TV Show based Games

  • We've all heard of the Walking Dead games, whether you like them or not. What TV shows would you want to see made into games?

    I'd like to see Pushing Daisies made in to a game. It'd be fun running around waking the dead and solving their increasingly bizarre murders with a colorful cast of characters backing you up. Throw in a pie-based mini-game and I'm sold.

  • A point and click adventure game for It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Like a choose your own adventure with Mac, Charlie, Dennis, Dee, and Frank.

    Also a Rick and Morty game like South Park would be incredible.

  • I like that topic alot. I loved the second Buffy game back in the day. It was a true 7/10 game, but it got the feel of the show just really really right. Not a great game, but I had so much fun with it. Although I'm sure it didn't age particularly well.
    Obvious answer would be a huge ass Game of Thrones Action RPG. Not just an adventure, but a full scale Skyrim like game.
    Mad Men could work really well as something close to a Telltalle game, but with a simulation aspect, where you have to do market research and create real ads for clients.
    Agents of SHIELD could work as a Marvel: Ultimate Alliance type gamee.
    I don't know, if anybody remembers Lie To Me, that procedural about the guy who could read microexpressions on peoples faces, and solved crimes that way. Very average show, but would work great as a LA Noire type game.
    Suits with Phoenix Wright gameplay might also be fun.

  • Banned

    Stranger Things game by the Until Dawn devs.