[Official] What are you playing?

  • Does MXC count? Cause I've had this on in the background while working
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  • This just dropped on Gamepass. If anyone's into a cool mysterious game give it a try. The kind of game where you're drop in it without knowing what the hell is going on and what to do next. Very weird, dark, mysterious atmosphere. Probably because of Cyberpunk I won't stick with it but for now it has been an intriguing experience.

  • @phbz Just downloaded it probably won't play it for a while due to the same reason. In fact there is about 5 games that dropped on Gamepass this week that I want to check out.

  • @paulmci27 This is like a mix of Limbo with Dark Souls. Kicking my ass left and right but very engaging.

  • @phbz I read a quick review there. It mentions that the difficulty is brutal.

  • I'm near to the end of Uncharted: Golden Abyss and left the game for a bit because how frustrating it got. I stuck in shootout and stupid game design just makes it even more annoying. Guess will wait longer until get back to continue.

  • After a string of mildly embarrassing events, I ended up with a copy of Watch Dogs 1 instead of Watch Dogs 2 (which I was looking to replay on PS4, already ordered a copy of that as well). Never played the first game before, so it's a blessing in disguise, I guess. Just finished Act 1, and it's a pretty good time. It's not too far from what I expected: it's not as good as the sequel, but hey, I can't ask too much from franchise debuts. The worst thing about this game so far is that there's way too many vulgar sexual related stuff when it comes to the privacy breaching "lore", I feel like almost every conversation/scene I stumbled into has some sort of weird shit going on. It's not exactly the most exciting reward to hack into some random thing when all you get is a camera to a dude pretending to make out in the bathroom.

  • Bought Star Wars Squadrons a while back, and I was really disappointed with it, so I digged through my PS+ games and downloaded Strike Vector EX to help scratch the itch. Man, I wish there more games like this. I really like the setting and the aircraft designs, and it's a really fun and crazy space shooter.

  • I'm trying to play first Metro but it just doesn't pull me you know. I am at the beginning, the journey barely began but still just something about it makes me want to leave it and just read the plot from wiki then move on to the next one. I don't know, I'll try to progress more with the story before the new year but not holding so much hope.

  • Played about 4 hours of Deus Ex Mankind Divided. I only played half of the game years ago, so this is kinda like a new playthrough to me. I have to say, the game's opening felt a bit weak. The Dubai level is pretty neat design-wise since it introduces a lot of the Deus Ex design style well enough (like ventilation routes, breakable walls, etc), but story wise it's overwhelming and incoherent, and I didn't have enough time to process it until the game lets me off the hook later on. Once I got to the first hub world, the game really starts to get better, with the level design not holding back on allowing so much freedom. It feels really dense since there's a lot of small things to find, and because of that exploration feels quite rewarding. I pretty much stumbled upon 2 side quests by chance because I got carried away exploring the ventilations shafts and what not. Hopefully I can finish this soon.

  • I started to play original God of War on the PS Vita. Recently some rumours started that first game will get a remake, that is one of the reasons for me to start again but I also wanted it too. It plays nice beside some fps problems and more practical than connecting the old PS2 to a flat screen.

  • So I made a little podcast thing, or rather an attempt at one where I talk about a handful of things for way longer then I initially thought I did
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  • Just started playing Control and I have to say, unless this takes a monumental dive at some point, I think it might end up being one of my favorite games.

  • @el-shmiablo It only gets better once you start unlocking new powers & see more varied environments. Learning more about the Lore as you progress is pretty interesting even though a lot of the word building is reading documents it makes sense within the context of the game.

  • I'm only a few hours in but... wow. I am just blown away by this game so far.
    You know that feeling you get when you are playing something truly great for the first time? That almost nostalgic feeling? Control has just been blasting my in the face with that so far and I love it.
    The combat is a low point for the game, but it isn't bad, just serviceable. Pretty much every encounter is me just throwing the environment at enemies and spamming the service weapon until my telekinesis recharges, but whatever, literally everything else is a solid 11/10 so I'm willing to overlook basic bitch combat.

  • @el-shmiablo

    I didn't really like Control very much. It has it's moments but the whole game is combat. I got so sick of holding R1 then whipping cabinets at faceless enemies. The weird camera cutting in dialogue and internal monologues reminded me of the worst parts of The Evil Within. It also ran horribly on PS4 Pro for me. Lots of chugging and texture loading, screen tear and all that fun stuff.

    It has it's moments, but I really didn't feel like I was playing anything special, but I had a fun time with it. I just don't think it's anything close to a GOTY or a great game. I'm all in for Control 2 because there is enough going on here to expand into an incredible sequel, but some of the esoteric storytelling and endless pieces of paper to collect and read was not my cuppa tea.

  • @dipset Odd. I'm playing on a Pro as well and, other than some hitching when transitioning from game to menu, it has been pretty solid for me.

  • @el-shmiablo

    I expect they probably have finessed the issues then. I played it around Sept 2019 pre-patch, then again post-patch and both versions would give Cyberpunk a run for it's money. Just outta curiosity I re-read my thoughts in the Control thread from when I played it. I guess my verdict was that I liked it, but didn't appreciate how the combat-first game design makes the Old House feel pushed by the wayside a bit.

    I still think I'll give it a 2nd go on PS5 before the inevitable sequel. For a new IP, this game knocked it out of the park. People gotta ease up on new IPs because their sequels are always incredible.

  • Finished Cyberpunk on my ps5 like two weeks ago. Sheesh...that game has good writing but everything else was woof. With 19 crashes, what else can you expect. (My hottake: it should never have been released on consoles)

    Thank the gods that PS+ gave Maneater out. Fun game. Feels like a nice buffer game until I play something else. If I ever find out what to play next.

  • Ori and the Will of the Wisps

    I downloaded this from Game Pass because why not, and I'm pretty blown away by how fun this is. I wasn't super interested in the original despite some friends telling me it's a good game, but the lack of worthwhile combat and most of the good stuff being in side content kept me away.

    Now in this sequel, I'm really enjoying myself about 2.5 hours in. Combat very obviously took inspiration from Hollow Knight and at this point, there are a lot more similarities between these two games. Mainly, the combat feels very similar with clear enemy attack patters that require a bit of chipping away, enemies that pack a punch, and even the menu's look similar.

    I went back and watched videos of Hollow Knight and it looks a bit flat by comparison to Ori in that Ori fills the frame at all times. Little BG and FG elements are animated and there is a strong composition on screen at all times. It isn't too noisy either, they just fill the screen to create a lot of depth but none of it is distracting.

    In the end, I might end up liking this more than Hollow Knight. I'm now fully in on the Ori franchise if it has any legs, and if Hollow Knight was clear inspiration for this game in 2020, I can only imagine how great Hollow Knight Silksong is in 2021.