[Official] What are you playing?

  • ToCS2
    Beat the Aqua and Terra Shrine including Trial chests.

  • tocs2 freed everybody and shit went down going into what i assume is the final dungeon

  • just finished tocs2 ........ tha ending.....i don even

  • guess that wasnt the ending ..........

  • @FF7Cloud Hehehe

  • @Minamik i really need the crossbell games

    how much longer is left

  • I love Gravity Rush 2, but it's not without it's fair share of frustrating side missions.

  • @Minamik So like the 1st one.

  • @Musou-Tensei Exactly, lol.

  • Yu-Gi-Oh!: Duel Links boyeeeee.

    The game's surprisingly solid.

  • so after 61 hours ive finished trails of cold steel 2

  • @FF7Cloud That's a speed run right there, lol.

  • @Minamik the first game took me 59 hours lol

  • I'm in the middle of Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest, and I'm enjoying it a lot more than Birthright! Everything in Birthright felt so generic to me, from the plot to the gameplay, every map gave you the same simple objective. It was easily the worst FE game I've played (granted I haven't played many).

    But Conquest is way more interesting, the plot is more complex, with twists and grey areas. And almost every map offers a new gameplay twist, forcing you to rethink your approach, use the environment, split up your army, etc. Hoping to finish it in the next few weeks!

  • @FF7Cloud About 110 for the first game, and I think 102 or so for the second. No npc left behind!

  • @Axel I do believe that is how they advertised them. Birthright for casual players, and Conquest for the hard core.

  • I've been playing Rise of the Tomb Raider on PS4 for under a week now. I knew I'd like it if it was anything like the first one (from '13), and it sure is, just bigger and better and prettier, too. It's the structure of the game that pleases me the most. That it has these hub areas and the world is seemingly open all the time, and you can return to the previous areas with new equipment to get into some new places etc.

    And the (optional) tombs themselves are pretty great now, and there's so much more of them. Even the routes into them are sweet with some impressive views and/or paths. And then the puzzle elements work nicely in the tombs themselves, you tend to get a rewarding enough feeling at the end.

    And I know that the collectables can split the folks 50/50, but I just really love them in games like these. Clearing the map until it's 100 % "spotless" from all those trinkets and secrets. And the fact that Lara actually has a unique line for all the artifacts makes at least that aspect better than in Uncharted, where the treasures have always been kinda like just there for no bigger reason or pay-off.

    The return to use the bow feels also just right, even if it's slightly OP, but I'd say that an arrow into your head would be pretty lethal. Skill points come also in an evenly pace, so that there's something new to unlock every campfire or two.

    The story or the characters aren't that exciting or good, which is (still) a bummer. Fortunately at least the backstory of the Prophet and his people in some really remote corner of Siberia is more intriguing.

  • HI guys. RojoVelasco here. Long time watcher, short time Patreon, first time poster.

    I'm currently trying to beat Ninja Gaiden on NES. This past weekend I manage my way to the last chapter but an unlucky feet repositioning froze my NES. Will try again for sure. That game has something.

  • ToCS2
    Finished Chapter 2 and am about to do my final(?) tour through eastern Erebonia before I commence the next (and final?) operation.
    I broke the 100 hours mark now.

  • Gravity Rush 2. Love just flying around, even when I do nothing related to the story or even side-missions. It's real cathartic to get lost in this world, not a lot of games really make me want to do that like GR 1 did and I'm glad 2 stays to form. Also it has a camera and there's something inherently fun about taking photos. I know a ton of other games have done this in recent years but this is the first one where I've actually cared to bother with it.