Kyle is really good at doing solo stream since he is good at improvising and multitasking, Huber's playthroughs are good because of passion, Ben's while enjoyable games and reactions can sometimes be a slog since he sometimes just stops advancing totally when he is gathering his thoughts and rest have their ups and downs too. So I usually prefer group streams or at least having someone with them. Simply seeing how people who are not playing reacting to them, intense dueling or co-oping with each other and coming up with good and fun or vice versa discussions is really enjoyable. Biggest downside is definitely audio that can really jump from low to extreme heights. Mario Kart tournament is practically unwatchable with audio because how unbalanced it gets but good times we got from Windjammers, Easy Livin' and other major streams and also recently the bomb defusing stream have been one of my favorites. The more the merrier like they say. I do hope they will learn to bail on games if it's not enjoyable to play since group streams also have the worst ones to watch but after going through patreon suggestions for group stream (which I don't mind them ditching), they have at least learned to have better games in there(I hope) since it's not just Kyle picking games(at least get them approved with some allies first) anymore(I assume).