[Official] What are you playing?

  • High On Life

    I was really anticipating High On Life being a refreshing alternative to all the serious narrative adventures and games that strap you into their risk-free safety harnesses. What I got was an FPS with talking cuss-spewing guns who won't shut the hell up, and gratuitous swearing that encourages me to stick sprigs of celery into my ears whilst yelling like Steve Carrell in Anchorman. If you like Borderlands-like humor you will likely get on well with High On Life, but if not you may not find it amusing.

    I can appreciate that each gun has a special ability, aiding you with the game's platforming challenges, and proving to be trusty instruments for toying with the goofy warblers and critters who inhabit each world you visit.

    Initially I was able to appreciate High On Life's uncanny sensibilities and humor, but when the blue pee-shooter Kenny won't stop blabbering and cussing, I started to sense how grating High On Life will end up getting. The other guns are just as mouthy, which doesn't do much to make attempts of comedy any better.

    The bosses at least give some variability, but most of the time you'll be bounding around trying to reserve as much of your health bar as possible, whilst they press on bombarding you with their sweeping attacks. Thankfully finishing them off amounts to continuously blasting whilst dodging and evading all the obstacles in your path-which at least provides you with arcade-style competitive thrills.

    If you get on with the humor and the gunplay then High On Life will be a treat. It's a good game worth playing for the unique traits of each gun, but personally I find the swearing and gross-out humor too excessive.

  • I'm replaying Witcher 3. I wish most games had the kind of support this game has, 7(?) years later and it's still a beautiful game. Seriously the damn game looks like a beautiful oil painting.

    The combat still feels weird but I actually like it, once you know what you're doing you get what the developers were aiming for and it becomes an elegant dance. But so many weird design choices regarding combat. Still I absolutely love the flow.

    I don't know if I'm going to finish it but so far I'm enjoying replaying it. Maybe I should start to replay more games.

  • @jdincinerator
    I know Borderlands isn't the funniest game but comparing it to High on Life seems like a low blow.

    That said played a bit of High on Life and by God do I wish there was a "SHUT UP, SHUT UP, SHUT THE FUCK UP" button

  • @dmcmaster Perhaps that comment was too rash comparing Borderlands to High On life in terms of humour- Borderlands never made me want to put the game on mute. The Gatlians in High On Life are just too much with the swearing-it's like listening to an improv of terrible comedians.

  • @jdincinerator
    To be fair most of them are terrible comedians.

    Except J.B Smooth, he can be pretty funny. Usally in small doses.

  • I really enjoyed the humour in High on Life but there's an option to reduce the chatter. Pretty much a giant Ricky & Morty show which is awesome if you're a fan.

  • @phbz I think it's best to play the game as intended. I'm glad you loved it more than I did, but the incessant swearing with no real depth or crux to it just grated heavily.

  • Alfred Hitchcocks Vertigo: The Game (yes, seriously)

    A rather cheap looking attempt at making a Quantic Dream style remake of a cinematic classic. It's not bad, but you can definitely feel the budget (or lack there of) at times. Granted I've only put like 2 hours in.

    Also digital Alfred Hitchcock looks.....weird.

  • @dmcmaster I think it's awful. I know there's some mildly entertaining bits, but I couldn't think of a blander more terrible offshoot to a revered classic the likes of the film version of Vertigo. I know the game would never be able to measure up to the film, but it could've stood to be more competently developed-the game looks hideous and the characters are flat. It's the quintessential antithesis of the film.

  • Crisis Core Reunion: Haven't actually started it yet, but looking forward to it. Was one of the few PSP games I actually owned (I had a hacked PSP) and I'm looking forward to actually getting to finish it.

  • I'm playing Hi-Fi Rush and it's damn superb game.

  • I am playing GoW-Ragnarok. It has been something near 10 hours I guess but it still feels underwhelming other than a few of fights/cut scenes. I am really not feeling it.

    Edit: 15 hours in and counting. Man! Why it takes forever to get things going in this story!? Feels like a slog already.