@MrsMachineandSoul I'm played for a little bit and here are my impressions: The combat is pretty friggin' ace. Very visceral and engaging, feels almost like a character action game with how active everything is. Lots of dodging and special moves. The world seems huge. Like Witcher 3 huge, and apparently there is NO fast travel. TBH I can see that being kind of annoying, but it is helping me make more of a mental map of my surroundings. Shit is a looker. Have most everything maxed out and I can't think of another MMO that looks this good. MAYBE FFXIV in some spots? I hear that it isn't your average MMO, and that by the end of things you are doing a lot less raiding, and a lot more fishing and trading and large scale PVP. Also cosmetics are stupid expensive. Like almost 30 bux for a costume. Fuuuuuuuck that.