[Official] What are you playing?

  • @SabotageTheTruth welcome to the dark side

  • Hm, I actually enjoyed Tales of Xillia, and it's sequel, but coming off of Tales of Graces, it's not like that was hard to do.

    Tales of Graces still has my favorite combat system of the series though.

  • @Musou-Tensei I'm not sure, but whatever he did might have had the deathblow effect. Imo though, he was the hardest boss in the game, so at least you're past that part now.

  • xillia is my fav tales game

  • @Minamik Really? I found the 1st fight against Xeno and Leonidas harder, I died several times there, here just once, I was lucky though when he tried it on my 2nd try both partners guarded their linked partners.
    Not exactly looking forward to that fight on Nightmare though.

    I played every Tales of game that was released in europe except the handheld ones (yet, I really need to play Innocence R on Vita and Abyss on 3DS, I also own a US copy of Legendia which i also havn't played yet) and enjoyed every one of them (yes, even ToS2 with its abyssmal enemy respawn), hard to say which one is my favorite, possibly still Vesperia.

  • @Musou-Tensei I've played Vesperia, Graces F, Abyss (3DS), Xilllia 1 and 2. I've got both the Symphonia games, but have yet to get to them. I couldn't get into Legendia.

    I've also got a sufami copy of Phantasia, but who knows if I'll ever get around to playing it. My Japanese isn't as good as it used to be.

  • @Minamik Get a Retron 5 and load up a fan translation ;)

    Love how the game throws one thing after another at me, hate how it makes me want the Crossbell Duology even more, lol.
    Thought I will beat it today but nope.

    Yakuza 0
    Didn't do any story, just walked around visiting all shops and restaurants, sadly can't do any activities except fishing at this point.

    Lol, accidentally killed my partner and my character only says "Oh crap", then dies a bloody death for some reason.

  • I've been craving for a good hack and slash for months now, so I jumped back into Blade and Soul. OMG The story gets rally good later in. The combat and dungeons have been fantastic since day one. No need to get Breath of the Wild now :P

  • @Nillend That's an odd comparison.

  • Resident Evil 7, Madhouse difficulty. I am halfway through.

  • @Musou-Tensei Well, to each its own.

  • Some more Trails in the sky visited the orphanage a second time and T_T that little kid

  • You know you watch too much anime and play too many games when you start remembering the Japanese voice actors, lol.

    So far in Yakuza 0, I've recognized two of them. One being the guy who plays Hijikata in Gintama, Doumeki in xXxHolic, and Rangetsu in Tales of Berseria.

    The other being Miyuki Sawashiro, who has a list of credits a mile long... Jun Sasada in Natsume Yuujinchou, Ms. Yui in Corpse Party, Kurapika in HunterxHunter, Carl Clover in Blazblue, Lag in Tegami Bachi, Celty in Durarara!!, and...too many more to list.

  • ToCS2
    Epilogue, the way I play it, talking to everyone every day and every time of the day, it's quite lengthy. Still, even with being that thorough I missed a notebook update for Nicholas... HOW?

    Yakuza 0
    Little bit of story but once I was able to do so I visited all entertainment places.

    Beat the good ending, of course I saved before you the path splits in 2 so I will get back to the other path. The last 2 levels were quite shit though tbh.

  • finished chapter 2 or trails in the sky this story is starting to go places

    starting to feel that col richard is just a male version of claire or vise versa

  • So as I mentioned I was getting a little tired with the grinds in Darkest Dungeon and Pokemon and felt I needed something different. A friend of mine played Shovel Knight for the first time and that got a few of us talking about how great it was so I decided to go back and get the platinum trophy and boy do I love this game. It really does nail the vibe it's going for.

    And after getting the platinum I got a little bit lucky as Nintendo finally decided to have a Zelda sale (for some reason different titles per region and I'm stuck with the Oz region) and I finally picked up A Link Between Worlds So far I'm really digging it, the painting mechanic is pretty cool and I've even used the 3D a tiny bit which might be the first time I've done that. It is a little weird how much I know this world after playing A Link to the Past so recently. I've a big bus journey tomorrow so I'm looking forward to playing more of it.

  • I've started Tokyo Mirage Sessions and Zero Time Dilemma today, hoping I can finish them before April.

    TMS made me giggle a couple of times, so I'm pretty sure that I'll at least enjoy it in some way, and the combat seems like SMT goodness, so I'm very much up for that.

  • I've been playing Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD in the 2.8 collection and have been really enjoying it. I decided to start with this and move onto the 0.2 Aqua thing afterwards but I am really excited to see what the combat is like in it because the combat in DDD is great. I feel like there are some balance issues with flowmotion which I hope they fix if it returns in next entries. You can just jump up any wall as high as you want so there is no need to traverse the area the way they laid out which takes a little bit away from it. I also feel like there needs to be some constraint on it in combat but all in all its a blast. I am really excited for 3 and I imagine will only be more so after playing 0.2.

    And as always, a little bit of Rocket League and Heroes of the Storm on the side. I'm not great at Rocket League but its so much fun to play with my friends and try to gain that higher rank.

  • ToCS2
    It never ends, lol.

    Done the 2nd path and done with this game.
    It isn't very well programmed I have to say, I ahve to wonder if it was playtested at all.
    Some bossfights, one was on a platform above me and started firing rockets, they though hit the platform and the explosion him, eventually killing him.
    The final boss of the 2nd path didn't start to move before I got closer, which is not necessary to do.
    One absolutely unfair part was when the next stage after choosing the 2nd path dropped me right in front of 3 enemies, with an empty weapon and the next weapon to auto switch was a mine thrower with mines that take too long and kill me too.
    What I had to do was running backwards while switching to a non explosive weapon with ammo and then kill the enemies AFAP, this was really shit and I don't know what the devs were thinking, took me many tries and almost ruined the game for me.
    It's alos the kind of game where you want to quicksave a lot since, especially in later stages, enemies will one shot you before you can even react. Sometimes (though not very often) enemies come from behind and one shot you with rockets, and you don't even realize that it wasn't one of the ones in front of you.
    It's also a bit of a mess in Win 10, didn't get it to go fullscreen, even on low settings frame rate drops, weird graphic glitches sometimes.
    For less than 2 bucks (got it from a GoG sale) okay, but I never want to play it again.

  • Playing Grandia 2, after owning it on DreamCast and PS2 I never got to beat it.
    Once I'm done going to start playing Final Fantasy 15