[Official] What are you playing?

  • Started INSIDE last night, and I seem to be halfway through already, in one play session, I didn't realize it was that short! Not that I mind, got many other games to play through after that.

    So far it feels very much like Limbo, gorgeous, insanely realistic animations, and very clever game and level design. Pretty much Limbo 1.5. But I'm not seeing the brilliance that got it so much praise, GOTY talk, and even several nominations at the prestigious Game Awards™!

    There's a good chance I'll finish it tonight, so we'll see if I change my tune.

  • Just got through Trails of Cold Steel chapter 5. Crazy stuff going down.

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    @Axel been thinking of picking up Life is Strange after recommendations. How long is it? (like if you want to platinum it)

  • @Lotias id say about an hour per episode. Episode 1 is playable free on Steam should you be unsure of your purchase.

  • I'm waiting for the Survival mode in Uncharted 4 at the moment, it's coming this week. I'm sure it'll be nice to return to the game with that kind of a co-op mode.

  • @Lotias To give you an idea, each Trophy in this game corresponds to an optional photo you can take. Those are more or less hard to acquire: some only need you to locate the object/person and snap a pic, others need you to perform certain actions in-game in order to make them available. Mini-puzzles of sorts.

    There are 10 photos per episode, 50 total. Some can be pretty tricky to find, and that's probably where your playtime will expand, if you refuse to look them up online.

    Playing through the game attentively, talking to everyone, exploring the world, reading everything, and looking for those optional photos means you'll spend roughly 2-3 hours per episode, up to 4 in some cases (the last two episodes are a bit longer).

    So I'd say between 12 and 15 hours for the full experience.

  • going for the platinum in ff15

  • Finished Chapter 6 in Trails of Cold Steel. Ready for a festival!

  • Playing LET IT DIE and beat the 2nd boss today.

  • Think I'm in the last dungeon in Trails of Cold Steel...this place is tough, damn, lol.

  • I've been switching around, but the two games I've been playing most recently are Monster Hunter Generations and Metal Gear Solid V. I have too many huge games going on right now.

  • Finished Cold Steel! Now on to Cold Steel 2!

  • @Minamik i cant wait till after christmas when i get alittle extra money im gonna get it on amazon maybe theyll have a sale

  • @FF7Cloud Have you already played Trails in the Sky and Trails in the Sky SC? Because, if not, I'd highly recommend doing so, as there are tons of little references here and there. It's not necessary, but you'll definitely enjoy it more this way. Those 2 games usually go on sale on steam and (maybe GoG) pretty often.

  • @Minamik no i havent but i really loved cold steel 1

  • Funny to see so much talk about Trails of Cold Steel, I just started it this weekend.

    It's interesting to me how it really has all of the apperances of a generic low quality JRPG, but everything I've seen so far from the combat and writting seems pretty good.

  • @bard91 yea at first it looks like a idea factory game

  • @bard91 I feel like it's sort of a similar situation to Gust and how far they've come since Atelier Rorona. Look at the progress from Gurumin to Ys 7 to Ys Celceta to Trails of Cold Steel, and I'd say things seem promising to just keep improving.

  • Also, people who play Cold Steel before Trails in the Sky and Trails in the Sky SC are blasphemers of the highest order. (That includes you, Ben Moore, despite me telling you you need to play Cold Steel, lol)

  • @Minamik Having to play two 60 plus hours games, is a a bit of steep a wall XD, I think I'll just move aside it.