[Official] What are you playing?

  • Job Simulator when I am up for some PSVR action and then Until Dawn/BioShock when I want a more standard experience. On the go I am nearing the end of Pokemon Soul Silver which IMO has been a bit of a slog for me this time around (will give full thoughts somewhere when I finish it)

  • Right now I'm playing Fire Emblem Awakening, WindWaker HD, One Piece Pirate Warriors 3, Smash Wii U, Mario Kart 8, Darkest Dungeon, Star Citizen, and about to start Resident Evil HD. Trying to work on that neverending backlog before the next 5 months drop a ton of current stuff on me.

  • Rise of Tomb Raider - I thought the first Tomb Raider (reboot) was okay but I like this one quite a bit more even though not much has changed.

    Tactics Ogre (PSP remake) - It's still Tactics Ogre so it's still an awesome game. The changes they've made in this remake are quite interesting but they do make the remake a lot easier than the Super Famicom/PS1 versions.

  • downloading the dark souls 3 dlc i platnumed the main game so im looking forward to more

  • @FF7Cloud Ah, I forgot about that!!! I had better go download it! I too obtained the platinum. I wonder how hard the DLC will be on NG++...

  • @Billy im in ng++ too if ya wanna party up my psn is Rhaspadoss666

  • I never did play any Uncharted games (no PS2/PS3), so my brother just gave me his Nathan Drake Collection. I blew through the first game on my day off, and I am almost halfway through the second. Having a good time with them so far, although there is quite a ton of cover-shooting. The leap from #1 to #2 is pretty substantial in terms of grandeur... I can see why 2 is regarded so highly. Oh, and that man puts gorillas to shame in terms of grip-strength.

  • beat the first boss of the ds3 dlc the first phase is easy the second phase is pure nostalgia for long time fans.

  • I've been playing a lot of Battlefield 1 its pretty fun!

  • Better late than never: I started Red Dead Redemption. Still have some issues with R* control schemes (taping frenetically to run does not make it immersive gdi) but I totally get why people are so freaking excited for RDR2. And so am I now.

  • @Maczime RDR's on my list too.. might try to pick that up soon

  • What I did. I installed Overwatch and I am just having a blast with it. I played the beta and purchased the game at its release but stopped playing it at the end of August (played it casually and somehow had enough of it, weird ).
    So I jumped into it again and I am more invested than ever. I watch streams, I learn new stuff about the game on a daily basis and I even joined a team. I am really happy about it (we even plan to do LANs haha) and Blizzard sure is a great company (and I don't a single game which I didn't liked).
    If anyone already did some (I mean LAN), sure I have some questions to ask :)

  • Started Kinghts of the Old Republic 2 after finishing the first one two weeks ago, so far so good. I heard it's not as good as the first but still a solid RPG, so i'm excited to play it!

    Games i also play on the side: Dragon Age: Inquisition, Valkyria Chronicles & Civilization VI

  • Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havec.

    I don't really like all the mini-games during trial sections but other than that I love this game.

  • Ever since I finished Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (which will probably be my GOTY of 2016) I have been in a gaming hump and haven't been able to get excited to play a new game so I went back into my game log and started a classic point and click/graphic Adventure series the Still Life series, I just finished the first entry Post Mortem the other day and will either continue with Still Life 1 or go back to Hitman (2016)

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    It feels like Titanfall 2 has taken over my life... I played pretty much constantly from when I got home from work friday until late sunday night with my friends. It was long time ago since I had this much fun in a multiplayer game

  • I've just started Uncharted 4 after spending 2 weeks with Deus Ex: Mankind Divided which is in my running game of the year until Fantasy 15 comes out & blows us all away (Fingers & toes crossed). I was ament to play it sooner, but I played all three games in the Uncharted Collection back to back & got burnt out. I'm only about an hour in but it seems like more of the same with better graphics & a grapple hook which isn't necessarily bad thing.

  • Made a start on Pokemon Omega Ruby, gonna see how far into I can get before picking up Sun/Moon at the end of November.

  • Started Spec Ops: The Line yesterday but had to stop before the first save point. Doesn't seem like a long game. Felt like playing a shooter and heard the story is surprisingly good. Haven't spoiled it for myself so far. Would like to beat it before it comes up....i know its way old.

  • @matt That is a great game! The story is definitely better and more unique than what you normally find in shooters I think. If I remember correctly I think its about a 6-7 hour campaign