I'd highly recommend the series. The difficulty comes with recommending where you start. The Iris trilogy is a bit of a different beast, and while I would still highly recommend all three, as well as the two Mana Khemia games, I would separate them from a recommendation of the Atelier series in general. Ignoring Atelier Annie for now, your basically tasked with choosing one of seven games to start with, eight if you really want to go that far. To be perfectly honest with you, I'd ALWAYS recommend someone start from the start, no matter what the series, so I'd really want to see you at least pick up the original Rorona first; though I do think Plus is probably the better game, I just don't like skipping stuff and I feel the original is at least different enough. I do however recognise how daunting the above suggestion is, so really it would boil down to two realistic recommendations from me: Start with Rorona Plus and if you like it, pick up the rest of the Arland trilogy to see it though. I would recommend the European trilogy release usually, but it houses the original Rorona and not plus sadly. As far as I'm concerned, this is Atelier as it should be. People might like to complain about time limits, but at the end of the day, the game is built around those mechanics; it's what makes the series unique, and because of such, it's an integral part of making Atelier .... well, Atelier. Start with Atelier Sophie. This is the easiest recommendation. It's the first in the series to release on current hardware and it starts what I presume will be a while new trilogy. No prior knowledge of the series is needed with this one and it eases you in gently. You also get to play this game at your own leisure as there are no time limits or deadlines, and while I do think that it strips away at least a chunk of what makes the Atelier series its own, this could just as easily suit you better.