@guthwulf said: Btw... is there no way to chat with friends on your friendslist? Besides playing games with them and using the dumb mobile app or Fortnite, not really sadly, until Animal Crossing Switch comes out, where you'll be able to type to them. And do we have somewhere here a list for Switch players within the Allies to fill my friendslist a bit? Here and even more Here And I'm very heavily looking at Starlink I think there are some good Black Friday type deals on that right now. Very repetitive game, but you might enjoy it. Since we're on the discussion of the crossover games, I'd way recommend Mario+Rabbids over it, which has a great deal right now digitally here which includes the great DLC with DK. If you like strategy games like XCom, you'll adore it, even if you don't have affinity for Rabbids or Mario characters. Octopath Traveler Demo is also downloaded (but not yet played) Remember, even though it cuts you off, you can keep restarting it to try out all the characters. Same with the Pokken Tournament DX I think that game is more dead than ARMS, fair warning.