Thank You

  • I just finished watching the stream today and need to express a heartfelt thank you to the entire EZA team, twitch mods, your family members, basically anyone that had anything to do with you guys being able to do this.

    I honestly feel like I've gotten to a point where sometimes I play games to prove to myself that I'm a gamer and watching you guys today brought me back to a place of just loving games. Just being heartbeatingly passionate and genuinely excited for just games the way I used to be as a kid.

    Thank you for the marathon day, hope you all get to enjoy tomorrow and looking forward to your reactions from the show floor.

    Love & Respect

  • You are welcome! The mods love chat for being mostly behaved during these conferences.

    Love & Respect

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    I can't do anything but fully agree!

    HUGE Thank you to EZA team for doing these streams! first year that I also had live commentry during the presses. Despite it not being full screen (for obvious reasons) I enjoyed it so much!

    Also a huge thank you to all the Allies in chat! comparing the twitch chat on EZA channel to the main chats it was like night and day! not spam and a feeling of shared passion and love!

    Love & Respect

  • +1

    such a great experience to enjoy the conferences with the EZA community (both mocking the underwhelming ones and losing our shit over Sony's) - thanks to all who made it happen. much love & respect.

  • I'm not sure I can add anything, just adding my voice to the chorus.
    Thank you to the Easy Allies.
    Thank you to the Mods.
    And thank you to the fantastic community.
    All of these press conferences were made better by all of you.

    Love & Respect.

  • You guys streamed for 13 &1/2 hours today and kept on chugging. Such a good amount of coverage today and I'm sure for the rest of the week.

    Honestly being let go was the best thing that ever happened to you guys.

    Best in the biz.

  • I was the final one left at my E3 watching party (it was 3am in my timezone when Sony started), so having Easy Allies there to freak out about all the epic announcements was a blessing ;)

    Thanks Allies :)

  • It was really a joy watching stream with EZA. They are not only making this industry a better place, but the world overall.

  • Yeah, E3 was phenomenal but holy moly did The Allies make it stupendous. Tried to picture a world where they didn't come back and I'm super grateful. Jolly bunch doing jolly things, thanks to all involved. I friggin' love this community!

    Love and Respect!

  • I second that!
    A hugh thanks to the Allies!

  • Watching you guys makes me excited about games again. Pure unadulterated joy. Thanks!

  • I went back and watched the Sony Press Conference with a couple of other gaming media outlets and they simply can't compete with the unadulterated joy EZA brings me. The combination of excitement, humor, industry knowledge, and in depth analysis is just not found anywhere else. Nothing against the other groups. Most of them do a great job. But they simply aren't on the same level as EZA. We have to do what we can to keep this group together. Thank you, Allies.

  • It wouldn't be E3 without sharing it with the allies.
    Love & Respect.

  • @JHunterPearson Exactly. I rewatched some recaps and reaction videos and most felt very "journalistic".

    I can't believe how grateful I feel that I could have experienced the Resident Evil reveal (and Sony conference altogether) with the Allies. I rewatched their reactions multiple times and you can see the pure joy, enchantment and surprise in all their actions and words. Loved it :hearts:

  • I agree with practically everything said. The combination of positivity, joy and knowledge is what I love about this group, and that all has been extremely well presented through all the E3 coverage videos/streams. This has been a really great time to be a gamer, I've enjoyed a lot of what I've seen, and this boosting from EZA just more than doubles everything. Thank you!

  • That stream has been one of the most fun times I've ever had. I'm a little worried that in the rush to the next day, topics from the conferences and games might be lost. I've been meaning to get a list of questions about certain moments this week so we don't forget.

    EasyAllies is the gaming community at its finest. #1 on Twitch for E3 2016 last night almost the entire time they were streaming.

  • I was devastaded when GT was shut down... I love these guys, their genuine love for games, and their passion for making enjoyable videos. When Easy Allies was announced, I cried tears of joy. Even though I am only $1 patreon, I'm proudly supporting them, and will support EZA as long as either they exist, or I live.

  • Totally agree with the sentiment and also a big thanks/appreciation to all the patreons too! Every single person contributing made this possible!

  • It probably was my favorite show ever (including GT days). Thank you so much!

  • Ian and Hubers reaction to the Resident Evil 7 reaction was closest we came to them reacting to FF VI and Shenmue III last year.