Now that the press conferences are over and the hype has died down let's discuss our thought on the games that were shown.

  • First off i didn't see all of the conferences from start to end and so i may overlook some games.
    1- EA.
    -Battlefield 1 looked interesting I've never played a BF game aside from the campaign of Bad Company 2 which i hated but i liked what i saw.
    -Mass Effect Andromeda i have zero interest in , BW has been sucking for years now and after DA:I i have zero faith in their ability to make an awesome game.

    -For Honor the campaign game play looked boring the enemies just stand there like the AssCreed goons , the weapons hits lack impact and the boss fight was disappointing , I'm really not seeing what Huber and Jones were excited about unless the MP is very different.
    -Watch_Dogs 2 I loved the 1st one and it's DLC , I liked Aiden and the rest of the characters, i liked the story and game play , W_D2 looked promising but i haven't seen enough of the characters what the showed of them i didn't like , definitely not day one for me, hopefully they show more later that would make me change my opinion.

    -God of War I loved what i saw but i hope this isn't LoU GoW edition , I'm happy they changed the combat but i need to see some puzzles and magic.
    -RE7 i was caught in the excitement of the guys but i disliked P.T and the first person view horror walking simulator genre, that's not what RE is , i hope this just a teaser and the real game is third person game with weapons , monsters and puzzles.
    -Kojima's game , i was happy he showed up and that now he can make what he wants but this trailer didn't tell me what the game is.
    -TLG , I'm hyped but i need to see a live demo.
    -Horizon was perfect , a gameplay demo that showed me what's the game is going to be like.
    -Days Gone looked promising but i really hope it's not just another zombie survival game.

  • Here's the only list I'll make about this year's E3, since there's not that much to say about the games.


    • Titanfall II: Looks great. Was never excited for the first one, and after the overall lukewarm response I never played it, and don't feel any worse for that. The sequel looks like an intriguing title, and just the fact that the mechs have Pacific Rim (great movie) style swords makes me want to get it. Won't preorder.
    • Fifa 17. It's Fifa with a story mode. After they started with their packs I've become less and less interested, and the last Fifa I bought was 14. Won't preorder.
    • Mass Effect Andromeda: We still don't know anything. Will probably preorder.
    • Next Star Wars Game: No info. Will probably preorder.
    • Battlefield 1: Judging by the multiplayer they had after the conference (better than the actual conference) it's going to be great. Always wanted a WWI triple A FPS, and here it is. Will preorder.


    • Quake Champions: As a kiddie I played Quake 3 Arena in tournaments in my quaint Swedish town for 3 years. I love Quake, and they may fuck this one up royally considering how coy they are about whether it's a Overwatch style hero shooter or not. If it is not a real deal arena shooter I'm going to forget this exists. If it is? Bribing myself into the alpha and playing this one competitively.
    • Elder Scrolls: Legends: I don't like card games. Pass.
    • Skyrim Special Edition: Already have this on PC. Pass.
    • Dishonored 2: What can I say? It looks better than the first one, and that one was a riot. Will preorder.
    • Prey: We don't know much about this. Is it a reboot? Sequel? Prequel? Secretly a platformer? Never played the original, but this trailer looks amazing and it's on my radar. Might preorder?
    • Bethesda VR: Feature and not a game, but even though I did not like Fallout 4 at all I'll be playing it through with my Vive.
    • Doom updates: Thanks for fixing my game fam!


    • Forza Horizon 3: Don't yet have an XB1 but as this is coming for Windows 10 I don't need one! Will buy after I see if it is a good port.
    • Halo Wars 2: Mostly casual RTS game, Dawn of War made me forget this was shown. Pass.
    • Sea of Thieves: Looks amazing. Will preorder on PC.

    PC Gaming Show:

    • Lawbreakers: Okay I guess? Need more info here.
    • Dawn of War 3: YES. YES. YES. Will preorder.
    • Serious Sam VR: Another killer VR app. Will purchase.


    • Ghost Recon Wildlands: Put me to sleep. I will never play this. Pass.
    • Just Dance 2017: You can dance if you want to, I'm not going to. Pass.
    • South Park the Fractured But Whole: Looks so much better than the first game which was pretty good, and a release date in December is perfect. Will have many laughs with this. Will preorder.
    • The Division Expansion: You're kidding right? How do you expect anyone to get excited about this when your own fanbase hates what your game has become? It takes a bit more than permanent bans to fix this, you're going to need your very own A Realm Reborn to fix this mess. Pass.
    • For Honor: Still looks great. Not sold on the combat, but the vibe and the presentation looks stunning, game of the show. Will get on release.
    • Trials of the Blood Dragon: Looked dope in the trailer, but the reviews are already saying it's bad. Not interested either way.
    • Eagle Flight: Hilariously bad demo. NOT a killer VR app! CA CAW. Pass.
    • Watch Dogs 2: Looks as shallow as the first game. Pass.
    • Steep: Cool game if you want to ski into bell towers. I'd rather go skiing in real life. Pass.


