Thank You

  • Oh man, I got all teary-eyed at the end of the last E3 stream, when Brandon complimented the group and thanked all the fans and supporters and everyone for making this possible. Such a great group of people there, the future is indeed bright! Thank you once again for everything! During this week and in general. L & R.

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    @jipostus said in Thank You:

    I was devastaded when GT was shut down... I love these guys, their genuine love for games, and their passion for making enjoyable videos. When Easy Allies was announced, I cried tears of joy. Even though I am only $1 patreon, I'm proudly supporting them, and will support EZA as long as either they exist, or I live.

    Just so you understand how valuable that $1 is: back in the day, the average user on GT watched about 2.5 videos a day (saw 1 ad), and we got a $3.5 CPM on video ads when we had ads to show (we didn't necessarily and honestly, it wasn't typically $3.5). So the average user was worth about $0.11 / month as a best case scenario. This was in like 2007-9 though, today, you'd be lucky to get a $1 CPM. I'm not factoring in regular page ads, cause they're like $0.30 CPM. Add a few cents to these numbers if you want to compare.

    So in short, by my unassailable math and memory, you are worth about 25 regular people. Feel free to tell the next 25 people you meet.

  • A big Thank You from me too. This wouldn't have been half as good without the amazing enthusiasm of the Easy Allies. I looked at some other stream recordings and it's just boring because noone get's really excited. I'm a pretty calm person even when I'm excited but when I watched it live with their reactions all the hype and excitement conveyed over to me (I hope that makes sense english isn't my first language). It was just so much fun and I can't wait for the next Press conference.

    I'm so glad they started this Patreon and I'm happy to be a Patron and a part of such an amazing community. So also a big Thank You to everyone who made Easy Allies possible even if you can't support them through patreon just watching their stuff is already a big help.

    little sidefact: On Sunday they had 50000 subscribers on youtube and now they are almost at 60000 so this E3 gave them alot of exposure and I saw many former gametrailers fans in the comments and in the chat who didn't even know Easy Allies is a thing.