For Story: I've got still images of the group playing a group stream of some random game. Then we get a still of an asteroid that is coming toward Earth. We see another shot of the gang playing before BAM! We get a shot of the Earth being struck by the Asteroid and a shockwave emanates forth from the wreckage. The gang is miles away but they feel the hit. They exit Jones' house and see an explosion in the distance before being struck by the Shockwave. BAM! All of them get his by very Fantastic Four looking waves that begin to alter their physical makeup. They take a moment to gather themselves and there could potentially be some witty banter with their powers before going back inside and seeing a news bulletin that Demons/Monsters/Aliens are attacking LA citizens. It doesn't take long for the gang to decide they need to help! That's where the game begins! Characters: Ian Hink Power: Ian has become more androgynous. He is wearing his standard pink t-shirt that says “strong female character”, but there is something else. His/her eyes have gone black, and occasionally his/her body pulsates with an inhumane shift, as if his/her body is not in sync with this plane of existence. Think very lovecraftian abbhoration. Attacks: (All Attacks assume Super Nintendo Controller) Y - His arm turns into a weird sort of dark whip thing and he slashes down. YY - his second attack has his other arm whip a tentacle upward slightly slower Each attack after this repeats X - He screams and then squishes down from both the top of his head and the bottom of his feet into a pancake, moves in the direction he was facing before pressing the button, and then comes back up. Used as an evasion technique. (Think Venom's dash from MvC2.) B - Jump. He jumps higher than anyone because when he does it his body looks all weird and almost cartoonish as a wind-up for the jump. Y while Jumping - Spikes shoot down from his body while in air. He boosts up very slightly (like three or four pixels) when he shoots them. He can do this attack twice while in air. A - Superpower - A portal opens and multi-eyed tentacles jut out, grabbing Ian and pulling him in. He fights it for a moment but it’s hopeless. The portal closes. If in multiplayer, the players have to play for about a minute before a portal opens from the top of the screen and all sorts of hellish monstrosities emerge from it, wiping out all enemies from the screen and shooting a new – more monstrous – Ian. This is a limited time power up. [No stat specifics yet] Alternate Outfits: Ian Hink - S/He wears the standard pink “strong female character” shirt. Therese - This is his elf TE character. Lylia - Still not sure I want this as it's not Easy Allies, and is instead GameTrailers. *I don't watch EZUpdate as much. If there are any other alternative outfits, please let me know. * Brad Ellis Don't have his powers down yet. Alternate Outfits: Bradley Ellis Nicader - This is his TE Rogue character. Damiani He looks mostly the same but now has a crystal that gives him the power of courage. He turns it into a sword and shield and uses those as his weapons. Attacks: Y - He swings his sword. YY - He swings his sword the other direction YYY - He swings his sword downward to the ground, pausing a bit. X - While holding this he holds up his shield, taking far less damage if an enemy hits him from the front. B - Standard Jump Y while Jumping - Brings his sword down and plants it in the ground. Takes a second to pull it back out if it doesn’t hit an enemy. A - Super Power - He pulls out a fluit-ish instrument and plays it. No effect written yet. Bloodworth Nothing as of yet. Brandon Jones Powers: Looks the same, but he now has the Golden Voice: a power he does not fully understand. Attacks: LR - Brandon is a little different with his moveset. Pressing LR cycles his voice selection, which gives him a variety of attacks he can use based on his voice. This comes at the cost of his superpower, but his super power is less powerful and thus not something people would want to save as much. Y - Basic attack. This varies depending on his voice choice. If nothing, he does a normal punch. He can string 5 punches before break. Alternate Outfits: Standard - Pick one of his standard outfits. Huber Powers: Super pumped. Faster than most of the other characters and jumps quicker and more ecstatically. For high energy players. Because of his intense energy build-up, he wears no shirt or pants. He is a much redder shade of pink, and you can see steam shooting out from his body like the colossal titan from Attack on Titan. Attacks: Alternate Outfits: Hyped Huber - This is his standard skin. He is shirtless and pantless. He is wearing torn boxers and is muscular. Steam juts out of random parts of his body like Jin in a MvC2. Michael Huber - This is his normal attire [look up later]. Law - This looks nothing like Huber. It is his Dwarf Character from Tabletop Escapades. Pomper - This looks nothing like Huber. It is his Dragonborn character from TE. Hogger - From Tabletop Adventures. Very hard skin to find (If I include it)! Kyle Bosman Only have his outfits so far. Outfits: Kyle Bosman - Typical hoody-wearing Bosman with Jeans. Yogala - Kyle’s DnD character. Looks like a shabby wizard with a goofy wizard hat. Change vocal que’s to match the character. Final Bosman - Kyle in a standard business suit. Same Vocal Que’s as Kyle Bosman. Last Levelle - Mixture of Kyle Bosman and Final Bosman. Wears a business suit with hoody underneath. Change voice to match character. Liquid Bosman - Looks like Kyle Bosman except he wears a denim jacket and has ridiculous blonde hair. Change Voice. Schluffe - Looks like Kyle Bosman except he's a German who wears a tight brown shirt with quaffed up hair. Speaks German. Ben Moore Powers: Ben awakes to find that there is a samurai sword lodged into the ground right next to him. He picks it up, lightning crackling from him as he does so. He is now Hotake Ben, the mystic samurai. Alternate Outfits: Ben Moore: Standard outfit is him wearing his regular clothing except he has a samurai sword. Noodles & Broth Ben: Instead of his sword, he has a pair of chopsticks. Somehow his attack range remains the same. He wears a kimono and has a bowl of noodles in his non-chopstick hand. MechaBen - This is a robotic ronin Ben. Samurai Ben - This is Ben with the full Samurai Outfit. ChibiBen - Don Casanova (Secret Character) Powers: He's going to be plane old Don but with a gun and one hit kills, haha! Things to be included in the story: Kyle's Desk that tells truths Mr. Mime as Kyle's original producer. Mountain Dew and Jet Motto Battle of the bands Do’s & Don'ts Phillip Dollarfield If people of stuff that is canon that doesn't involve Bosman's old show, please let me know so I can include it.