    • God of War: You did everything right. Great atmosphere, and something different. Will preorder.
    • The Last Guardian: Will preorder.
    • Horizon Zero Dawn: Looks better and better every time I get to see it. Show me more! Will preorder.
    • Detroit: Become Human: Sucker for David Cage games, and was exalted last year seeing the reveal. Already decided last year. Will preorder.
    • Resident Evil 7: The game that sold me a PSVR headset. Classic reveal, and some kind of redemption for last year's Silent Hills. A return to form for a great franchise that's gone tits up with the previous few titles. What more is there to say? Will preorder.
    • Spiderman: Too early to say, but if Insomniac is making it I am expecting a game that is closer to Spiderman 2 than to Amazing Spiderman 2. Will buy, if it ever comes out.
    • Call of Duty Infinite Warfare: The most impressive a CoD game has looked in years. Waiting for release until I know if this is the one, but I'm pining for a new FPS tailored to PS4.

    Nintendo (as long as they don't MESS THIS UP):

    • Zelda: Will preorder.
    • Pokémon: Will preorder.

    Guess that's it.

  • @Hoken Exactly my thoughts. Wonderful summary :)

    Except for Steep, which I am really looking forward to checking out. Especially if it comes out on VR. Also hoping to try out Star Trek VR although it is probably going to be very shallow in terms of gameplay.

    Sony was a blast to watch and the Resident Evil reveal was marvelous ;)

  • That Resident Evil game! holy F***.
    I've not been scared by a Resident Evil game since Nemesis, but this looks like i'm going to be screaming like a little boy while wearing my VR headset.

  • @Hoken Punlishers must love you. All those preorders.

  • @MonsTruz I'm playing the teaser and nope-ing already after the first minute. :(

  • @crimilde
    I have it loaded on my ps4 right now! Just waiting for the sun to go down!

  • @MonsTruz You're playing with fire here, haha. I don't know how to make it brighter. :grin:
    Though I'm the type that gets scared when reading Stephen King books, so that's not saying much. I can't stop playing it though.

  • @crimilde
    Gotta play it in a dark room :biohazard:
    I feel you though. I never get scared by movies, but books and games can scare the crap out of me.
    They should put Nemesis in the Resident Evil 7. Can you believe how scary that would be? Having him chase you in VR ..

  • Games I already wanted that E3 had no impact on:

    -Horizon: Zero Dawn
    -Battlefield 1
    -Titanfall 2
    -Persona 5
    -Yakuza Zero
    -Several games already releasing in June/July Like Monster Hunter Generations

    Games that I might've passed on or were just overall misjudging until I saw them at E3:

    -Legend Of Zelda
    -Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare
    -God Of War
    -South Park: Fractured But Whole

    Games I'm still on the fence for cause nothing has really been shown of it aside from pre-rendered cutscenes and CG trailers or staged presentations:

    -Injustice 2
    -For Honor

  • EA
    Titanfall 2 - Got some Robocop vibes from the mech's "protocols". I like the premise of having a Titan as your partner (Iron Giant?). I would have liked to see more emphasis on the mech combat though, since that's really the only distinguishing feature about this series. Mecha Hyped.

    Mass Effect Andromeda - I can't believe how little they showed of actual gameplay. Of what we saw, it looked good, but I'm seeing serious red flag here. Delay possible? Hyped (it's Mass Effect!) but concerned.

    Fifa and Madden - I'm a big sports fan (Lakers, Dodgers, and Bills/Rams) and I enjoy sports games, but the way they present is so backwards and awkward. Sports games are about the fantasy of either leading your favorite team or being a part of them. Show THAT. I don't need to see sports stars stand on stage for 5 minutes, spouting cringe worthy corporate speak. Bummed.

    Battlefield 1 - Visually spectacular and should be a fun romp for a few weeks. Hyped.

    Quake - Great reveal but little in terms of actual info about the game. My guess is some kind of hybrid between traditional arena and hero style shooter. Hyped.

    Dishonored 2 - Looks interesting but I'm getting the same feeling from the previous game. It'll be good but just short of great. Optimistically hyped.

    Doom - No SP DLC announcement? Bummed. True single player maps for SNAP MAP? Hyped.

    Prey - Interesting reveal, but like Quake, little else to go on. Mysteriously hyped.

    Everything Else - Meh.

    Kind of skipped around this around. Halo Wars 2 looks okay but the game of this show was Sea of Thieves! Would have loved a longer demo and a more in depth look at the mechanics. Pirate hyped!

