Now that the press conferences are over and the hype has died down let's discuss our thought on the games that were shown.

  • @crimilde
    Did you finish the demo?
    I just played it, and damn that is pure hype! Going to be scary as hell in VR.

    RE7 spoilers:

    Also, will the Wyatt family reveal themselves?

  • @MonsTruz I haven't played the demo but the question is did you have fun? every walking horror simulator from P.T to Layers of Fear to Soma was scary but booooooooring , here's hoping Capcom show some actual non VR gameplay in the next few weeks.

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    Borrowing the list from @Mechanoid and filling in my thoughts

    Titanfall 2 - Bairly touched the first game, however as there now will be a singleplayer mode (surprised if it reaches over 4 hours) I might pick this up and play for like a week with friends. I love robots after all

    Mass Effect Andromeda - I must see more of gameplay for this. I loved ME2 but were a bit dissapointed in ME3. But if it is more like part 2 I will play through this.. heck I prolly will anyway. But cant believe they didnt have more to show since it was on last year.

    Fifa and Madden - I really really dont like sports games.

    Battlefield 1 - So much hype! at first I wasnt sure, but the more of this I see, the more I want it! Big balls of Dice to go back when everyone else goes forward in time.

    Star Wars - Had expected SOMETHING.. not this fake half arsed "lolz we got things coming".

    Quake - This brought me back to the high school lunch breaks where we played it in the schools computer hall. Yet this seemed a little too... cartooish.

    Dishonored 2 - Absolutely LOVED the first game, played it through both on PS3 and PS4 a few times. This might even be a day 1 game for me.

    Doom - I see why people really get into this, but for me its a pass.

    Prey - huh? new game? based on the IP or just borrowing the title? give me more details please.

    Skyrim Remake - Ive spent like 400 hours in this already, yet I got a urge to visit it again.

    The rest - not much to say, not good nor bad.

    Gears of war 4 - Seems like more of same, you guys that liked the other games might enjoy this

    Halo Wars 2 - As I am a HUGE halo fan (even though I dont own an xbox one lol) I must say that I am really hyped about this! more Halo Lore? Sign me up

    Forza Horizon - Havnt played much Forza, but Racing games are always a lot of fun for me

    Recore - This seems cool.. but need more info

    Sea of Thieves - This is how you show of a game! Gave us a clear picture of what they game is, how it plays and without feeling so darn cringey as E3 presentations can do.

    Scalebound - Monster Hunter: Microsoft. Funny to dress up the kid with headphones as well though

    Xbox Play Anywhere - Well done! this is a smart move! first thought it would be "oh so now they got remote play?". But allowing digital games to be on PC as well are really good!

    Were half asleep during this bit Im affraid. But Day9 is always love <3

    For Honor - Watch out, My Viking blood will tear you all to pieces!

    Ghost Recon: Wildlands - Why arent people hyped for this? I am really really REALLY looking forward to come back to this series and mess around, this time in open world <3

    South Park the Fractured But Whole - YES! so much yes!

    Trials of the Blood Dragon - Oh yeah! Some friday fun here I come!

    Eagle Flight - Were interested when it got shown last year.. this demo made me go off it completely though

    Watch Dogs 2 - Doesnt do it for me... Why does it all have to be so "edgy" and everything. Looks too shallow and not for me.

    Steep - FINALLY a good Snowboard extemesports game. Will pick this up to ride down the mountains.

    Best at E3 this year.... again. I loved every single second of this, good pace, great games and just wow.

    God of War - Just played the games on PSP and PS Vita so far, but this really makes me wanna pick up the remaster and play through the console games, really wow.

    Horizon - Oh god yes! give me this game yesterday already! The more I see the more I want, this might even get a preorder for me, big edition if I got the cash. Feels like a game I will spend many hours within.

    Detroit - Another Heavy Rain? not sure.. might pick it up on a sale somewhere, but not at launch.

    Last Guardian - This story cant have a happy ending. I need to play this! It have kept me hyped despite the endless delays. I cant believe its finally coming!

    RE7 - BOOM. Out of nowhere.. First game since Silent Hill to really creep me out and feel scared?

    Death Stranding - The Allies (I think Ian specifically) said it best: This is some crazy conceptual footage from a designer who has been freed from his creative shackles. Whatever this ends up becoming, it will blow our minds. Hyped.

    COD - Really good how they presented this, if it would had shown the title first, people would had gone off as "its just another CoD, lol". Now this really caught my attention and I really considdered this being awesome. Yet its a cod game, so that might have been the only cool bit from the entire game, I'll stick with my zombies in blops I think.

    E3 over all - I think this year were a bit of a "gapyear". Noone really had great things to pull off, Perhaps we are still recovering from all huge deals from last year. Yet Sony this year did pull off a great show and I am forever greatful that we didnt have to sit through 30 minutes of sales figures. All I can say is - October is going to be expensive for me.

  • @Waleed_WSF88
    Yeah I had fun. There is a lot of classic Resident Evil hinted at. There is a missing fuse, there is item management, there are notes. But it is just a tease, so obviously there is going to have to be more to the final game.
    It wouldn't be Resident Evil if I can't shot somebody with a shotgun.

    But I really liked this demo. It gives of vibes of Resident Evil, Silent Hill and The Evil Within.

  • I think it's pretty important that they made the RE7 trailer a slow, spooky trailer instead of an action movie trailer. It definitely seems like they understand that RE6 was a joke, and are bringing back the atmosphere of RE1, mansion included.

