[Official] What are you playing?

  • I can't tell if I love or hate DOOM II.

    When things click, it's a beautiful, gory dance. When they don't I'm turning a corner and having three chaingunners or an arch-vile ruin all the hard work I did in the last five minutes with an insta-kill or having to spend an hour on the world's lamest final boss because I couldn't get the aiming down. Also whoever decided the Pain Elemental was a good idea can go straight to hell.

  • Way of the Samurai 2

    I think I got this game for a Christmas like 15 years ago, for many years never quite understood it, despite i had finished it (a couple of endings at least), cause it was not dubbed or subbed in my language. Besides that me and my friends have always thought the game was super cool: it's a free roaming action game with a solid combat system, where you can fight every NPC, and live like a Samurai.

    Recently i came back to it to see how well it aged: the presentation still stands out, it wasn't like the most impressive looking PS2 game but it had a pretty consistent style and the music are good. Voice acting is hilariously bad, perhaps even worse than Tenchu (same studio).

    The story is really weird, i realized it wasn't just me not understanding the language at the time, the story is a bit over the top and doesn't take itself too seriously but it's also going for weird angles: for example at the very beginning you save little girl called Sayo who doesn't speak, you want to teach her how to read and write but it turns out that she works as a messenger for a geisha, helping with her shady business in town, so you have to pay the geisha to spend some time with the little girl.

    There's also the fact that you have to choose which faction you want to stand for and arguargbly there isn't a one "good" option: the magistrates are way too oppressive and essentially beat anyone who breaks the rules, the Aoto gang are the Yakuza, the bad guys, so you should technically root for the townspeople except just like that Geisha they all insult you since Samurai don't have a good reputation in town.

    Overall it's one of those games where you laugh at the bad parts and enjoy the good ones, even though i totally get why it reviewed poorly at the time.

  • Thanks to Yakuza HD collection, finally starting on the only mainline numbered Yakuza game I did not play Y5. I really fell in love with the series with Yakuza 4, when it became available as a free monthly game on the PS3 with PS+

    Yakuza 5 came out in the West (only digitally) in 2015. By that time, I no longer had a PS3, just a PS2 slim, a PC, and a Ps4. So... I played the series 4, 1, 2, 3, 0, 6, Kiwami, Kiwami 2, and had to wait for Yakuza 5.

    The wait is over!

  • Speaking of Yakuza
    Just realized I think I have enough copies to make my phone number

  • Where's your Japanese copy of 7 tho show off? lol
    Haha I missed it. it's right in the middle, you got me.

  • @dmcmaster please share that photo to Ben and Huber so they can weep at the sight of that holy grail, lol.

  • Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 is in a real no-man's-land where it's not focused on the score attack style that I want out of these games but is also completely lacking the cohesive structure of the Underground titles. I'm not getting much of anything out of it other than a feeling that my time could be spent better elsewhere.

  • @bam541
    Don't have Twitter, but feel free to point this in thier direction.

  • I finally jumped back into Sekiro, though I'm still conflicted on whether that was a good idea or not.

    I started again and to my surprise actually did a lot better this time around only due to me growing out of my soulsborne habits and getting to grips with the way this game wants you to play. That said, I still have a number of issues with the game and it really seems to want to fight against you at every point. Unlike just about every other game I've played, this one constantly has me questioning if I'm actually getting any better at the game in general.

    I'm at the Ape right now and while I'm sure I'll eventually eventually fell him, he's yet another boss where I feel I need to completely rethink my approach. I'd prefer to see it progressingly test what I've learned thus far but this game seems to insist on making every single boss its own learning curve where you're highly unlikely to win first time.

  • Picked up a somewhat wonky PS2 slim for super cheap (did I ever mention that the PS2 slim is my favorite console design?), and I played 007 Quantum of Solace for a bit. This also feels somewhat wonky. It's certainly controls like an outdated third person shooters, but as someone who can't get enough of cover shooters, I'm still really enjoying this game. It took me only 15+ minutes before getting used to the controls, so it's not too bad.

    I have been feeling somewhat overwhelmed recently, hoping this retro distraction will refresh me up a bit. I have other games to play on the PS2 after this, of course.

  • @bam541 alright, but which PS2 slim design? The first is also my favorite. My first two consoles were the PSone and the PS2 slim, so the following gen was a shock for pre-teen me.

  • @irongrey I think I like the first Slim model a bit more.

  • @gageblackw23 Everything you say here pretty much nails my experience with WotS4 on PS3 too, lol. This series is so wacky.

  • I beat Breath of Fire 2. Was way longer than I was expecting for a SNES rpg. The ending is disappointing, but the game itself had a lot of charm and unique ideas...that get brought down by an awful localization.

  • Kentucky Route Zero. Played the first ep on PC 10(?) Years ago, got it now for the Switch. As expected I'm loving it.

  • Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen. Supposedly one of the most influential JRPGs of all time. I like grinding, but this might be a bit too much for me. Resetting from level one each chapter is really killing the sense of progression. Just started chapter 3 (the merchant) and am struggling to find motivation to return to it. Anyone played this and know if it's worth me pushing further?

  • AC: Syndicate

    I wanted to play these pre-Origins AC games just to be up to everbody else but I won't be able to do it apparently. I don't have a big problem about ''stealth'' in games. I can even enjoy it sometimes but I have real problems about these pre-Origins AC games.

    -Animations are so bad especially in combat/stealth, they look like there is a bug nearly everytime.(This still continues with Origins and Odyssey but whatever)
    -Controls are not good, I really don't enjoy the controlling my character. Nothing feels fluid, there is always ''waiting'' if it is a correct term to use for this situation.

    Maybe I will try to finih them just for the stories but problems I have about these games don't make it easy to finish. I really wish some other company to tackle this franchise.

  • Had a Okami copy that I was yet to play. That is a damn atrocious intro!!! Like for 15 minutes is just annoying gibberish over still images. If it wasn't for being a Platinum game I think would have dropped the game straight away. And even after the intro it's still annoying for a good while. But now I'm enjoying it.

  • Yes, it's a remnant from a still past. Some versions allow you to skip the intro, are you playing it on an older system?

  • No Rest for the Living was an extra episode made for DOOM 2's XBLA release and it's kinda embarrassing how much better it is than the base game. Solid all around, though much harder. Not ashamed to admit I cheesed the final level with an invulnerability secret instead of doing it the hard way.