[Official] What are you playing?

  • DoAX3, game just got a very sexy update

  • Replaying DMC3 till Friday when Odin Sphere comes out. Replayed Bloodborne recently and thought to myself "Yea, but what if it was even faster?.... I probably would be playing devil may cry at that point with the difficulty turned up"

  • I'm trying out Dark Souls 3 right now but I'm not sure if I have the patience for it. I understand it's a great game but damn do I suck at it. Also I'm playing Enter the Gungeon and having lots of fun.

  • Taking a page out of Jones' book and playing through Pokemon Blue for the first time. I never played Pokemon growing up. My first experience was Pokemon X, and I recently decided to play through all the past titles leading up to Pokemon Moon. I'm really enjoying this game so far. But fuck wrap. I hate that fucking move >.>

  • @Yeoubie How many hours do you have on pokemon blue?

  • @KiloAlphaTaco 23 hours and 24 minutes in. I just got my fourth badge now~

  • I'm deep into... Earthbound! Playing through it for the very first time, I'd say I'm about 2/3 of the way through (in Scaraba now). I'm having fun, some aspects of the gameplay didn't age all that well, the quality-of-life especially, but I love the tone of the writing, the adult jokes that would have flown over my head as a kid (those magic cakes...).

    Other than that, I finally got Fire Emblem Fates, and started with Birthright. It feels very similar to Awakening so far, which is enough for me to love it! But I expect Conquest to be the real challenge.

    And Ratchet & Clank! Never played any of the previous games, so the world is fresh to me. I appreciate the humor but it's not the best in its category, a lot of jokes are way too heavy-handed. Probably works great with kids though! And the gameplay is pure, simple fun, I doubt the game will leave a long-lasting memory but I'm enjoying it for what it is! Almost could make a great Dumb Game Monday, if it wasn't so polished.

  • @Yeoubie Holy cow! What are your levels!? It sounds like you're overpowered, talk about grinding!

  • Trying out Portal knights. A mix between minecraft and dragon quest builders. So far I like it.

  • I just bought Grand Kingdom!
    I'm only an hour in, but i'm loving it so far

  • @KiloAlphaTaco Hi! sorry for the late reply, an update on my game -grabs 3DS-

    Time logged: 31 hours and 29 minutes
    Badges: 5


    Haku (Charizard - 37)
    Voxi (Jolteon - 40)
    Kida (Gyarados - 34)
    Grimja (Haunter - 32)
    Tholos (Nidorino - 23)
    Mireu (Dratini - 15)

    I'm working on catching up my lower levels as I only recently got them~ Kind of love my team right now, this may very well be my end game team ^_^

  • @Yeoubie
    I love Haunter, that dream eater move was so awesome. The 5th gym was so disorienting for me when I played it when I was younger, it felt like an endless maze! D:

  • Been playing Odins sphere and Digimon story cyber sleuth.

    Next games will be Atelier Sophie and Zero time dilemma.

    This years has been a constant flow of fantastic titles on playstation plaltforms.

  • I'm jumping into Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey Book 5, finally came out a couple days ago. Can't believe what they were able to do with such a small team.

    After that I'll probably finish up Shining Force CD.

  • I just finished Splinter Cell: Blacklist. Brandon mentioned how much he disliked it when discussing (I think) Dishonored 2 as an entry in the "stealth mechanics/shooter" genre, and I remembered I got it for free (along with AC: Black Flag) when I bought my GTX 770.

    I kind of agree with Jones here. Stealth is always wonky to me because there's a mechanic in Splinter Cell games (which I think was mentioned in a L&R as a "mechanic [one of the Allies] hates most in games") where you'll be on the other side of a mailbox and be completely hidden from someone staring at the mailbox. Plus Blacklist had this mechanic where you could build up an "Execute" and then just mark up to 3 baddies to just one-shot with one button press. FeelsBadMan.

    Doing a full Ghost (non-lethal, non-detected) run of the game might have been interesting, but at that point, it's just puzzle solving which requires you to memorize/manipulate NPC pathing. Which gets old quick.

    Might crack open Black Flag soon, people keep telling me it's the AC that hasn't sucked in the past half decade.

  • So many things on Steam...

  • Fifa because of the euro. Only way England is going to win it is through me. Uncharted 2. Making my way to 4.
    Xcom 2. Man that game is kicking my arse.
    The Division. Yep.
    Total war. warhammer. My faith in total war games has been restored

  • Single Player: Resident Evil: Revelations 2, Darksiders 2, Dead Space 2, Metroid Prime, Tomb Raider and Thief at the moment.
    Multi Player: Overwatch, Diablo 3 and Dying Light (with a friend),

  • I just started Lego Batman 3 and I'm loving it. First Lego game I've gotten into since Lego Indiana Jones. I'm also playing A Dark Room for the second time in a month on my iPhone, never realized how much depth a text based game could have.

  • @dafoomie said in What are you playing?:

    I'm jumping into Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey Book 5, finally came out a couple days ago. Can't believe what they were able to do with such a small team.

    After that I'll probably finish up Shining Force CD.

    You... I like you! I am chomping at the bit to finish Dreamfall Chapters, but must wait until I get to it on my Stream. I want to share the Longest Journey series with others and they are such engaging and emotional games! Also, kudos to the Shining Force CD work. I just put time beating the first two on my genesis and they never fail to bring a smile to my face!

    For me, I am playing Mega Man Legends right now, almost finished with it and will be moving on to, The Walking Dead Season 1. Mega Man Legends is such a beautifully flawed game that brings to life such a vibrant world and cast of characters and combines it with an unprecedented level of detail. There is so much to examine and so many characters to interact with in a bevy of ways. It is a shame that the game falls short thanks to the controls. It still doesn't deter me from enjoying them though and putting them up there in my all time favorite category.