  • -Titanfall 2
    Yes please
    I was really disappointed when I saw an acog scope on one of the rifles in the multiplayer match, probably going to be a BF4 reskin. I want to see more of the train stuff though
    -Battlefront Xwing
    The fact that Criterion is working on the expansion is interesting, I'm wondering if EA is ultimately gauging interest in a stand-alone flight game (God I want a new Rogue Squadron so hard)
    I love me some snowboarding, count me in
    -Days Gone
    "Quantity has it's own quality"...I guess. Might have an interesting sob story but ultimately it was a post-apocalyptic zombie game. Give me a post apocalyptic game where I'm a scared and insecure person dealing with other scared and insecure people, not some biker gunning down mindless targets.
    I'm wondering if they are over-correcting from all the "RE isn't survival horror anymore" and are now going straight up horror. Still, I'm hyped for a good horror game
    -Ark Primal Survival
    Can't wait to make my pack of grizzly bears

  • @Ehie-Yovach said:

    -Ark Primal Survival
    Can't wait to make my pack of grizzly bears

    Is anyone else excited for Ant Takeover?

  • @Inflorescence

    It would be sweet if you could tunnel into people's bases as the ants.

  • Zelda is easily my favourite out of what was shown and I can see it being one of my favourite games of all time.

    Sony's conference might be my favourite conference of all time and I'm incredibly excited for almost everything they showed but especially the new God of War, Horizon and The Last Guardian.

    We Happy Few was one of the biggest surprises of the show for me, hadn't heard about that game but it looked incredible. Also really interested in Recore, Sea of Thieves and Scalebound.

    For Honor looks fantastic and I'm interested in maybe checking out Titanfall 2 and Battlefield. Prey and Dishonoured looked very cool too.

  • Just including the games that were shown at the conferences.

    Very Interested - I'll get these

    • Mass Effect Andromeda - I love Mass Effect, but it's disappointing how little was shown.
    • Skyrim Special Edition - somehow I never played this, so now is the time
    • Final Fantas XV - I have reservations but it still seems like a must buy for me
    • We Happy Few - I'm not sure what this game really is but hype levels are high
    • South Park the Fractured But Whole - Hilarious highlight of the Ubi conference
    • God of War - Looked fantastic. I liked seeing a different side of Kratos, a different setting, and the sort of Dark Souls-esque over the shoulder perspective.
    • The Last Guardian - LOVE Ico and Shadow of the Colossus so I'll be getting this
    • Horizon Zero Dawn - Looks spectacular and potentially a new major Sony IP
    • Days Gone - Looked really impressive technically and I assume there's a lot more to the game than the constant horde of zombies.
    • Death Stranding - I'm back!!!
    • Zelda - looks like it probably hopefully will live up to the massive hype

    Interested - If these review well and/or get hype from the Allies and friends I'll probably pick them up... eventually (too many games)

    • Dishonored 2 - own the first one but haven't got to it yet
    • Prey - hard to tell what this will be like
    • Gears of War 4 - I never got into these games but wouldn't mind going back and playing them
    • Dead Rising 4 - Ditto
    • Scalebound - I was hyped for this but it didn't show very well.
    • Ghost Recon Wildlands - EZA didn't dig this and it didn't show well but I think it has potential
    • For Honor - Looks cool but the vikings vs. samurai thing is so cheesy yet seems to take itself seriously? I'll wait and see.
    • Detroit: Become Human - I'm not sure if this is my kind of game but it was presented really well so I'm willing to give it a chance.
    • Spiderman - I think there's a 80% chance this will be amazing and 20% chance it will have some big problems. I haven't seen a great spiderman game in a long time so I have trust issues. Insomniac should be good though.

    The rest are either not for me, or could be good but didn't show well, or I didn't remember them.

    edited to add We Happy Few

  • @MonsTruz Not yet, I've been playing it in short bursts.

    I got the bolt cutter and the tape in the closet. Now I'm back to roaming around the house.

    It's so creepy and I love it.

  • @Nesnomis said in Now that the press conferences are over and the hype has died down let's discuss our thought on the games that were shown.:

    @Hoken Punlishers must love you. All those preorders.

    Weeeeeell it should be noted I preorder around the time of release. No reason to pay now for a game with no release date but those preloads are godly when the game is rolling out.

  • Here are just a bunch of games I thought looked really cool or that I can remember most:

    Day's Gone - I actually thought this looked pretty cool. Seeing all those zombies pile on top of eachother seemed geniunely crazy. Interested to see more.

    Prey - I just really liked the tone the trailer set. It kind of reminded me of SOMA and I love SOMA (Huber, get on that game when you've time!)

    Battlefield 1 - It just looks incredible. I spent a lot more time with BF3 than 4 but I'm still a fan of the series and I definitely like seeing them going to WW1.

    We Happy Few - This looked awesome a year ago and it still looks awesome now. It has that Bioshock/Dishonored aesthetic/atmosphere that I dig so I'm all in. Just need a PC now.

    Steep - Oh my god, yes! Maybe it was Jones who reminded me but I've been craving an SSX 3 style game and this is scratching that itch. I think it looks really good.

    God Of War - That Live Orchestra and TLOU vibes was enough for me.

    Zelda - Looks fantastic. All the gameplay we saw looks great, everything the allies said sounds great and the director of Skyward Sword which I really liked! I really hope the NX is good.

    The Last Guardian - Okay, I'm just hyped for this one anyway. SOTC is one of my favourite games of all time and I've waited so long. I actually think they showed too much in that trailer but god damn did it look great anyway