[Official] What are you playing?

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    @MJKell Haha yeah I suck at it as well! and I have played like 20 hours MP or something! But as long as you enjoy it, keep on playing and mix up the game modes! I say this is multiplayer of the year for me!

  • @Lotias Thanks for the positive vibes, only played like 2 hours of MP for the first time yesterday and only been playing Pilot v Pilot mode so I'll make sure to mix it up!

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    Monster Hunter Generation I just started

  • @Swordfish00830 lets play!

    I'm playing a lot of World of Final Fantasy myself.

  • I've been playing Steins Gate. Roughly 4-5 hours in at this stage and it's beginning to pick up.

    I've heard great things so hopefully it does end up improving significantly.

  • The Technomance. So far its ok. Has a slow start, probably the game won't have huge setpieces like other RPGs but I'm ok with it.

    Combat is more fluid and less punishing than MWL. I like that you can swap combat styles, that will give it more variety but I do miss tightness of the previous game. At first the skill tree seems more complext but most unlockable are just damage increases while MWL had more active skills within.

    Art direction is great, those Orage/purple over red sunsets are gorgeous. The city is gorgeous too, feels miles ahead of the claustrophobic first game.

    Graphics are great too, character models are well detailed but shadows look like a last gen game.

    What doesn't like me is the removal of the log, sometimes I need a complement or recap of the story.

  • just picked up tales of zesteria for ps4 heard mixed things about it but at $9.77 it cant be that bad to be not worth it

  • Currently trying to make World of Final Fantasy last long enough until FFXV comes out.

  • I made it to a certain escape section in Trails in the Sky SC, and realized it's 4 in the morning...Oh well...tomorrow!

  • Final Fantasy XV, loving it so far. The battle theme is gorgeous.

  • Just beat Pokemon Y, first mainline game I play since I the original Saphire, and all I can say, is that I'm glad I'm done with that, and I'm probably not going near any pokemon game anytime soon.

    First few hours were pretty good, but as I kept playing I rememberd how many problems I have with this games, and it's a real shame because there some aspects were I can see a lot of quality, but the shortcomings are to big for me to ignore.

  • @bard91 pokemon y was also the first one i played since saphire and i felt the same way the game design while of high quality is quite dated

  • Made it to Chapter 8 of Trails in the Sky SC. Things are getting crazy!

  • Just began Uncharted 3, sadly I'm not surprised that I was not even 10 minutes in and I already didn't like it. A particular detail concerning an error with an incredibly easy spanish translation was particularly painful. Just as when playing Uncharted 1 and 2 I keep wondering how it is possible that this is the same studio that made The Last of Us.

  • just a update on zesteria im liking it so far the world and story set up is nice like all the characters except sorey you can tell tri crescendo helped with this game but its not as good as graces and xillia the high pont of tales for me

  • Trails SC: Delivered the ZFGs to Bose, Ruan, and Zeiss, along with all their sidequests.

  • playing fairy fencer is the game supposed to be self aware or is the writing so bad its good?

  • Bought Battlefield 1 on PS4 three days ago, and I am having a really good time playing it.
    I am not a big fan of BF but I used to play them when I was a little bit younger (especially Battlefield 1942, a little bit of BF2 and Bad Company 2).
    Strengths of the game are its stellar sound design (weaponry animations and shooting are great), stunning graphics (and I play on PS4) and a sheer sense of being on a battlefield. This might be the first BF where I actually feel like being on a battlefield.
    I also enjoy the tone of the game: War is not glorified and too much lives were lost, if I had to sum up. This type of approach cuts with what we are used to with other games, so this is very welcomed.

    I don't have any concern about the game (this one is really great) despite my habit of playing fast shooters and not having the same fun playing Battlefield. But the more I play it, the more I like it so this is a good sign.
    If some allies would like to play with me, bring it on !

  • Finally beat The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC. Now I'm debating over whether to try struggling through Trails the 3rd on PSP with my limited knowledge of Japanese, or to skip on to playing Trails of Cold Steel.

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    Skyrim remastered! after finishing off my Dishonored high chaos run I bought Skyrim on the black friday discount. I had kinda forgotten how awesome this game were and it gave me that happy feeling inside when I returned to the world! <3