[Official] What are you playing?

  • Just collecting in a bunch of Switch games I already beat on my commutes and at work. NSMBU, DKC Tropical Freeze, Mario Odyssey, Breath of the Wild. Nothing I'm majorly dedicating to until RE3.

  • Ended up picking up Good Job! after that mini direct yesterday and I'm not sure why, these aren't usually my kinda games. Seems fine so far, do like trying to do it "proper" first time and then just tearing the building to shreds while collecting cosmetics the second go-around.

  • I spent the day on Psychonauts. It's so weird, I like it. It has aged very well.

  • I'm playing Animal Crossing. A game that if you asked me a month ago if I was going to play it my answer would be "no, probably never". I'm loving it. Between quarantine and me quitting smoking it's the perfect game.

  • Time to put my Vita to good use: Now playing Air Combat (PS1), the first game in the Ace Combat series. Eventually gonna play Ace Combat 2 and the english-patched Japanese version of Ace Combat 3 Electrosphere (which has features unseen in the international versions, such as multiple endings and anime cutscenes!).

  • Planning on writing a larger post about this at some point, but I think something in my brain chemistry changed and now Dragon Quest is becoming one of my favorite series of all time

  • Fell back on Mario Odyssey again. 726 moons so far. Wish I knew how many were unique moons. I bought a bunch in the stores, thinking I was supposed to. Wish they didn't sell them. Anyway, it's become one of my favorite games of the generation.

    Edit: 580 out of 880, if I used my calculator correctly. I feel like I've played this so long already.

  • Decided to replay Gitaroo Man for the first time in years today. I can safely say it's still the best rhythm game, the best PS2 game and one of the best games ever made.

  • Along with Animal Crossing I'm playing Journey to the Savage Planet. Pretty cool game. Good humour and exploration.

  • Been playing Half-life Alyx off and on. Really good! there isn't as much freedom as Boneworks but its also less jank so I can play it for longer play sessions without getting fatigued. I like how you don't have to use teleportation (except for jumps which are rare). The gimmicks are there but they feel great to do, and the gravity gloves alleviate the most annoying aspects of VR, which is scavenging around on the ground. It is a great looking game, great survival horror-esque gunplay. I still got a long way to go. Playing it on a vive and it works great.

    Finally Finished the Trials of mana demo, pretty fun so far, not too hard at all.

    Also part way through a playthrough of Astral Chain trying to get some collectibles and get a few unlockables.

  • Beat the final Mario Odyssey level, Darker Side, while at work, one of the hardest Mario levels I've done probably ever. It's a long obstacle course without checkpoints.

    Youtube Video

    I've now got 624 out of 880 unique moons.

  • Picked up Call of Juarez: Gunslinger on the Switch. I've been itching to play this, especially since there's not many good shooters on the console. Four levels in, and so far it holds up way better than I thought it would. The motion controls helps it a bit, I never played a gamepad shooter with motion controls aid so this has been a neat experience.

  • I got in to the Guilty Gear Strive closed beta, and as someone who never plays any GG games before, I really enjoyed this! I played a lot of CPU matches already. I tried all the available characters and I got 3 characters that I'm interested in learning. I think I'm gonna stick with May for now, she's too jolly and her move set is pretty decent. I need tutorials to fully understand the game, but there's none here so I can't really speak much about the mechanics other than the basic moves feels solid. It's like a faster Samurai Shodown, which is awesome.

    The presentation of this game is on point. I really like the UI visual design, and the game itself is just pure eye candy. The music is great too, the available tracks are all metal-hard rock stuff that really gets my blood pumping.

  • I'm trying to play AC: Odyysey but after 5-6 hours I got bored and don't want to play more of it unfortunately and knowing that it won't be finished in 15-20 hours after is another bummer for me while I'm hesitating to drop it to move on with another game. But at the same time I want to give it a try again before I decide to move on, that's what you get when you are a little bit obsessive person I guess. :/ I hate leaving games unfinished!

    Situation above is one of the reasons why I love linear games more than open worlds.

    Update: I gave up, so long AC; as long as you are going to be what you are since Origins, I won't come back to you again probably.

  • Devil May Cry V.
    Fantastically cheesy and awesomely badass.
    The storyline in nonsensical and borderline retarded, which is just how I like my character action game stories.
    Loving trying out all the different characters and weapons, though V may be the worst character in any form of media. Ever.
    Highly recommend.

  • @el-shmiablo I've been meaning to get back to it since last year, and this might just have convinced me.

  • @axel It just relishes the cheese in a way that not a lot of others games do, or even really can.
    Like bro what other game lets you smack dudes around with two halves of a demonic motorcycle?
    What other game has a Micheal Jackson tribute dance sequence!?

  • Have been playing Dragon Quest XI for a while now. Really like it, but boy that game never ends. Also been playing Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Didn't like it to begin with, but enjoying it more now. The story and characters are pretty meh, but exploring the planets looking for secrets is pretty fun. Combat isn't too bad either.

  • @el-shmiablo The answer...is no other game. While story is cheesy, it works because of how earnest it is. Not to mention, 5 ties everything together continuity wise, except for 2. 5's most important tie is to 3, followed by 1, and then 4 in that order. The callbacks and references to 1 work especially in 5's favor. Cuz of 5, 4 feels a little less like a side story. Never hated Nero, but I always did prefer his prototype design with the Sherlock Holmes personality and intellectual fashion. DMC5 is a celebration of all things video games and bringing back the PS2 era with new twists. I am glad that this, God of War 4 are both able to exsits. Now Bayonetta 3 and No More Heroes III need to hurry up already. And maybe Ninja Gaiden 4 if KT gets off their lazy asses.

    @Axel See that you do. Don't miss out; the combat gets even better on NG+!

  • @el-shmiablo said in [Official] What are you playing?:

    What other game has a Micheal Jackson tribute dance sequence!?

    Yakuza :p