    Gears 4 - I enjoyed the first one but it all went downhill from there. This doesn't look any different than the last couple that have come out.

    Dawn of War III - Game of this show. Great reveal and I like the direction they're taking. I liked DoW2 but it just wasn't the same as the originals. Khorne hyped!

    Lawbreakers - Not the best reveal but the gameplay looked fast paced and just wild in general. Looking forward to see more. Anime hyped!

    For Honor. For Honor. For Honor. For Honor. For Honor. For Honor. For Honor. For Honor...

    Just a fantastic, masterfully done E3 show. I've watched it again and still get chills. Amazing.

    God of War - Never got into the series but this new direction has me sold already. Tough love dad Kratos? Souls like combat with a GoW twist? All the feels and all my money hyped!

    Horizon - Brilliantly shown. I'm starting to get worn out on open-world games but this is getting me pumped up. Witcher 3 vibes all over the place. Let's hope they can deliver. Hyped!

    Detroit - Quantic Dreams games never really appealed to me but I always enjoy watching others play them. Heavy Rain was pretty good, let's hope they can improve on their formula. Hyped.

    Last Guardian - Had me sold last year. Just more hyped than ever.

    RE7 - Saw the demo and it has serious Silent Hill vibes going on. I'm definitely hyped but I hope some of the RE spirit is kept intact in this version.

    Death Stranding - The Allies (I think Ian specifically) said it best: This is some crazy conceptual footage from a designer who has been freed from his creative shackles. Whatever this ends up becoming, it will blow our minds. Hyped.

    COD - Haven't played since MW, but that reveal had me really intrigued. It's still COD we're talking about though so it could be all smoke and mirrors. This is a wait and see.

    Zelda - Saw the trailer and the Treehouse presentation. It looks great and I'm hyped for sure, but... I dunno. The amiibo integration stuff is kinda bumming out (figures look great though). It is optional so its not a huge deal. There's this hint of doubt in the back of my mind that's keeping me from going full on hype for it. I'm sure that'll go away as we see more of it though.

    TL;DR - Lots of great games again at E3 but Sony just blew everyone else away.
    Edit 1: Changed some words around. Added Gears 4.

  • @crimilde
    Did you finish the demo?
    I just played it, and damn that is pure hype! Going to be scary as hell in VR.

    RE7 spoilers:

    Also, will the Wyatt family reveal themselves?

  • @MonsTruz I haven't played the demo but the question is did you have fun? every walking horror simulator from P.T to Layers of Fear to Soma was scary but booooooooring , here's hoping Capcom show some actual non VR gameplay in the next few weeks.

  • Global Moderator

    Borrowing the list from @Mechanoid and filling in my thoughts

    Titanfall 2 - Bairly touched the first game, however as there now will be a singleplayer mode (surprised if it reaches over 4 hours) I might pick this up and play for like a week with friends. I love robots after all

    Mass Effect Andromeda - I must see more of gameplay for this. I loved ME2 but were a bit dissapointed in ME3. But if it is more like part 2 I will play through this.. heck I prolly will anyway. But cant believe they didnt have more to show since it was on last year.

    Fifa and Madden - I really really dont like sports games.

    Battlefield 1 - So much hype! at first I wasnt sure, but the more of this I see, the more I want it! Big balls of Dice to go back when everyone else goes forward in time.

    Star Wars - Had expected SOMETHING.. not this fake half arsed "lolz we got things coming".

    Quake - This brought me back to the high school lunch breaks where we played it in the schools computer hall. Yet this seemed a little too... cartooish.

    Dishonored 2 - Absolutely LOVED the first game, played it through both on PS3 and PS4 a few times. This might even be a day 1 game for me.

    Doom - I see why people really get into this, but for me its a pass.

    Prey - huh? new game? based on the IP or just borrowing the title? give me more details please.

    Skyrim Remake - Ive spent like 400 hours in this already, yet I got a urge to visit it again.

    The rest - not much to say, not good nor bad.

    Gears of war 4 - Seems like more of same, you guys that liked the other games might enjoy this

    Halo Wars 2 - As I am a HUGE halo fan (even though I dont own an xbox one lol) I must say that I am really hyped about this! more Halo Lore? Sign me up

    Forza Horizon - Havnt played much Forza, but Racing games are always a lot of fun for me

    Recore - This seems cool.. but need more info

    Sea of Thieves - This is how you show of a game! Gave us a clear picture of what they game is, how it plays and without feeling so darn cringey as E3 presentations can do.

    Scalebound - Monster Hunter: Microsoft. Funny to dress up the kid with headphones as well though

    Xbox Play Anywhere - Well done! this is a smart move! first thought it would be "oh so now they got remote play?". But allowing digital games to be on PC as well are really good!

