I live in the bay so I don't know L.A. super well but if they have never been, In n Out is a must. Don't know if its still a thing but I Am 8 Bit is an art gallery that is all video game themed. I went years ago, its pretty cool. I think some movie theaters in L.A. have 4D theaters, this is where the seats move and they have like different aromas for whats going on in the movie. Never tried it myself but heard really good things. Obviously Disneyland and Universal Studios are really great. I like Disneyland loads more then Universal but I hadnt been back to Universal since they added the harry potter stuff. It's also loads cheaper so if your on a budget go there, Disney wants an arm and a leg to get in the parks, let alone what you spend inside. That said its top notch, never been to a better theme park (also its dripping with nostalgia since I went there as a kid).