[Official] What are you playing?

  • I've been switching around, but the two games I've been playing most recently are Monster Hunter Generations and Metal Gear Solid V. I have too many huge games going on right now.

  • Finished Cold Steel! Now on to Cold Steel 2!

  • @Minamik i cant wait till after christmas when i get alittle extra money im gonna get it on amazon maybe theyll have a sale

  • @FF7Cloud Have you already played Trails in the Sky and Trails in the Sky SC? Because, if not, I'd highly recommend doing so, as there are tons of little references here and there. It's not necessary, but you'll definitely enjoy it more this way. Those 2 games usually go on sale on steam and (maybe GoG) pretty often.

  • @Minamik no i havent but i really loved cold steel 1

  • Funny to see so much talk about Trails of Cold Steel, I just started it this weekend.

    It's interesting to me how it really has all of the apperances of a generic low quality JRPG, but everything I've seen so far from the combat and writting seems pretty good.

  • @bard91 yea at first it looks like a idea factory game

  • @bard91 I feel like it's sort of a similar situation to Gust and how far they've come since Atelier Rorona. Look at the progress from Gurumin to Ys 7 to Ys Celceta to Trails of Cold Steel, and I'd say things seem promising to just keep improving.

  • Also, people who play Cold Steel before Trails in the Sky and Trails in the Sky SC are blasphemers of the highest order. (That includes you, Ben Moore, despite me telling you you need to play Cold Steel, lol)

  • @Minamik Having to play two 60 plus hours games, is a a bit of steep a wall XD, I think I'll just move aside it.

  • Started Darkest Dungeon on Vita and really enjoying it so far!

  • @tokeeffe9 i bought it because its 50 % off and i really like it i havent put ,much time into it but the holidays are coming

  • @tokeeffe9 man I wanna play Darkest Dungeon really bad, but I don't think I can handle juggling another game at the moment

  • @bard91 Just so long as you keep in mind that Cold Steel is part 6 of what will be an 8 game long story by the time Cold Steel 3 releases.

  • @Minamik from my short time with it I can tell that there's stuff that is definitively a reference to previous events or things that were already established, but at least I haven't felt alienated by anything so far.

  • @bard91 One thing, at least, to keep in mind, is that the events of the Cold Steel games take place at the same time as Zero and Ao no Kiseki (which cover what's happening in Crossbell State). But, we don't have those yet, so it's a moot point! :p

  • @FF7Cloud I bought it day one just because they had it out the same day on Vita as PS4 and they did a really good job with it.

    Only getting around to it now as I've been playing a bunch of Vita/3DS games in between.

    It's well worth putting some time into and it's a really nice portable game since the areas are relatively short.

    The one slight negative is it can be a bit cluttered and the text can be small but that's to be expected on a small screen really.

  • Just finished Yakuza 6.......No words, but this will suffice
    alt text

  • I bought Gravity Rush Remastered today and I'm flyin' through it and it's great. I just finished the Endestra district.

  • Like two weeks ago I bought Dragon Quest 7 and started Pokémon Alpha Saphir.
    I really like the friendly-childly tone and the overall sense of exploration, but the gameplay itself isn't my cup of tea. I totally understand the fact that players have joy from seeking rare pokémons, trading them and competting online but I think I don't like the concept of Pokémon itself (capturing Pokémon).
    I am just here to explore, get the joy from the mood and that's pretty much about it. Since the plot is thin and it is not the core of the game, I will just gather all of the badges, defeat the league and that's it.

    On the other hand, I got from Dragon Quest what I wanted: A real JRPG with a focus on story, characters with that sense of exploration which I really love.
    At the moment, I am really liking it and my only complain is there isn't a wide range of music (I put something like 5 hours in and I am on the second island). From what I have heard, there is a music for combat, one for boss combat, one for village exploration, one for world exploration and one from "dramatic" event.
    I am surely forgetting one or two but I would love to have a larger spectrum of music while playing.