at 7h the pace is slightly better and the world and characters make me tolerate all the bs inherent to the genre.

    But don't get me wrong I'm really liking it.

    Hoping that later in the year when P5 comes to GP I manage to enjoy it too

  • Banned

    This post is deleted!

  • I just finished my first ever RE4 run on Professional. While I beat all of the mercenaries, 5 stars for each character on the Gamecube I for some reason never did a Pro run, in fact it's the only RE game where I haven't other than the god awful RE6.

    I've now moved on to playing Blue Reflection: Second Light on the Switch.

  • So... I did my best but I had to drop Ni No Kuni. I think I'm done with the genre for good. At around 25 hours my enjoyment had been diminishing to the point that I can say other than its charm I pretty much hate everything about it.

    I'm now playing Deathloop.

  • @phbz I don't blame you, the grind of the gameplay counters the excellent story and characters it's quite a shame.

  • @jdincinerator Do you play JRPGs? I really try my best but I can't finish them. This one I was hoping to get to the end but it became impossible. I've only finished FF7 and Lost Odyssey but I've tried several through my life, I think my personality just isn't compatible with the genre.

    Reflecting about it I think it's because they have several characteristics that are contrary to what I love about games. I can not get immersed because it's constantly reminding me I'm operating a videogame and the genre lacks elasticity too.

  • @phbz I have played JRPGs but I can't recall finishing any of them. It's a genre with repetitious tropes and I think it's easier to zone out of them than the genres we're used to.

    However, I think if you tried Persona 5 I think that has plenty going for it that it's entertaining enough to finish. Have you ever played Persona 5 or any Persona game?

  • @jdincinerator Never played Persona, I guess once 5 comes to GamePass I'll give it a go.

    Funny you say it's easier to zone out because I fell asleep several times while playing it.

  • Been playing vanilla Crusader Kings III with my buddy. We're working together slowly while he helps me learn the ropes. We're maybe 4 hours into this Campaign which stacks up onto the 9-ish hours I played back in 2020 and I think I'm pretty comfortable with the game now on a surface level. It's an easy game to sink a lot of time into without realizing it, while still being bite sized enough where hanging it up after 45 mins of progress can be satisfying too.

    If I continue to get into it, I'll consider buying it on Steam with the full DLC bundle. Right now I'm playing vanilla from Game Pass which is fine for my level of play.

    I was recommended this dude's video series for learning about the core of the game and it is definitely useful for newcomers but I recommend just playing the tutorial first then watching these three videos:

    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

  • Final chapter of Yakuza 6! Definitely not my favourite of the series but it has gradually been getting better than it's considerably slow start. Story, gameplay and content wise this is definitely a step back from Kiwami 2, Zero and even Yakuza 5 in my opinion, something I find quite odd really.

  • @Sheria I'm actually on the final chapter of Yakuza: Like A Dragon myself. I have been a ravenous Yakuza fan since Y3 (which many consider to be the worst but will always be my favorite as it was a) my first Yakuza game and b) I lived in Okinawa for two years and Kaz spends a fair bit of time there in 3). Something about Like a Dragon just made it more of a slog for me. The obvious suggestion would be the new protagonist but I really dont think thats it, as I was ready for Kaz to head off into the sunset he deserved and Kasuga is quite good. Maybe its the RPG systems? Anyway, 6 was also not one of my favorites but it ends strong enough. Let us know what you think.