I like both, as was mentioned earlier about how Don't Skip also covers past games (Or will eventually) it means that the other niche things people typically bug the allies for (like ben with many JRPGs) could get some coverage. Helps fill in the things that fall through the cracks. And since they aren't scheduled it can easily ramp up production or slow it down when the need arises, and make for some tasty surprises here and there. Most of the time reviews are put up long after I've played through and beaten the game, whether it's an EZA review or someone else's since I'll have the time to explore multiplayer in specific games I'll have the breadth of insight that review sites typically spend weeks/months covering before reaching a final verdict. Which leaves reviews in a weird place for me, on one hand I like knowing if the ally reviewing a game shares my opinion, but I've also digested the game already so there's very few times where something is covered that I didn't already know about, whereas Don't Skip could potentially bring in an indie title I've only heard of once or twice (assuming it hasn't hit twitch overplayed hype status by then) or just an older game I never pulled the trigger on and it kinda got tossed aside by games media. So I find value in both. Also yeah....Jones is "The voice" I used to go on GT just to hear him on reviews before I ever put names to faces on any of the other staff members on GT Time, final bosman, etc. So changing him...would probably ADD work instead of alleviate it due to needing to train the other allies to be comfortable with narration (And as I recall it's not a job any of them seem to want anyway), and as Blood said it's actually valuable to continue having his voice associated with their content for anyone who was like me and would've originally only recognized GT from him speaking.