[Official] What are you playing?

  • Dragon Quest Builders (PS4)

  • @guiltyofbeing I got through the demo for PS4. I tried it both on Vita and PS4. Very jolly and engaging game. I went exploring and found the dragon too. Was trying to see if I could trap him and grind him to his death but kept having him fall on top of me. I'm probably gonna buy it very soon.

    Now I'm debating which system to get it for. I try not to go digital if I can help it, but the physical Vita version is hard to come by and can be expensive. I think I prefer to go Vita because if I'm gonna spend 40hrs on it, I'll be able to get more time in not relying on if the TV's available. Maybe pick up PS4 physical second hand on the cheap in the future.

  • Just beat the Titanfall 2 campaign, not a huge FPS guy but wow, it's just plain fun! Never enjoyed a shooter as much as this one. Also playing Dragon Quest Builders, on chapter 3...starting to be a bit of a challenge for me.

  • Just finished The Last of Us Remastered on PS4 (first time playing it and gosh, so good). Replaying Uncharted 4 and Rocket League.

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    @MJKell said in [Official] What are you playing?:

    fun! Never

    Yeah I must say that Titanfall 2 campaign really surprised me. I expected a generic shoot bad guys in space, but it had so much more! Once I hit top 3 on the gauntlet I will play through it again!

  • @Lotias Yea man, it's a solid game! I was even more surprised to see it ran in the Source engine, wow they must of modified the heck out of it haha. Definitely want to go back to the gauntlet and get top 3 and definitely want to play through the campaign on the hardest difficulty. Dipping my hand into multiplayer right now but I definitely am not great at it, hopefully in time I can get past that learning curve. Then again I really haven't played to many PvP based multiplayer shooters in the past...that's my excuse for sucking atm haha

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    @MJKell Haha yeah I suck at it as well! and I have played like 20 hours MP or something! But as long as you enjoy it, keep on playing and mix up the game modes! I say this is multiplayer of the year for me!

  • @Lotias Thanks for the positive vibes, only played like 2 hours of MP for the first time yesterday and only been playing Pilot v Pilot mode so I'll make sure to mix it up!

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    Monster Hunter Generation I just started

  • @Swordfish00830 lets play!

    I'm playing a lot of World of Final Fantasy myself.

  • I've been playing Steins Gate. Roughly 4-5 hours in at this stage and it's beginning to pick up.

    I've heard great things so hopefully it does end up improving significantly.

  • The Technomance. So far its ok. Has a slow start, probably the game won't have huge setpieces like other RPGs but I'm ok with it.

    Combat is more fluid and less punishing than MWL. I like that you can swap combat styles, that will give it more variety but I do miss tightness of the previous game. At first the skill tree seems more complext but most unlockable are just damage increases while MWL had more active skills within.

    Art direction is great, those Orage/purple over red sunsets are gorgeous. The city is gorgeous too, feels miles ahead of the claustrophobic first game.

    Graphics are great too, character models are well detailed but shadows look like a last gen game.

    What doesn't like me is the removal of the log, sometimes I need a complement or recap of the story.

  • just picked up tales of zesteria for ps4 heard mixed things about it but at $9.77 it cant be that bad to be not worth it

  • Currently trying to make World of Final Fantasy last long enough until FFXV comes out.

  • I made it to a certain escape section in Trails in the Sky SC, and realized it's 4 in the morning...Oh well...tomorrow!

  • Final Fantasy XV, loving it so far. The battle theme is gorgeous.

  • Just beat Pokemon Y, first mainline game I play since I the original Saphire, and all I can say, is that I'm glad I'm done with that, and I'm probably not going near any pokemon game anytime soon.

    First few hours were pretty good, but as I kept playing I rememberd how many problems I have with this games, and it's a real shame because there some aspects were I can see a lot of quality, but the shortcomings are to big for me to ignore.

  • @bard91 pokemon y was also the first one i played since saphire and i felt the same way the game design while of high quality is quite dated

  • Made it to Chapter 8 of Trails in the Sky SC. Things are getting crazy!

  • Just began Uncharted 3, sadly I'm not surprised that I was not even 10 minutes in and I already didn't like it. A particular detail concerning an error with an incredibly easy spanish translation was particularly painful. Just as when playing Uncharted 1 and 2 I keep wondering how it is possible that this is the same studio that made The Last of Us.