[Official] What are you playing?

  • @Minamik Yeah sure we technically got most, but the Gagharv Trilogy was never released in europe is is pretty rare and expensive today, and even though it has nothing to do with the later games I'd still like to play them eventually.

    I do hope they will translate the Crossbell games eventually, they sound pretty interesting and I always wanted to see Crossbell State.

    Well, I have decided to play TitS FC as the next big JRPG after I'm done with ToCS2, a certain thief spoiled something about Joshua from TitS today, but I really don't want to stop ToCS2 now.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Generally, I agree with that, but in this case, you'd be missing out on boatloads of another thing they hold dear. That being, "context."

    Speaking as someone who has played Trails in the Sky and Trails in the Sky SC prior to jumping into the Cold Steel games, it makes me appreciate the overarching story on a whole that much more.

  • @Musou-Tensei Ah, I didn't know that Europe never got the Gagharv Trilogy. I was about to reccomend just grabbing them off Amazon, but holy heck, the prices have spiked since I bought my used copies of them at a Gamestop.

    I don't know how much you know about the TitS games, but you definitely got blasted with a humongous spoiler almost out of the gate about a certain member of the royal family.

  • @Minamik Yeah I'm pissed at myself for not buying them a few years ago when they were rather cheap when I searched for random PSP JRPGs on ebay, but I didn't know what they were and I also still was too dependent on reviews back then, those I read weren't great AFAIR.

    I have TiTS on PSP and started playing it for maybe 2 hours or so back then when I used the train to get to work, but the lighting in those trains was terrible and I barely could see anything on the screen most of the time, so I stopped, really only met the protags, their father and some of the citizen. I will most probably just rebuy the game on GoG once I'm done with ToCS2 so I can play on the big screen.

  • i may get trails in the sky after cold stee; its still decently priced on amazon 35 bucks

  • @SabotageTheTruth Being a few hours into Cold Steel, I don't feel as if I'm just jumping in into a story, the exposition is really good, and it doesn't overwhelm you in any way. I know that for people that have played Trails in the Sky there are probably a good amount of references, but I don't believe it is in any way something that takes away from the experience if you don't know about it, and at least at the point where I'm right now.

    And I'm definitively liking it, if it keeps going well it may well be my favorite JRPG from last gen, so far it is ranking up there with Valkyria Chronicles and Lost Odyssey.

    Also in regards to Cold Steel 3 and the save files, I believe I read that 1 and 2 are two parts of the same story, and it was planned from the very beginning to be like that, and they decided to make 3 after that, so maybe it won't be as directly tied to the first two? I'm just guessing here, I would just like to know if someone has more details about that.

  • Decided it's about time to get into BF1. Haven't played since the BETA, mostly because I didn't want to spend that much money on it at launch. Because of this it means I'll just get it on Origin and because of this I've gotten Origin Access for the first time. (It gives -10% of games and a month of sub costs the same as -10% off BF1). So now I've finished Unravel, played some Mirror's Edge and a lot of Peggle "for free". I'll also check out battlefront and banner saga since they're also in the vault. Can't complain about what's available to me and it's made me play more variety than I usually would.


  • @bard91 Without having finished Cold Steel 2 yet, it's hard to say, but Trails in the Sky is mostly wrapped up in the 2nd game, where the 3rd game wraps up a few loose ends, but serves as a sort of prologue for games to come.

    After all, we still haven't had any games that take place in Calvard, Remiferia (Not counting the MMO), North Umbria, or..."The East" yet.

  • Took a shot at one of the "super" Cryptids in Cold Steel 2 thinking I probably didn't stand a chance, but was fortunate enough to have a good party setup with me at the time. Rean, Emma, and Jusis were the stars for this particular fight. Rean summoned Valimar since I don't really use arts with Rean, which did about half the total damage to this monstrosity. Jusis has the craft which gives physical guard to anyone in a medium range around him. And Emma used Phantom Phobia since the creature was weak to mirage arts, which is her specialty (with her standard quartz).

    Otherwise, Rean was on delay duty with arc slash (I have impede 1 and 2 quartz on him since it boosts his delay abilities. When Emma wasn't using phantom phobia, she was healing with holy breath. And for the 4th member, I switched between Fie, Laura, and Machias to use their S-crafts on it.

    Now I'm tempted to go try and take down the other ones that have popped up before proceeding the story.

  • Lots of Overwatch and Dark Souls 3 for me. Also played through The Last Guardian with my best bud and had a glorious time. Also Pokemon. :)

  • Some of the more friendly noble families aside, I don't know how anyone in Erebonia puts up with these 4 great families....Though to be fair, I think I've only met Albarea, Cayenne, and Rogner so far. If I've been told who the fourth one is, I've already forgotten.

  • @Minamik hyarms

  • @FF7Cloud Ahhh...yeah...lol.

    ....sorry Patrick! : /

  • just watched a video on exist archive its a rpg by tri ace and omg it plays like Valkyrie profile i may have to pick it up

  • Played some private matches with clan buddies. Need to keep my PvP skills sharp for an upcoming clan tournament in two weeks. Also thinking of starting Wolfenstein The Old Blood soon. Now that it seems like I may have the time to spare for the coming month.

  • got off work walked onto my front deck and there on the ground was a amazon box with cold steel 2 yay

  • Finished Act 1 of ToCS2.

  • Just started Child of Light a few days ago. At first I was a bit hesitant to start it at all because I thought I wouldn't like the artstyle and overall tone of the game. I expected it to have more of a blue and pale colour palette and not to be actually so colourful.
    I overall really enjoy the gameplay, especially collecting and combining the different kind of gems. It reminds me of the gems of Diablo II which is actually kind of weird considering that these games couldn't be any more different in tone. x)

  • played about a hour of cold steel 2 things i noticed the attack animation on the fields are better animated the graphics look different (not better just different) and the reselution may be higher or the lines just might be sharper cant tell

  • As of this writing I am going through the Gravity Rush 2 demo, again! This is the very first interaction I have had with this franchise ever and am completely astonished by the game. Why would a game so great be just for Vita!? I'm happy that GR1 remastered and GR2 are coming out on PS4.