I'm seeing some love for A Hat in Time here, and I just want to toss my hat in the circle too. I've completed the game, and I think Mafia Town (World 1) is one of the best-designed stages in any 3D platformer I've ever played. The boatload of charm of whimsy aside, the world manages to excel in movement. Fluid movement is key to any good platformer, and one of the big advantages of 3D over 2D platformers in this regard are the multiple decisions on how to platform. In order to cross a gap, you can do a long jump-slide, you can climb the roofs and hop over, you can jump off some balloons, you can go high, you can go low, you can use umbrellas to gain height then over, etc. Every time you go from point A to point B in that level is a new experience, where the level is your toybox, and your moveset is your toolkit. Mafia Town even manages to top many of the Mario 64 and Sunshine worlds in this regard. Its the type of thing where, when watching a video, you won't "get" it, but when you play the game and your brain is making all of these micro-decisions on how to move every second, you'll see how huge the impact of this small-scale freedom can be