Now that the press conferences are over and the hype has died down let's discuss our thought on the games that were shown.

  • Just including the games that were shown at the conferences.

    Very Interested - I'll get these

    • Mass Effect Andromeda - I love Mass Effect, but it's disappointing how little was shown.
    • Skyrim Special Edition - somehow I never played this, so now is the time
    • Final Fantas XV - I have reservations but it still seems like a must buy for me
    • We Happy Few - I'm not sure what this game really is but hype levels are high
    • South Park the Fractured But Whole - Hilarious highlight of the Ubi conference
    • God of War - Looked fantastic. I liked seeing a different side of Kratos, a different setting, and the sort of Dark Souls-esque over the shoulder perspective.
    • The Last Guardian - LOVE Ico and Shadow of the Colossus so I'll be getting this
    • Horizon Zero Dawn - Looks spectacular and potentially a new major Sony IP
    • Days Gone - Looked really impressive technically and I assume there's a lot more to the game than the constant horde of zombies.
    • Death Stranding - I'm back!!!
    • Zelda - looks like it probably hopefully will live up to the massive hype

    Interested - If these review well and/or get hype from the Allies and friends I'll probably pick them up... eventually (too many games)

    • Dishonored 2 - own the first one but haven't got to it yet
    • Prey - hard to tell what this will be like
    • Gears of War 4 - I never got into these games but wouldn't mind going back and playing them
    • Dead Rising 4 - Ditto
    • Scalebound - I was hyped for this but it didn't show very well.
    • Ghost Recon Wildlands - EZA didn't dig this and it didn't show well but I think it has potential
    • For Honor - Looks cool but the vikings vs. samurai thing is so cheesy yet seems to take itself seriously? I'll wait and see.
    • Detroit: Become Human - I'm not sure if this is my kind of game but it was presented really well so I'm willing to give it a chance.
    • Spiderman - I think there's a 80% chance this will be amazing and 20% chance it will have some big problems. I haven't seen a great spiderman game in a long time so I have trust issues. Insomniac should be good though.

    The rest are either not for me, or could be good but didn't show well, or I didn't remember them.

    edited to add We Happy Few

  • @MonsTruz Not yet, I've been playing it in short bursts.

    I got the bolt cutter and the tape in the closet. Now I'm back to roaming around the house.

    It's so creepy and I love it.

  • @Nesnomis said in Now that the press conferences are over and the hype has died down let's discuss our thought on the games that were shown.:

    @Hoken Punlishers must love you. All those preorders.

    Weeeeeell it should be noted I preorder around the time of release. No reason to pay now for a game with no release date but those preloads are godly when the game is rolling out.

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    Here are just a bunch of games I thought looked really cool or that I can remember most:

    Day's Gone - I actually thought this looked pretty cool. Seeing all those zombies pile on top of eachother seemed geniunely crazy. Interested to see more.

    Prey - I just really liked the tone the trailer set. It kind of reminded me of SOMA and I love SOMA (Huber, get on that game when you've time!)

    Battlefield 1 - It just looks incredible. I spent a lot more time with BF3 than 4 but I'm still a fan of the series and I definitely like seeing them going to WW1.

    We Happy Few - This looked awesome a year ago and it still looks awesome now. It has that Bioshock/Dishonored aesthetic/atmosphere that I dig so I'm all in. Just need a PC now.

    Steep - Oh my god, yes! Maybe it was Jones who reminded me but I've been craving an SSX 3 style game and this is scratching that itch. I think it looks really good.

    God Of War - That Live Orchestra and TLOU vibes was enough for me.

    Zelda - Looks fantastic. All the gameplay we saw looks great, everything the allies said sounds great and the director of Skyward Sword which I really liked! I really hope the NX is good.

    The Last Guardian - Okay, I'm just hyped for this one anyway. SOTC is one of my favourite games of all time and I've waited so long. I actually think they showed too much in that trailer but god damn did it look great anyway