[Official] What are you playing?

  • Cuphead (Switch)

    Always been tempted by that one and with the recent Switch release I couldn't resist.

    I was worried I'd get frustrated by the difficulty but so far I've surprisingly taken my countless deaths with a smile.

    The game feels great to control, there's just the right amount of complexity and options, and most importantly I never feel cheated when I lose. I always blame myself for not seeing that coming, not having the right reflexes or making a wrong call, and that's fine!

    I'm on World 2 now and I've killed 2 (or 3?) bosses there, so I'd say I'm about halfway through (the main menu says 40%). Currently stuck on the dragon but getting slightly better each time!

    The presentation is also even more delightful than I expected, the soundtrack in particular is a huge highlight, I'm loving those vibes!

  • Finally started Shenmue II. My intention was to begin a bit earlier in the Spring but the release of Ace Attourney trilogy pushed this game back because I just love Ace Attourney games.
    Just feeling cozy with continuing Ryo's journey. I want to take time with it though I want to get over it befote Judgment is out. Still should be enough time to beat it without rushing through.

  • Currently about halfway through Spiderman (PS4), and about a 1/3 into Days Gone. Playing Spiderman solo, and Days Gone with the misses. Both exceptional.

    Sony have absolutely smashed it with their exclusives this gen.

  • Playing Sonic Colors (DS) and Batman: Brave and the Bold (Wii)

  • Playing Arc the Lad 2. This has to be the most under the rader JRPG I can think of. Simply brilliant. You need to play the first game first which is a 6/10 prologue, but worth it to get prepared for the second game.

  • My copy of DQV froze as I was saving and when I rebooted it... file corrupted. I have files from earlier in the game (before the wedding) but don't think I have the heart to go back through it all right now. Such a bummer.

  • I just had an absolutely mind-blowing moment in Trails in The Sky The Third, and it wasn't even anything big that happened. It is just fantastic how this series makes use of its characters throughout the different games, even if I'm playing them in the incorrect order :p

  • Enslaved: Odyssey to the West. I am halfway through the game. The combat is decent, but the platforming is restrictive and too easy. The game won't let you jump in any direction that is not designated. The platforming is better in DmC by comparison. Also, whoever's idea was it to have Monkey (the player character) die, because you made Trip salty by moving to far from her; needs to be shot. Ninja Theory, you made these gorgeous environments and vistas, let me fucking explore them or backtrack. This was a trend that needed to die, where game constantly nags to railroad you in the next part of the story. It still happens some of the time in this generation. With that said, the story is looking better than DmC or Heavenly Sword. I can't speak for Hellblade yet, but it's story is great just by seeing the first 30 minutes online.

  • i'm feeling the itch for a sci-fi RPG, and I don't want to replay ME Andromeda so I caved in and bought The Technomancer. It oozes B-tier budget: the writing and voice acting are equally spotty at times, the graphics and animations are just okay. I'm having a blast though, it's charming in it's own way and I'm down for it. The combat is like a Souls clone with a good dose of Arkham combat feel to it. It's not as tight as Souls, and also not as freeflowing as Arkham. It's a middle ground that feels kinda fun but also kinda not. It's weirdly tough too, I'm on Normal and have died numerous times (been playing for 4 hours).

  • Void Bastards. Holy smokes this game is fun!

  • Finished Enslaved! The story was great, and had a nice twist to it. With that ending, I don't see how you would do a sequel. I find it better to be a one-off game. At best, Ninja Theory could do a spiritual sequel. I admit, I would not have paid $60 for this back when it released, but definitely a $35-40 range. I got my copy for $4.

  • playing trails of cold steel 2 remastered

    anyone miss me?

  • @brawlman Loved that game, still take it over any Uncharted or TR.

  • @ff7cloud it has been a while since I see you here, had you played the Cold Steel games before or is this the first time with the remasters.

  • @bard91 no ive played them multiple times now just getting ready for 3

  • @ff7cloud sounds good, I'm doing that by playing the other games on the series, currently going through Sky Third, don't think I'll have time to replay ToCS though.

  • @bard91 which of the sky games did you enjoy the most? id have to go with First Chapter myself

  • @ff7cloud 2nd, it just had the huge advantage of being completely invested from the very beginning, and it delivered very well, that said I do think 1st is better in some ways.

    Third I'm liking but not as much but I think it could still surprise depending on how it ends up developing, I'm like half way through the game I think.

  • @bard91 it was the ending to First Chapter that i loved it was so well done

    as for The 3RD its does a great job expanding on the lore of the zemuria

  • @phbz I can understand that, though I was never a fan of either versions of Tomb Raider. Uncharted I like, but not crazy over. That said, Tomb Raider and Uncharted still have better platforming. My problem with Enslaved is that the platforming is too automated and railroaded. I know it's purpose is to move the story along, but I felt that they should have at least tried to add some challenge. The only times I died was due to not knowing what do for certain set pieces (the one with the car) or I got unlucky. Otherwise, I rarely died when it came to platforming.

    Combat is decent and has some depth. I knew I was not expecting God of War or Devil May Cry, but the combat works. My only problem is the wide attacks is a fucking joke, even with the upgrade. Oh, and the camera zooms in too close to Monkey's backside whenever melee is involved. They definitely could have zoomed the camera out. Otherwise, good job Ninja Theory.