[Official] What are you playing?

  • As some allies recommanded me to play Dead Space, thing I did and had a very good time playing it.
    And by playing it, I have something to say about framerate in general (I will explain it, no worries).
    First of all, as reviewers wrote, the big strengh of Dead Space is its sound design, we can easily say it is a hell of an atmosphere. Everything is metallic, cold and the mood really embed into your skin. I won't spoil anything but there are some moments where the sound design transcend and you really are embedded into the action.
    I also enjoyed the gameplay itself, weapons felt good to use (especially the blaster and the flamethrower, which got a real "Alien/The Thing" feel, I don't know how to explain it though) and combats are a blast thanks to the good-feeling weapons and the terrific looking of the enemies.
    I have concerns tough. The story is classic (humanity discover a foreign race and everything is getting nasty, I want to stay evasive if there are actually people who want to play it). Think of Alien and The Thing and numerous others movies/games where you have to survive against an unknown form of life. But still, it ain't a bad plot (the background is developped via a sect advocating the new life, for instance) but it isn't original.
    And the other drawback of Dead Space is its characters. Isaac (your avatar) felt like a means of motion and combat rather than an actual being. You never get attached to it, and the game never makes it likeable. The same for the secondary characters, they only felt like scripts whom their only reason for being is to make you (as a player) move forward.
    I also beat the game on Difficult but everything went smooth. There were nothing difficult.
    I unlocked, by beating the game, the Impossible difficulty but didn't touch it.

    But still, I recommand it for its great atmosphere, gameplay, ennemies and discrete HUD.

    Earlier I wrote about framerate, here we go: First, I played Dead Space with the vertical synchronization on and the game ran at 25-30 FPS. But later on, I turned the option off and the game ran at a smooth 60+ FPS. Here's my concern: The game became even more easy and felt like a total action game (putting the atmosphere aside). With the V-Sync on, I had little issues fighting ennemies and it gave me even more pressure and weapons felt powerful. But by turning off the V-Sync, the game became just the casual TPS game. I fought one ennemy after another without really feeling any pressure or sence the lethality of my arsenal. I guess this is a isolated case, but some games maybe need to be slow-paced somehow in order to be more appreciated.

  • still playing trails of cold steel stuck on the fight with >! Spoilerc>! Spoiler any advice

  • Banned

    I played the demo to Dragon Quest Builders and I had more fun with it than I thought I would.

    Reminded me a lot of the town building from Dark Cloud 2 with a slight minecraft twist.

    Will probably buy.

  • @Art I only intended to play the demo for a little bit, myself. A little bit quickly turned into 3 hours....

  • 100% Orange Juice got a new update yesterday that added some more Halloween stuff as well as a new card pack DLC so I'm going back into it hard. (Well, as hard as I can with my schedule.)

    I honestly couldn't recommend the game enough, it's extremely fun to play with friends (though it's online MP only if I recall.)

  • Been playing a bit of Eve Valkyrie. I really am hooked. Dog Fighting in VR is just in another league really. Gaming honestly hasn't felt this refreshing since I fired up my N64 for the first time. I really hope this VR takes off because it has a lot of potential.

  • Return to Arkham Asylum and City. Outside of a few odd framerate issues in Asylum, and both games requireing 8GB patchs. Both are what you remember them as...BUT NOW IN TECHNICOLOR

  • I have been replaying Mass Effect 3 on PC with the Expanded Galaxy Map, Single Player Xbox controller mod, and the Happy Ending MOD at 4k.

  • Finally took the shrink wrap off my year old copy of Until Dawn and made a start on it. So far so good, very teen slasher with ample jump scares. The only annoying thins is that the jump scares are sort of telegraphed to me by the red light of my PS Camera coming on to record my reactions.

    So I'm looking for a way to cover the light without getting in the way of the mics before continuing.

  • The Witcher 3 all day everyday!
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  • Made it to Chapter 5 in Trails in the Sky SC. Best not be cheatin' on me, Joshua! >:o

  • I'm playing Gears 4. Horde is a ton of fun but the campaign not so much. At least act one is quite boring because of the lack of variety in weapons and enemies.

    Also finished Mars War Logs, after you get used to the game and mechanics its enjoyable. Poor writting, solid story, challenging combat, combat variety and some performance issues on X1 (I don't know how it performs on 360).

  • Job Simulator when I am up for some PSVR action and then Until Dawn/BioShock when I want a more standard experience. On the go I am nearing the end of Pokemon Soul Silver which IMO has been a bit of a slog for me this time around (will give full thoughts somewhere when I finish it)

  • Right now I'm playing Fire Emblem Awakening, WindWaker HD, One Piece Pirate Warriors 3, Smash Wii U, Mario Kart 8, Darkest Dungeon, Star Citizen, and about to start Resident Evil HD. Trying to work on that neverending backlog before the next 5 months drop a ton of current stuff on me.

  • Rise of Tomb Raider - I thought the first Tomb Raider (reboot) was okay but I like this one quite a bit more even though not much has changed.

    Tactics Ogre (PSP remake) - It's still Tactics Ogre so it's still an awesome game. The changes they've made in this remake are quite interesting but they do make the remake a lot easier than the Super Famicom/PS1 versions.

  • downloading the dark souls 3 dlc i platnumed the main game so im looking forward to more

  • @FF7Cloud Ah, I forgot about that!!! I had better go download it! I too obtained the platinum. I wonder how hard the DLC will be on NG++...

  • @Billy im in ng++ too if ya wanna party up my psn is Rhaspadoss666

  • I never did play any Uncharted games (no PS2/PS3), so my brother just gave me his Nathan Drake Collection. I blew through the first game on my day off, and I am almost halfway through the second. Having a good time with them so far, although there is quite a ton of cover-shooting. The leap from #1 to #2 is pretty substantial in terms of grandeur... I can see why 2 is regarded so highly. Oh, and that man puts gorillas to shame in terms of grip-strength.

  • beat the first boss of the ds3 dlc the first phase is easy the second phase is pure nostalgia for long time fans.