What happens when THE perfect game gets created?

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    This is just one of those "sunday morning random thought"-threads

    Games are a medium which we all here love (I assume, lol). We play them, watch videos about them and argue about which game are better than the other. But... hypothetically.. what would happen if a studio would managed to create THE perfect game? I know that it would be hard as there are as many opinions on games as there are people. But play with the thought, what would happen? and most important, what type of game would it be? Do we stop playing other games and just play this one game til end of time? or will it be for a short time before we casually go over to other games? OR has the perfect game already been created for you?

    Would be very interesting to hear fellow Allies' thoughts!

  • Starting off, the "perfect game" can never exist, since different people have different opinions and preferences.

    But I'm willing to play with the idea!
    For us gamers it would be this game that we constantly would play, and maybe try one or two games on the side hoping they would be good, but we could eventually circle back to TPG (the perfect game). Some people would probably never feel the need to ever try another game.
    The developers would probabaly try to copy TPG as much as they can (like the games we've seen trying to be "the new dota/lol/wow") and hope they can get a piece of the action.
    A lot of studios would probably shut down, since most people would be busy playing TPG and therefore not have the time to play other games.
    But what would this game be? The only thing I can imagine being "the perfect game" is a game that would basically have to be able to read your mind. A game that know's what you want. Things even you don't know that you want. This game would have to be different and tailored to every single person playing this game.
    I don't think the perfect game has been created for anyone, since that would require this game to have the best sound, the best story, the best graphics/visuals, the best writing etc. etc. and also be endlessly replayable while never ever feeling dull in any way.
    That being said, I don't think this will ever be created. At least not by humans.

  • People would stop making open worlds ;)

  • It would become borderline religious. Some of these gamers on the Internet are radical enough as it is. I'd imagine death threats and even wars between fans of TPG and anybody who supports anything other than TPG.

  • @GoTaco So, literally just what happens now?

  • it already happened...

    Bayonetta 2

  • It wouldn't be perfect for long, it'd be emulated at every turn. And turn it eventually into something of a pariah. Like MOBAs and Sandbox games have already done.

  • I think the perfect game would need to bend it's self towards your expectations whilst simultaneously defying those expectations. Something both familiar and fresh to everybody. So basically it would need to be able to read your mind.

  • I honestly think that Papers Please is perfect, or at least extremely near to it. I believe that is the case because every single aspect of that games works perfectly in conjunction to create the intended experience, and what an experience that is.

    Son in my case I played it a bunch of times and I recommend it whenever I can, it still however not my favorite game.

  • @Haru17 yeah except real bloodshed

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    There are some really nice ideas here about TPG! As pointed out, perhaps we never will get it, but if we did it might be a little scary really. I also thought of like people dying from playing a game for too long, would this increase? Also would TPG be something we would live in, like in the anime Sword Art Online? or would it be something completely different?

    Game that springs to mind for me are like Star Citizen, how people talk about playing it in VR and basically not leaving the universe since its so huge. Are IRL TPG?

  • The perfect game would kill you. I'm not saying that to be an edgelord, I think that would actually have to be its final function. The human mind is wired to always want more - something can only stay "perfect" for so long before we start to find flaws in it. So it'd have to monitor dopamine levels and once you've hit your peak - BAM! The big black void of death. There's actually an X-Files episode with a similar premise - this creature (I guess?) is going around sleeping with people. It gives them the best sex of their life but they die right afterwards. Having too much of a good thing can be possible I suppose.

  • The Witcher 3 came out in 2015, so it's already out.

  • We'd complain that it could be better, it isn't worth full price, there was a downgrade and we'll go back and scrutinise every interview the developer gave.

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    @tokeeffe9 But then if its perfect.. shouldnt that mean that there are no downgrades? ;)

  • Oooh, oooh, I got one: Monster Hunter is still better. Nonetheless, people pretend that Monster Hunter doesn't exist and keep playing this Soulless atrocity, purporting its inadequacies as perverse strengths. Eventually all the people who don't utilize the colloquialism "Crapcom" just blast off into space, found a moon colony, and use its core to fire a giant laser to eradicate all life on earth.
    The End.

  • 3D Dot Game Heroes already exist.

  • Youtube Video

    Matthewmatosis makes a pretty good case for why Tetris might be the perfect game. Of course, he talks about the more systematic definition of perfect.

    If however, there was a game released that was perfect in a subjective way, meaning everyone would love it and play it all the time. Then I guess.. the modern world would stop and we would all die of hunger.
    No, but realistically you could say that for example Zelda OOT or Mario 64 was the perfect 3D games for a while. So another one of those would cause every developer too make more games similar to that new perfect game, i guess.

  • It's already been made, twice in fact. Beyond Good & Evil and Bayonetta 2.

  • metroid prime trilogy exists