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    Halo: Combat Evolved (Anniversary Edition) on 360. Not enjoying it very much, the driving controls are terrible and I don't like the pacing at all. Only played an hour or so. Worth pushing through or should I skip it and start with Halo 2?

    Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. - On my third case, close to finishing it. Pretty fun so far. Playing it in very short bursts though so I forget what's happening most of the time.

    Halo 1 has some fantastic missions in the middle of the campaign. How far are you? I know you said and hour or so but is that 2 missions, 3 missions? If you haven't made it to Silent Cartographer yet you need to keep pushing on. And then you go to Assault on the Control Room and then 343 Guilty Spark and its just a great stretch of missions.

    Yeah just two missions so far. It just feels so weird to me, it feels very difficult and I find myself losing track of where to go. I skipped most of the classic FPS' so that's probably why.

    @Oscillator Dude, I feel it's already hard on normal mode lol. I'm not very good at video games unfortunately.

    I know what you're talking about. The second mission, Halo, in particular is a mission I remember getting lost on as well my first time playing. The other missions are better at telling you where to go.

    Good to hear. I finished the second mission and enjoying the third one so far. It's so hard to go back to some of these 'old' games. Still enjoying it though, thanks for the comment. I had an XBOX 360 lying around for a couple of years, I never beat a single game on it.

  • Currently playing The Division and Elite Dangerous.

    Elite is consuming my life.

    Also playing through Oxenfree.

  • I recently finished Uncharted 4 (On crushing), Doom, and been playing a mixture of Odin Sphere, Blood Bowl 2, Paragon, and the Grand Kingdom Demo to pass the time.

    Summer is quite the dry season for gaming (Pun totally intended).

  • currently I am about 95% Overwatch, with some time here & there popping back into Fallout 4 to play some Far Harbor and watch heads explode satisfyingly as I shoot things with my shotgun.

    considering streaming something later this summer, but I haven't decided whether I want to replay Bloodborne with a strength build this time or dive into something old that I've never played.

  • Loved Uncharted 4 and played the platinum out of it. Now the multiplayer has kept me busy the last few weeks, and I'm still going to continue. It's a lot of fun, and it's just so smooth to play.

    I would love to begin with Blood and Wine with Geralt, but I'm just too into football now for a month. :) It takes up all the evenings. After Germany has won the tournament I'll sit down with Witcher's goodbyes and just enjoy it thoroughly.

  • Hopping back and forth between Odin Sphere, Homefront and Blood & Wine in my free time.

  • I've been playing a lot of Persona 2: Innocent Sin recently. Persona 3/4 are some of my favorite games ever, so I wanted to give the earlier games a shot, and while the original Persona was a bit hard to slog through, Persona 2 has not disappointed. It's so much more complex than 3/4, which through me for a loop at first. The system of spreading rumors, going out to eat before entering a dungeon, making pacts with demons, and all of the spell types, come together in a really fun package. Not to mention, the characters, in true Persona style, are so incredibly likable and unique. So much so that the returning Persona One characters make me want to try playing the original again.

    (And I'm always playing the A Hat in Time Beta)

  • I'm currently playing Uncharted 4 (loving every second), as well as a certain 18+ game released in japan last month... Oh japan... i love you!

    The next "normal" game for me is gonna be Persona 5 in september i think. I hope it'll be as good as it looks, first time persona player here.

  • @guroneko
    Importing Persona 5 then? Granted im tempted to import it too, if onl just to make some people jealous

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  • @DMCMaster Yeah. I do speak japanese, so i don't see why i shouldn't import it.
    Won't spoil anything for anyone, but i'm a little afraid i would get spoiled on twitter or some of the japanese blogs/sites i read if i waited.

    I'd say import if you're in a similar situation!

  • Just started Witcher 3: Wild Hunt last week. I missed it when it was originally released so I decided to wait for all the DLC before I started.
    My PSN id is ChieBestWaifu

  • Wonderful 101. Can't believe I got this username.

  • @guroneko
    I can understand some Japanese, although I only understand like every 4th word (Hasn't stopped me from playing all the JPN only Yakuza games

  • @Chie-Best-Waifu oh, you're in for one hell of a ride. have you played any of the earlier games in the series?

  • @seppo91 Not really. I play only a little bit of both games, but wasn't able to get into them. I loved the worldbuilding that was going on but couldn't get into the mechanics for some reason. I've already gotten farther in Wild Hunt than either of the previous games though. Maybe I'll go back and give them another shot someday.

  • @Chie-Best-Waifu Might be worth it. I never did play them but fell in love with Witcher 3 almost immediately. amazing game.

  • Finished Uncharted 4 and Dark Souls 3 so I'm trying to finally beat the Witcher and get the last trophy I need from the Bloodborne DLC to 100% it. Also playing Overwatch a lot.

  • on PS4 that would be UC4 and Trine 3 (that i just bought in the sale).

    on X1 it's Far Cry 4.

    and on x360 its a mixture of Far Cry Classic, 2, 3 and 4. Primal will be added next week (X1) on my birthday, thanks to wor lass.

  • I finished Tears to Tiara II on PS3 a week or so ago and now i'm jumping back into jrpg goodness with Trails of Cold Steel.