[Official] What are you playing?

  • Ever since I finished Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (which will probably be my GOTY of 2016) I have been in a gaming hump and haven't been able to get excited to play a new game so I went back into my game log and started a classic point and click/graphic Adventure series the Still Life series, I just finished the first entry Post Mortem the other day and will either continue with Still Life 1 or go back to Hitman (2016)

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    It feels like Titanfall 2 has taken over my life... I played pretty much constantly from when I got home from work friday until late sunday night with my friends. It was long time ago since I had this much fun in a multiplayer game

  • I've just started Uncharted 4 after spending 2 weeks with Deus Ex: Mankind Divided which is in my running game of the year until Fantasy 15 comes out & blows us all away (Fingers & toes crossed). I was ament to play it sooner, but I played all three games in the Uncharted Collection back to back & got burnt out. I'm only about an hour in but it seems like more of the same with better graphics & a grapple hook which isn't necessarily bad thing.

  • Made a start on Pokemon Omega Ruby, gonna see how far into I can get before picking up Sun/Moon at the end of November.

  • Started Spec Ops: The Line yesterday but had to stop before the first save point. Doesn't seem like a long game. Felt like playing a shooter and heard the story is surprisingly good. Haven't spoiled it for myself so far. Would like to beat it before it comes up....i know its way old.

  • @matt That is a great game! The story is definitely better and more unique than what you normally find in shooters I think. If I remember correctly I think its about a 6-7 hour campaign

  • Currently have 70 hours in Civilization VI, and finished the Titanfall 2 campaign.

    Been alternating between Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2 for multiplayer, and I highly prefer Titanfall 2.

    I definitely want to play more Gears of War 4 and Forza Horizon 3, but time is short.

  • 2 Let's Players I watch are currently playing Super Mario 64 hacks, watching that made me want to play SM64 again and then I remembered that I never finished SM64 DS, my 1st DS game, so I started playing that a few days ago, I have already 53 stars and all characters unlocked.

    And I'm still playing Dragon Quest Builders, beat Chapter 3 today, I hope I can beat the story mode till my World of Final Fantasy arrives, which already comes a bit later thanks to regional holidays where the game is shipped from, but of course my state doesn't has those holidays...

    Also beat Drive 11 of Valkyrie Drive Bhikkhuni, so far collected everything. I'm glad that

    Koharu has finally accepted Viola as her partner, but I fear Mana could become a villain at some point.

    The boss was easy to simply beat but it's a lot harder to destroy her core (needed for a trophy).

  • went back to xenoblade chronicles x the game i play when im between games (moneys been tight life sucks) so between it and tokyo mirage sessions my wii u is getting some much deserved love.

  • Getting through that Titanfall 2 campaign, it's really good. Doubt I'll touch the MP though cause I suck :p
    Also chipping away at DQ Builders, that game is a mega time sink. I have World of FF too but haven't started it yet.

  • Currently trying to finish Mafia 3. Good god that game is a slog sometimes. Very high highs but damn low lows. Would be better of if the fat was trimmed... Technically it's a mixed bag, insane production values when it comes to music, VO, story presentation and the faces look amazing. But the ingame grafix are underwhelming. Even on PC the game looks horribly dated. The lighting doesn't help either.

    Yet I have to finish it. Guess I want to see where Clay's Story is heading.

  • Currently playing WWE 2k17 on Xbox One, i'm so bummed that Huber is playing on Ps4 but maybe i will borrow a copy from a friend to get on that open challenge.

  • Just started playing The Banner Saga last night thanks to a deal last month and Huber's eternal hype for the game. The art alone has me sold. I also recently started probably my 8th playthrough of Final Fantasy Tactics, but this is my first time experiencing the War of the Lions port. SRPGs all the way this month.

  • @SabotageTheTruth $5 on PSN? I bought it as well!

  • played part one and two great games actually made by some former members of bioware and some of the guys that worked on final fantasy tatics

  • @Billy Yep, couldn't pass up that great deal!

  • I just started my 30th playthrough of Skyrim. And I didn't jump into SE, because no SkyUI as of yet.

    Anyhow, I am RP'ing a master thief, who steals everything that is not nailed down, and leaves dragon bones as his calling card. Yes, I do this to everyone. Even people on the streets gets their stuff stolen, and they'll get a dragon bone.
    This way, everyone would be closer to the same line. Nobody owns anything besides maybe a residence, and a dragon bone.

    I know, this is retarded, but I got this idea when I was drunk, and still decided to go with it, as it made me laugh. And I am having fun with this playthrough.

    Also, I'm playing ADOM on school when I have nothing better to do.

  • @SabotageTheTruth I bought it on sale over the weekend and just played the opening little bit. It's gorgeous, the art and music are really blowing me away. This game has a tone.
    I'm also working through Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, which I've been discussing in another thread. It's super good, but every once in a while there's a level that makes me want to kill someone. I've heard that's fairly normal, though.
    In any case, I think these two games will balance each other out pretty well. I also have a perpetual game of Divinity kind of going whenever I feel the itch. That one is harder, though, since I rarely have extensive periods of time to just sit down and play games. When I do have time, I always feel guilty if I'm not working on some of my countless other tasks, so I haven't played as much of Divinity as I wanted to. Maybe once things quiet down a bit I'll be able to get a lot more done.
    On another note, 15 days til Pokemon! It's the first thing I've ever done a media blackout for. Unfortunately it wasn't a 100% success, since thumbnails and headlines pop up freaking everywhere, but I'll still be going in mostly blind. So pumped!

  • @naltmank said in [Official] What are you playing?:

    15 days til Pokemon! It's the first thing I've ever done a media blackout for. Unfortunately it wasn't a 100% success, since thumbnails and headlines pop up freaking everywhere, but I'll still be going in mostly blind. So pumped!

    Exactly my situation! I realized with X/Y how much it detracts from my enjoyment to know so much in advance. It's difficult, but it'll be worth it!

  • Currently, I'm playing far too many games.

    PS4: We'll find out November 10, 2016!
    PS3: Call of Juarez - Bound In Blood
    PSV: LEGO Jurassic World
    PSN: Downwell & Astro Tripper