    Were half asleep during this bit Im affraid. But Day9 is always love <3

    For Honor - Watch out, My Viking blood will tear you all to pieces!

    Ghost Recon: Wildlands - Why arent people hyped for this? I am really really REALLY looking forward to come back to this series and mess around, this time in open world <3

    South Park the Fractured But Whole - YES! so much yes!

    Trials of the Blood Dragon - Oh yeah! Some friday fun here I come!

    Eagle Flight - Were interested when it got shown last year.. this demo made me go off it completely though

    Watch Dogs 2 - Doesnt do it for me... Why does it all have to be so "edgy" and everything. Looks too shallow and not for me.

    Steep - FINALLY a good Snowboard extemesports game. Will pick this up to ride down the mountains.

    Best at E3 this year.... again. I loved every single second of this, good pace, great games and just wow.

    God of War - Just played the games on PSP and PS Vita so far, but this really makes me wanna pick up the remaster and play through the console games, really wow.

    Horizon - Oh god yes! give me this game yesterday already! The more I see the more I want, this might even get a preorder for me, big edition if I got the cash. Feels like a game I will spend many hours within.

    Detroit - Another Heavy Rain? not sure.. might pick it up on a sale somewhere, but not at launch.

    Last Guardian - This story cant have a happy ending. I need to play this! It have kept me hyped despite the endless delays. I cant believe its finally coming!

    RE7 - BOOM. Out of nowhere.. First game since Silent Hill to really creep me out and feel scared?

    Death Stranding - The Allies (I think Ian specifically) said it best: This is some crazy conceptual footage from a designer who has been freed from his creative shackles. Whatever this ends up becoming, it will blow our minds. Hyped.

    COD - Really good how they presented this, if it would had shown the title first, people would had gone off as "its just another CoD, lol". Now this really caught my attention and I really considdered this being awesome. Yet its a cod game, so that might have been the only cool bit from the entire game, I'll stick with my zombies in blops I think.

    E3 over all - I think this year were a bit of a "gapyear". Noone really had great things to pull off, Perhaps we are still recovering from all huge deals from last year. Yet Sony this year did pull off a great show and I am forever greatful that we didnt have to sit through 30 minutes of sales figures. All I can say is - October is going to be expensive for me.

  • @Waleed_WSF88
    Yeah I had fun. There is a lot of classic Resident Evil hinted at. There is a missing fuse, there is item management, there are notes. But it is just a tease, so obviously there is going to have to be more to the final game.
    It wouldn't be Resident Evil if I can't shot somebody with a shotgun.

    But I really liked this demo. It gives of vibes of Resident Evil, Silent Hill and The Evil Within.

  • I think it's pretty important that they made the RE7 trailer a slow, spooky trailer instead of an action movie trailer. It definitely seems like they understand that RE6 was a joke, and are bringing back the atmosphere of RE1, mansion included.

  • -Titanfall 2
    Yes please
    I was really disappointed when I saw an acog scope on one of the rifles in the multiplayer match, probably going to be a BF4 reskin. I want to see more of the train stuff though
    -Battlefront Xwing
    The fact that Criterion is working on the expansion is interesting, I'm wondering if EA is ultimately gauging interest in a stand-alone flight game (God I want a new Rogue Squadron so hard)
    I love me some snowboarding, count me in
    -Days Gone
    "Quantity has it's own quality"...I guess. Might have an interesting sob story but ultimately it was a post-apocalyptic zombie game. Give me a post apocalyptic game where I'm a scared and insecure person dealing with other scared and insecure people, not some biker gunning down mindless targets.
    I'm wondering if they are over-correcting from all the "RE isn't survival horror anymore" and are now going straight up horror. Still, I'm hyped for a good horror game
    -Ark Primal Survival
    Can't wait to make my pack of grizzly bears

  • @Ehie-Yovach said:

    -Ark Primal Survival
    Can't wait to make my pack of grizzly bears

    Is anyone else excited for Ant Takeover?

  • @Inflorescence

    It would be sweet if you could tunnel into people's bases as the ants.

  • Zelda is easily my favourite out of what was shown and I can see it being one of my favourite games of all time.

    Sony's conference might be my favourite conference of all time and I'm incredibly excited for almost everything they showed but especially the new God of War, Horizon and The Last Guardian.

    We Happy Few was one of the biggest surprises of the show for me, hadn't heard about that game but it looked incredible. Also really interested in Recore, Sea of Thieves and Scalebound.

    For Honor looks fantastic and I'm interested in maybe checking out Titanfall 2 and Battlefield. Prey and Dishonoured looked very cool too.